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Dy. Chief Electrical Engineer (Const) MTP, Near Tilak Bridge, Opposite to platform No. 5, Western Railway, Dadar (West), Mumbai 400028 on behalf of the President of India invites open tenders in sealed covers on the prescribed form, from reputed contractors for the following work: Name of Work: High mast Yard lighting at Kurla, Kalwa and Sanpada Carshed of Central Railway. Approx. Cost: %50,31,622/- (Rupees Fifty Lakhs Thirty One Thousand Six Hundred Twenty Two only). Earnest Money: %1,00,700/- (Rupees One Lakh Seven Hundred only). Completion Period: 4 (Four) months including monsoon. Sale of Tender Forms: Tender documents will be available for sale in the above office from 10.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs on all working days between 42.09.2011 to 13.10.2011. Cost of Tender Forms: Non-refundable <5,000/- in person or downloaded from website in PDF format or %5,500/- for postal delivery. Date & Time of Submission: The sealed document should be dropped in the special tender box allotted for the above work in this office at the address given above on 44.2011 up to 15.00 hrs. Date and Time of Opening: The tender box will be sealed at 15.00 hrs. on 14.10.2011 and tenders will be opened at 15.15 hrs. on the same day. 2 Note: 1. For further details & any corrigendum / addendum please refer website http:/ 2) For any additional information contact Dy. Chief Electrical Engineer (MTP) Dadar in his office on any working day between 09.30 hrs. fo 18.00 hrs. Open Tender Notice No. LCM/DR/GS/06/2011 RBICRIS25 It is hereby notified that the work published under Tender Notice No. Engg/DRM(W)BB/2011/21 dt. 05.8.2011 at Sr.No.8, i.e. ‘Picking up of released rails and sleepers by crane mounted on Railway's BRN wagons under ADEN(M)MNKD in SrDEN(E)section’ which is scheduled to be opened on 13.9.2011 is hereby postponed to 41.10.2011. The revised approximate cost of the work will be % 32.26 lakhs and the revised EMD will be € 64,520/-. All other terms and conditions will remain the same. Dial 139 for any Rail-related enquiry RBICR/426