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No. (')9" IDHC/Gaz./G-INI.E2(a)/2019

Dated, the 14th Febrtlary, 2019.


Hon 'ble the Chief Justice and Judges of this Court have been pleased to make
the following transfers/postings in the Delhi Higher Judicial Service with
imedat~ effect.

S. Name of the Officer From To District Remarks

No. (Mr.lMs.) to which
1. Sujata Kohli ADJ-S, Central, THC ASJ-S, Shahdara Vice Mr. Sudesh
Shahdara, KKD Kumar-I

2. . Ravinder Dudeja Judge, Family Court, Director (Admn) --- Vice Mr Laxmi Kant
Central, THC Delhi Judicial Gaur
(on deputation)
3. Madhu Jain Judge, Family Court, Additional West In the Court vacated by
South-East, Saket. Principal Judge, Ms. Reena Singh Nag·
Family Court,
West, THC
4. Barkha Gupta PO, Labour Court, ADJ'-1, Central, Central Vice Mr. Ramesh
South-West, Dwarka THC Kumar-II

S. Bimla Kumari ASJ (Special Fast ADJ -3, Central, Central In the court vacated by
Track Court), North, THC Mr. Murari Prasad
Rohini Singh since proceeded
on deputation.
6. .Virender Kumar Bansal ASJ-3, North, Rohini Judge~ Family Central Vice Mr Ravinder
Court, Central, Dudeja

7. Rajneesh Kumar Gupta ASJ (Electricity), Judge In-charge, North-West Vice Mr. Manmohan
North-West, Rohini Mediation Sharma
Centre, North-
West, Rohini
8. Vinay Kumar Khanna Judge, Family Court,' Judge In-charge, South Vice Ms. Nirja Bhatia
North-East, KKD. .·.Mediation Centre
9. Mamta Tayal Judge In-charge, .pO, Labour South-West Vice Mr. Umed Singh
Mediation Centre; Court~ South-
Dwarka West, Dwarka

10 Sunil Kumar Aggarwal In-charge, Mediation Judge In-charge, Central Vice Ms. Shalinder Kaur
Centre, New Delhi, Mediation
PHC Centre, Central,
11 Harish Dudani Special Judge (pC Act~ ASJ (Spl.FTC), South Vice Ms. IlIa Rawat
(CBI)-I, South-West, ' .South, Saket

12 Laxmi Kant Gaur Director (Admn.), ADJ-5, Central, Central Vice Ms. Sujata Kohli
Delhi Judicial THC
Academy, Dwarka ,
(on deputation)
13 Sanjiv Jain Special Judge (pC Act) Judge, Family South-East Vice Ms. Madhu Jain
(CBI)-3,South, Saket Co1.J!t, South-East ...
, Saket..

14 Sukhvinder Kaur ASJ-4, North, Rohini Judge, Family North-East Vice Mr. Vinay Kumar
Court, North- Khanna
East, KKD.
15 Sudesh Kumar-I ASJ-5, Shahdara, KKD PO, MACT, Shahdara Vice Mr. Devender
Shahdara, KKD Kumar

16 Sanjay Shanna-I ADl-2, East, KKD ADJ-4, West, West Vice Ms. Manjusha
THC Wadhwa

17 Inder Jeet Singh ASJ-4, Shahdara, Special Judge South-West Vice Mr. Vikas Dhull
KKD (PC Act)
(CBI)-3, Dwarka

18 Prem Kumar Barthwal ASJ-l, South-East, Judge In-charge South-West Vice Ms Mamta Tayal
Saket Mediation Centre
19 Manmohan Sharma Judge In-charge, ASJ (Spl.FTC), East· Vice Mr. Anurag Sain
Mediation Centre, . East, KKD .
North-West, Rohini
20 Sanjay Garg-II ASJ -1, South-West, Special Judge (pC South-West Vice Mr. Harish Dudani
Dwarka Act)(CBI)-I,
21 Umed Singh PO, Labour Court, ASJ (Special North Vice Ms. Bimla
South-West, Dwarka Fast Track' Kumari
Court), North,
22 Sunil Rana Special Judge (PC Act) ASJ North West Vice Mr. Rajneesh
(CBI)-6, PHC (Electricity), Kumar Gupta


