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- HERGE - THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN TINTIN TINTIN AMERICA 37, : iid ere rs Shutters down! Suckers walked Fight into the trap! Hey, what's the game?... we're locked int... And these shutters are made of steel! We're stymied then Even | cauit chew through those! A blow-out! That's all | need | Come on, come on! I gotta hurry up AN fixed... Vl still make | it in time . Have good trip! Lucky | packed the right kit. He'll go through the rooF when ine Finds | cut my Trust mie to be in the land oF the automobile and have to log ten miles on foot! . We're in luck! Here comes @ police patrol just passed, and arrost the driver? He tried to kidnap me! Quick, can you catch that car you Just keep still, Snowy, and don't be frightened .. This way we'll goon overtake that gangster!