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news, readers—news about exciting stories, modern. and classic writers and artists, comics and specials Yor stuck with us through several years of good we've been bringing to market, Unfortunately, now we've STEPHEN A. GEPPI got some bad news to deliver. We're hoping you'll stick with President/Publisher and us through this, too. Chief Executive Officer It all starts—like a lot of bad news—with the almighty JOHN K. SNYDER JR. dollar. Paper prices are going up... in fact, they've been (Chet Adeniraire eae: going up for awhile. Until now we've dealt with the fallout STAFF as best we could, but at last it's “put up or shut up” time: LEONARD (JOHN) CLARK ‘we must either take an unfeasible price hike on our $2.95 SUE KOLSERG: 32-page comics and $7.95 Take-Along books, or else cease eek Babe publishing Mickey Mouse and Friends, Donald Duck and TRAVS SETTLER. Friends, Mickey Mouse Adventures and Donald Duck Art Director Adventures for right now. After serious cogitating, we've DAVID GERSTEIN: decided to take the latter option. Should paper prices fall, Cea or better marketing opportunities present themselves, we MELISSA BOWERSOX might return to some of the suspended series. In the mean- rece oe time, though, be of good cheer. For we have good news, too. CONTRIBUTING STAFF Firstly, our prestige titles—Uncle Scrooge, Walt Disney's Span danke Comics and Stories, and various specials—are as successful ‘Art & Editorial as ever, and the economics of publishing in this format are va baitpiaisiriie such that we can get away with a relatively small price hike: JC. VAUGHN. the first since 1997, and only a matter of fifty-five cents per Executive Editor book (from $6.95 to $7.50, starting in two months). BRENDA BUSICK Secondly, we're moving full steam ahead with plans siiad ae to make our Walt Disney Treasures trade paperbacks an * ongoing series; to introduce two new 80-page annuals; ceauoee and to release several thick-but-inexpensive Shonen Jump- ‘Marketing Assistant style black and white books per year—some specially targeted to collectors, others to all ages. Bringing these HEATHER WINTER ‘onto the schedule means that we'll actually be publishing Os eee more Donald and Mickey in 2007 than we did in 2006! (086) 375.9000 Ex. 249 Email or give Judy or Angie a MARK HUESMAN call at 800-322-7978 for information on how to deal with Production Asztant your outstanding subscription balances or to purchase MIKE WILBUR. back issues. nies —The Gemstone Staff pate [ANGIE MEYER * IN THIS ISSUE + JUDY GOODWIN Donald Duck Story & Art: Carl Barks maine NEW TOYS (Firestone Giveaway, 1949) (900) 322-7978 Color: Scott Rockwell Wat on ed Duck a nds Donald Duck Story: Seefan Petrucha No.6 Deena 286 Ped moe NAUGHTY Are: Vicar iy Geman Rtg © 8 Di OR NICE Color: Egmont & Scott Rockwell ‘Geremres Nate araned ene Lettering: Susie Lee eres Caan Seti fs Soca rt: César Feriol THE WRAP Color: Egmont & Barry Grossman See emete anemia Lettering: Anne Myerly ‘Sebcon nos eee rear ‘cee Pome snd se are 2 Fron cover art by Carl Barks & Ulich Schroeder, color by ue Kolberg sion tono aan ‘www WALT DISNEY MORE, ead MEY RE ALL IN