23 Nikhil Chopra Coordinator, Delhi ADJ-2, South, South Vice Mr. Ajay Gulati
International Saket
Arbitration Centre
(DAC), Delhi High
(on deputation)
24 Pawan Kumar Matto Special Judge (NDPS) PO, Labour South-West Vice Ms. Barkha Gupta
North-West, Rohini ' Court, South-
West, Dwarka

25 Illa Rawat ASJ (SpI.FTC), South . Special Judge South Vice Mr. Sanjiv Jain
Saket (pC Act) (CBI)-3
South, Saket
26 Ramesh Kumar-II ADJ-I, Central, THC PO, Labour South-West Vice Mr. Mohinder
Court, South- . Virat
West, Dwarka
27 Kaveri Baweja .ASJ-5, Central, THC , Coordinator, --- Vice Mr. Nikhil Chopra
Centre (DAC),
Delhi High
, Court
(on deputation)
28 Nirja Bhatia Judge In-charge, ASJ-3, West, " West Vice Mr. Devender
Mediation Centre, Sake THC Kumar Jangala

29 Savita Rao Special Judge (pC PO, MACT, North-East Vice Mr. Gorakh Nath
Act) (CBI)-I, Saket North-East, Pandey

30 Anurag Sain ASJ (Spl.FTC), East, Special Judge New Delhi Vice Mr. Sunil Rana
KKD (pC Act)
(CBI)-6, PH:C

31 ' Rajeev Bansal PO, MACT-l, South- Judge In-charg~, New Delhi Vice Mr. Sunil Kumar
East, Saket Mediation Aggarwal
Centre, New
Delhi, PHC
32 Neelam Singh ASJ (Electricity), ASJ-3, South- South-West Vice Mr. Vivek Kumar
South, Saket West, Dwarka Gulia

33 Lal Singh ASJ-6, East, KKD Special Judge New Delhi Vice Mr. Naresh
(PC Act) Kumar Malhotra
(CBI)-2, PHC

34 Vikas Dhull Special Judge (pC Act) ADJ-l, West, West Vice Ms. V and ana
(CBI)-3, Dwarka THC Chauhan

35 Anuradha Shukla Additional Director, Special Judge South Vice Ms. Savita Rao
Bhardwaj Delhi Judicial (pC Act) (CBl)
Academy, Dwarka 1,
(on deputation) Saket

36 Ashutosh Kumar Special Judge (pC ASJ-4, North; . North Vice Ms. Sukhvinder
Act) (CBl)-2, Rohini Kaur

37. AjayPandey ASJ-4, New Delhi, Special Judge North-West Vice Mr. Pawan Kr.
PHC (NDPS), North- Matto
West, Rohini

38 Sanjay Sharma-II PO, MACT, East, ADJ-5, South- South-East Vice Mr. Anil Antil
KKD East, Saket

39 Vidya Prakash PO, MACT, Nortfi, Special Judge North-East Vice Mr. Sanjay Bansal
Rohini (NDPS), North-
i East, KKD

40 Sanjay Jindal Joint Registrar (JudI.) ADJ-4 , North-

. North-West Vice Mr. Manish Gupta
. Delhi High Court West, Rohini
(on deputation) .

41 Sanjay Bansal Special Judge (NDPS) Special Judge North-West Vice Mr. Ashutosh
North-East, KKD (pC Act) (CBl) Kumar

42 Gorakh Nath Pandey PO, MACT, North- ASJ (FTC), West Vice Ms. Smita Garg
East, KKD West, THC

43 Sanjeev Kumar Singh On return from • ASJ South Vice Ms. Neelam Singh
deputation from the (Electricity),
Office of Lokayukta, South, Saket
GNCT of Delhi
44 Naresh Kumar Malhotra Special Judge (PC ASJ -6, East, East
Vice Mr. Lal Singh
Act) (CBl)-2, PHC KKD

45 Manish Yadhuvanshi ASJ-5, West, THC ADJ-11, Central Vice Mr. Tarun
Central, THC Sahrawat since
proceeded on
46 SmitaGarg ASJ (FTC), West, ADJ-2, Shahdara Vice Ms. Hardeep Kaur
THC Shahdara, KKD

47 Manish Gupta ADJ-4,. North-West, ASJ-1, East, East Vice Mr. Pooran Chand
Rohini KKD



48 Balwant Rai Bansal. ASJ-l, South, Saket ADJ-5, South- South-West Vice Mr. Mohd.
West, Dwarka Farrukh

49 Devender Kumar PO, MACT, Shahdara, Joint Registrar --- Vice Mr. Sanjay Jindal
KKD (Judl.). Delhi
High Court
(on deputation)
50 Devender Kumar ASJ-3, West, THC PO, MACT, North Vice Mr. Vidya
Jangala North, Rohini Prakash

