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(CITY OF WATERTON, NEWYORK. FIRE DEPARTMENT ar sourauasser SmeEET warexrone NeW TOR 3801 oraeatorrert ae rman Fe Cit hormone 0 PRESS RELEASE UPDATE ‘The fire investigation team has determined the area of fire origin of this ‘moming’s fatal fire at 906 Myrtle Avenue to be the first floor kitchen. Investigators found several cooking pans on the electric stove top and believe ‘that there was some type of cooking either prior to or at the time ofthe fires discovery. Investigators did find two smoke detectors, one in the basement and one in a second floor bedroom that were missing batteries, "The status of the vietims taken to a Syracuse hospital are two in critical condition and one in good conditions. Any future updates on the survivors will be handled by the Watertown Police Department, Lt. Joseph Donoghue. At this time the 900 block of Myrtle Avenue is open to traffic. We appreciate ‘everyone's cooperation and patience as our community tries to retum to normaley. ‘There will be no further updates from the fire department. CITY OF WATERTOWN FIRE DEPARTMENT oo Dale C. Herman Fre Chist EFO