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Capital Projects Budget Capital Projects Budget Introduction The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) of the City begins with departmental requests to Management & Budget identifying individual Projects and providing an estimate of the cost {and justiication of the Project. The departmental requests are transmitted to the Capita Projects Committze composed ofthe Controle, two members ofthe Board of Alders not fom the same political party, a member ofthe City Plan Commission appointed by the Mayor, the City Planning Director and four citizen members appointed by the Mayor whose terms rur ‘concurrenty with the Mayor's, The Capital Prejects Committee reviews and evaluates departmental requests and recommends a Capital Improvement Pan tothe Mayor not later than February 15th of each year. The Mayor shall prepare and submit a Capital Budget tothe Board of Aders as pat ct the annual budget submission. After a public hearing, the Board of Alders adopts an ordinance appropriating funds for Capital Projects. The Capital Budget is primaly used to finance improvements with an average life of five years or more as well as large-scale Permanent improvements. Regular Capital improvement programs for the maintenance cf City streets, sewers, parks and for purchases of major equipment are also financed through the Capital budget, Capital Budget funding comes from three primary sources: City generel obligation bondsinotes, State grants and Federal grants In compliance with the requitements fisted inthe Cty ordinances and charter, the Fiscal Yeer 2018-19 Capital Projects Budgot consists ofthe folowing 1) FY 2018-19 Capital Projets Narratives which provide @ description of the approved projects to commence in FY 2018-19, 2) FY 2018-19 Casital Budget request and FY 2020-2023 Capital Improvement Program. The FY 2018-19 Capial Budget request isthe first year ofthe 2018-2023 Capital Improvement Program. Years 19-20 through 22-23 of. the Capital Improvement Program represents planned budgetary authorizations only. Annually the five-year improvement program is revised and the Board of Alders appropriates the frst year ofthe program as the City's Capital Budget. Section 4 Capital Projets 4 Section = Caps Projet Capital Projects Descriptions FY 2019 Capital Request: 138-Finance Department\information Technology: 1904 IT Initiatives $1,400,000 City: Funds in the IT Itative acoount wil be used to continue the City’s effort in maintaining anc upgrading the City Information and Technology infrastructure. Capital funds willbe used for hardware, software, planningldesign, training, 1st year licensing, data conversion, project ‘management, legal/consulting and any and other associated cost necessary fortis project, The funds wil be used (but not imitd to + Expansion ofthe City's data, voice and storage network infrastructure - servers, network reuters and switches, enterprise storage, network operating systems, network ranagement software; + Equipmen: (ut not timed) surtace pro's, tablets, printers, desktops, scanners, office software suites and development sofware; * Capital technology consulting services, Technology equipment, disaster recovery, and other hardware, software, and equipment costs as needed. Projects for this account include (but not limited to): + AS 400 replacements; ‘+ Development of City-wide data system for inspections, property management, and other City wide areas. This system will connect with the current tax/assessor system, seedlcktix, view permit and other necessary systems; ‘+ Upgrade to major conference rooms (Ofice of Management and Budget conference room, Aldermanic meeting rooms, Mayors meeting rooms); ‘+ Rewirina cf City facies (to include all new wiring - CAT 6), new network switches, frewals, cabinets and WAPS (where needed) disaster recovery, + UPS (City, Police, and Fite) upgrade, implementation, updating canopy system, procurement and document imaging system(s); + Upgrade, City-wide camera (equipment and software) replacements, SANS, replacementupgrade, Wi-Fi on the Green and throughout the City, Police and Fire Suppression upgradestteplacement(s), expansion of cigital inclusion, purchase of public safely drone(s) and other projecs related to technology purchases and Upgrades City-ide, Section 4~ Capt Projects “ Section = Capital Projects