51 Jagdish Kumar ASJ-2, West, THC ASJ-4, Shahdara Vice Mr. Inder Jeet
Shahdara, KKD Singh

52 Mohinder Virat PO, Labour Court, ADJ-2, South- South-East . Vice Mr. Sonu
South-West; Dwarka East, Saket Agnihotri

53 Ram Lal Meena ASJ-2, Sout~-Wes, ADJ-2+Wakf New Delhi Vice Mr. Gaurav Rao
Dwarka Tribunal, 'New
Delhi, PHC

54 Manjusha Wadhwa ADJ-4, West, THC ASJ-3, Shahdara, Shahdara Vice Ms. Savitri

55 Harish Kumar ADJ-13, Central, THC ASJ-3, North- North-West In the court vacated by
(Court abolished) West, Rohini Mr. ManuRai Sethi

56 Hardeep Kaur ADJ-2, Shahdara, PO, MACT-l, . South-East Vice Mr. Rajeev
KKD South-East, Bansal

57 Ajay Gulati ADJ-2, South, Saket ASJ-5, West, West Vice Mr. Manish
THC" Yadhuvanshi

58 Mohd.Farrukh ADJ-5, South-West, ASJ-5, Cen~l, Central Vice Ms. Kaveri Baweja
Dwarka THC

59 Anil Antil ADJ-5, South-East, ASJ-4, New New Delhi Vice Mr Ajay Pandey
Saket De1hi;PHC

60 Pooran Chand ASJ-l, East, KKD ASJ-2, West, West Vice Mr. Jagdish
THC Kumar


61 Saurabh Kulshreshtha On return from ASJ-l, South, South Vice Mr. Balwant Rai I
deputation from Saket Bansal
National Green
62 Vivek Kumar Gulia ASJ-3, South-West, PO,MACT, East Vice Mr. Sanjay
Dwarka East, K.K.b Sharma-II ,

63 Sonu Agnihotri ADJ-2, South-East, ASJ-2, South- South­West  Vice Mr. Ram Lal 

Saket  West, Dwarka  Meena 

64  Savitri  ASJ­3, Shahdara,  ADJ­2, West,  West  In the court vacated by 

KKD tHC  Mr.  Manoj Jain 

65  Chandra Bose  ADJ­I4, Central,  ASJ­3, North,  North Vice Mr.  Virender 

THC  Rohini  Kumar Bansal 
(Court abolished) 

66  Sumit Dass  ADJ­I, New Delhi,  ADJ­2, East,  East  Vice Mr.  Sanjay 

PHC  KKD  Sharma­I

67  Gaurav Rao  ADJ­2+Wakf  ASJ­I, South- South­East  Vice Mr.  Prem Kumar 

Tribunal, New Delhi,  East, Saket  Barthwal 
PHC  "

68   Shunali Gupta  ADJ­6, South, Saket  ASJ­I,  South­West Vice Mr. Sanjay 

(Court abolished)  South­West,  Garg­II 

69  Sandeep Garg  On completion' of  ADJ­I, New  New Delhi Vice Mr.  Sumit Dass 

training  Delhi,PHC 


1.   The  Judicial  Officers  shall  be  under  the  control  of the  District  & Sessions  Judge  of the 
District to  which they  have  been  allocated.  The Judge,  Family Court,  shall  be under the 
supervision of the respective Principal Judge, Family Court. 

2.   The  Court  of ADJ­l3,  Central,  THC hitherto ,being  presided  over  by  Mr.  Harish  Kumar 
stands abolished and the District &  Sessions Judge, Central, THC shall distribute the cases 
of his Court to other such Courts so as to ensure equal pendency. 

3.   The  Court  of ADJ­I4,  Central,  THC  hitherto  being  presided  over  by  Mr.  Chandra Bose 
stands abolished and the District  & Sessions Judge, Central, THC shall distribute the cases 
of his Court to other such Courts so  to ensure equal pendency. 

4.   The  Court  of ADJ­6,  South,  Saket  hitherto  being  presided  over  by  Ms.  Shunali  Gupta 
stands abolished and the District  & Sessions Judge,  South,  Saket shall distribute the cases 
of her Court to other such Courts so as to ensure equal pendency.

