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The Arches Neighbourhood Planning Group Supported by: Arches Local Big Local Website: Facebook: @archesnp My name: Address and postcode: Mobile phone number: Landline number (optional): E-mail address: | would like to join The Arches Neighbourhood Plan Group/Forum: | would like to help in some way (eg attend workshops, deliver leaflets/surveys, at events, serve refreshments): | would like to be kept informed: Please list any relevant skills, knowledge or experience: What is a Neighbourhood Plan? It is a document created by local people that sets out planning policy for where you live. It helps you protect the things you care about in your community, such as important local green spaces, as well as make improvements to the local area. For example, it can show where buildings can and can’t be built, what they should look like, and used for. It can also encourage the kind of development that you would like to see more of. Why a neighbourhood plan might help? A neighbourhood plan carries the same legal weight as plans drawn up by your council. This means it gives you and your community a powerful voice that must be listened to when decisions are made about development in your area. For example, your council must follow what’s in your neighbourhood plan when making decisions about planning applications and developers or landowners must follow it if they want to get planning permission. Key steps: Get agreement from local people on the area to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan. . Set up a Neighbourhood Plan Group/Forum to take this forward. Register your neighbourhood plan area with the council. Apply for funding (up to £17,000 is available from the government plus FREE specialist advice/consultancy). Engage and consult with residents on what to include in the Neighbourhood Plan. Write and then consult on a draft Neighbourhood Plan. Have the Plan ‘examined’ by an independent planning expert to ensure it complies with legislation. Hold a referendum at which every resident (18 and over) gets a vote on whether they ‘agree’ the plan. . The plan is ‘made’ and becomes part of the overall development plan for the Medway Council area. What now? 1. If you’re interested in helping out / joining the Neighbourhood Plan Group/Forum, please complete the attached form and hand it in. 2. Ifyou need a bit more time to think, drop it off at the Arches Hub 2e Luton Rd, Chatham ME4 5AA - when you're ready.