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“Guayarte”is a tourist place in Guayaquil city especially for Young people

with a lot of urban art like graffiti everywhere. This place is very colorful
and amazing, is located in from of “Universidad Catolica” and very near of
the “Universidad de Guayaquil”, this place have a lot of amazing
restaurant, bars and a Little theater.

This place was inaugurated on November 29 ,2018 by the mayor of the city
Jaime Nebot in the night, this place have a very comfortable enviroment,
because is very colorfull and funny and you can make many activities.

“Guayarte” has two floors and the restaurants are in containers, that is
fantastic!!!, In the restaurants you can eat very differents foods like pizza,
wings, hamburguers, tacos, ice cream, coffe and sweets, etc. This place is
around the “Estero salado” and has two sections divided by a zigzag bridge.

At night “Guayarte” is more beautiful than in the morning, because the

lights turn on and the paintings stick out!!!there are many beautiful ant
intersting paints like a “Young peoples” a “Iguana” A “Family” a “Boat”
and more interesntings paints.

“Guayarte” is the new touristic place in Guayaquil , is very amazing and

has a “hípster” style, you can go with yours Friends and eat Delicious food
and make artistic photos, you can go to the Theater and see a comedy or
drama play , drink coffe or a beer, or only see the paintings.