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AL AHMADI 61008,



Congratulations! We are pleased to confirm you have been selected to work for KUWAIT OIL
COMPANY, KUWAIT. We are delighted to make you the following job offer.

The positions we are offering PIPE FITTER wage of 310 K.D PER MONTH. Your working hours will
be eight hours/day and overtime will be paid @ 1.5% K.D PER DAY. This is the contract position of
the 2 years in which you to complete your work. This is to certify that KUWAIT OIL COMPANY,
KUWAIT is hereby requested to arrange and provide medical report on 12th FEBRUARY, 2019 of
following person who has been confirmed.

Please check the details regarding the visa. If you agree on all terms please sign and revert asap:-

• Period of Employment : Minimum of 2 year

• Place of Employment : KUWAIT

• Trail period : 2 Months

• Working hours : 8 Hours a day/ 6 Days a week

• Accommodation : Provided By Company

• Transportation : Provided By Company

• Condition for the termination

of Employment & final Settlement. : As per KUWAIT Labour LAW

• Medical & Hospitalization : Provided By Company

is covered by health Insurance.

• Air Ticket From INDIA to KUWAIT : Provided By Company

• Leave Benefits : As per KUWAIT labour LAW

• Provision in regards to renewal of contract : As per KUWAIT labour LAW

• Occupational safety provisions : As per KUWAIT labour LAW

• Social security provisions including
Compensation for Injury & Death. : As per KUWAIT labour LAW

• Mode of Settlement of Disputes : As per KUWAIT labour LAW

• Overtime 4/5 Hours : 1.5% Dinar Per hour

 Provision in regards to disposal and : As per KUWAIT labour LAW

Transportation of death body of emigrant.

Thanks and regards,

Kuwait Oil Company , BINU ABRAHAM JOSEPH

Al Ahmadi 61008, (M7036278)