5. Ms. Vandana Chauhan shall be attached to the Office of the District & Sessions Judge
(HQ) till she resUmes duty.



Endst.No. IDHC/Gaz./G-INI.E.2(a)/2019 Dated, the\,,-\",)ebruary, 2019

Copy forwarded for infonnation and necessary action to ;-

1.  The District &  Sessions Judge (Headquarters), Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi. 

2.  The District & Sessions Judge, North­West, Rohini Courts Complex, New Delhi. 
3.  The District & Sessions Judge, South, Saket Courts Complex, New Delhi. 
4.  TiJe District & Sessions Judge, South­West, Dwarka Courts Complex, New Delhi. 
5.  The District & Sessions Judge, South­East, Saket Courts Complex, New Delhi. 
6.  The District &  Sessions Judge, East, Karkardooma Courts Complex, Delhi.  
,7.  The District & Sessions Judge, New Delhi, Patiala House Courts, New Delhi.  
8.  The District & Sessions Judge, Shahdara, Karkardooma Courts Complex, Delhi 
9.  The District & Sessions Judge, North­East, Karkardooma Courts Complex, Delhi. 
10.  The District &  Sessions Judge, West, Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi'. 
11.  The District & Sessions Judge, North, Rohini Courts Compl,ex, New Delhi. 
12.  The Principal Judge, Family Courts (HQ), Dwarka Courts Complex, Dwarka, New Delhi. 
13.  The Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government ofJndia, North Block, New Delhi. 
14.  The Member Secretary, Delhi Legal Services Authority, Patiala House, New Delhi.  
IS'.  The Director (Administration), Delhi Judicial Academy, Dwarka, New Delhi.  
16.  The Principal Secretary (Law, Justice & Legislative Affairs), Govt. ofNCT of Delhi, New Dell1i. 
17.  The Principal Secretary (Home), Govt. ofNCT of Delhi, New Delhi. 
18.  The Principal Secretary (Power), Govt. ofNCT of Delhi, New Delhi. 
19.  The Secretary (Labour), Govt. ofNCT of Delhi, Shamnath Marg, Delhi. 
20. The Director of Prosecution, CBI, Block No.3, II Floor, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, N.Delhi­3. 
21.  The Director, Directorate of Prosecution, Tis Hazari, Delhi. 
22.  The Director General, Narcotics Control Bureau, West Block,  1 Wing­5, R.K.Puram, N. Delhi. 
23.  The Commissioner of Police, Police Headquarters, New Delhi. 
24.  The Commissioner, North Delhi Municipal Corporation, Civic Centre, Minto Road, N.Dli. 
25.  The Commissioner, South Delhi Municipal Corporation; Civic Centre,. Minto Road, N. Dli. 
26.  The Commissioner, East Delhi Municipal Corpn, Udyog Sadan, Patparganj Ind.  Area, Delhi­92. 
27.  The Chairperson, New Delhi Municipal Committee, Palika Kendra, New Delhi. 
28.  The Secretary to Hon'ble the Chief Justice, Delhi High Court, New Delhi. 
29.  PS to all Hon'ble Judges, Delhi High Court, for information of H on'ble Judges. 
30.  The DR­cum­P.A. to Registrar General, Delhi High Court. 
31.  All Registrars, Delhi High Court, New Delhi. 
32.  The Joint Registrar (Vigjlance), Delhi High Court, New Delhi. 
33.  '!):Ie Pay & Accounts Officer, Tis Hazari, Delhi.  .'  . 
\Jk.'1oint Registrar (Computer), DHC, with request to display this order on website of Delhi High Court. 
35.  The Hony. Secretary, Delhi High Court Bar Association, Delhi High Court, New Delhi. 
36.  The Hony. Secretary, Delhi Bar Association, Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi. 
37.  The Hony. Secretary, New Delhi Bar Association, Patiala House, New Deihi. 
38.  The Hony. Secretary, Shahdara Bar Association, Kaikardooma Courts, Delhi. 
39.  The Hony.  Secretary, Rohini Courts Bar Association, Rohini, New Delhi. 
40.  The Hony.  Secretary, Dwarka Courts Bar Association, Dwarka, New Delhi. 
41.  The Hony. Secretary, Saket Courts Bar Association, Saket, New Delhi. 
42.  Personal file ofthe officers concerned. 
43.  Guard File.  '