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PRREWA FAS SHS EERSTE EP eo metre FORALL fl irector of Early Childhood ~ Dts Professional Development Monday, November 13" 2017 Presenter: Shannon Hara AGENDA *Follow-up and Updates - Preparing for Parent Teacher Conference -Multicultural Pot Luck Thanksgiving Celebration -TSG Parent Report Cards -ABC Mouse Training: November 20" -Promethean Training: December 4th *ECERS -Continue to review ECCERS Reports -ECERS Videos -ECERS Music Requirements -Walk through of classroom music centers a Sons Baa eae Sho oo Cay volgen Goanaone ae ‘PRE-K The Little Drookiyn Pre-K Center FORALL te Anita $1 Maria Interlandi, Direct: Professional Development Monday, November 13 2017 Presenter: Shannon Hara SIGN IN : Ntecle Mrcel ti bee Oe io “fils Gs Wa tercle 7 : LU a Q aoount oe LL O. : ane th [ora Kaveltn ev [« nv" PreK Contr at s73:177 15% Breet aecokiya rE _ te se Sct sn on ec ate "a ara ECER-S Music requirements: -Do not have constant background music on. This raises the noise level and makes conversation difficult -Creativity is encouraged during music activities (making up words, : individual dance) -Music is available both as a free choice and as a group activity daily -Music activities that extend children’s understanding of music are offered occasionally -Various types of music is used (songs in different languages, both classical and popular music, music from different cultures) -Many musical materials accessible for children’s use (music center with instruments, tape player, and dance props). There must be enough instruments for at least half of the students to use, and dance props must have music that you can use them with. Questions: How often do you do music activities with the children? Do children ever do movement or dance activities? About how often is this done? What kinds of music do you use with the children? Do you ever do special music activities? Are there any opportunities for children to do music activities in their own way? essai ace eee eee