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Week 6

1. Arrange the steps in Decision tree Analysis?

A. Delineating the decision

B. Identifying the problem and alternatives- Imaginative efforts –risk and uncertainty
C. Evaluating various decision alternatives
D. Specifying probabilities and monetary outcomes

a. B-C-D-A
b. B-A-D-C
c. B-A-C-D
d. A-B-C-D

2. Deciding to abandon the project before its planned life is called?

a. Abandonment
b. Closure of project
c. Death of the Project
d. Project end

3. Technical analysis is related with?

a. Marketing aspects
b. Technological aspect
c. Financing aspects
d. Quality aspect

4. The choice of product mix is guided by _________________________?

a. Supplier requirements
b. Market requirements
c. Competition
d. Price

5. Plant capacity refers?

a. Volume or number of units that can be manufactured during a given period

b. Size of the plant
c. Number of machines in a plant
d. Number of products can be stored in the factory

6. The choice of location is influenced by factors except ____________?

a. Proximity to raw materials and markets

b. Labor situation
c. Availability of infrastructure
d. Budget
7. For 5000 units, the investment is Rs.1000,000. What would be the investment for 10,000 units.
Given α = 0.6?

a. C2 = 2000,000 (2)0.6
b. C2 = 1000,000 (2)0.6
c. C2 = 1500,000 (2)0.6
d. C2 = 5000,000 (2)0.6

8. The investment cost per unit of capacity decreases as the __________________________?

a. Plant capacity increases

b. Plant capacity decreases
c. Plant capacity remains same
d. None of the above

9. While planning the production facilities of the firm, some__________________ with respect to the
product mix must be sought?

a. Information
b. Flexibility
c. Data
d. Rigidity

10. The requirement of machineries and equipment is dependent on _________________?

a. Cost
b. Technology and plant capacity
c. Customer requirement
d. Competition