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Assignment:- 01

Name:- Jain Rishabh Rajeshbhai

Roll no:- 198

Q: 1] Define logistics? And difference

between international & domestic
ANS: In simple terms its movement of man and machine from one place to
another by different means of transport such as land, water, air etc…

Difference b/w international and domestic logistics

SR.NO Topic International Domestics

1 Currency The currency unit The currency unit
and its exchange and its exchange
value vary from value remains the
nation to nation. same throughout
a domestic
2 High cost of In international Distance wise
distance marketing when domestic markets
the markets are are their costs are
far off the quite controllable.
transport costs
and delivery time
increases which
leads evaluation
in overall cost.
3 Time difference There is time There is less time
variation in difference
exporting in other because there are
countries due to many option
different sea available for
border. transport and no
extra cost for
border transport.
4 Packaging Packaging The packaging is
restriction decision may be not a main issue
taken on climate, in domestic due to
humidity, surface, short distance
atmosphere and less time
issues. delivery.
5 Technology Here technology The change
change changes quickly remains same
and consistently throughout a
with time. nation.
6 Culture Each country has Here culture
its own culture remains same in a
and bargaining nation.
7 Legal obligation There is different Here policy
policies acquire remains same for
by different a nation because
countries the rules set by a
according to their single
rule and government.
regulation by their