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Vocabulary 1 atrain station Listen and repeat. Mime. Ask and answer. 2 a hospital 3 a petrol station Are you at the hospital? | 4 atown hall i I rt. 5 abank [_ Gare ae 6 ahotel | 7B Are you at the hotel? | | coho) 7 atheatre (Yes, 1am. 8 amuseum (Song & Grammar Lesson 2 @ Listen and find the picture for each verse. Si 1 Here's the postman. 2 Here's the postman. 3 Here's the postman. Go, Postman, go! Go, Postman, go! Go, Postman, go! Is he going to the hotel? Is he going to the Is he going to the No, he isn’t. No! town hall? hospital? Is he going to the bank? No, he isn’t. No! No, he isn’t. No! Oh yes, he is. Is he going to the Is he going to the Is he wearing a cap? theatre? museum? Yes! Yes, he is! Oh yes, he is. Oh yes, he is. Chit Is he having a drink? Is he talking to friends? Yes! Yes, he is! Yes! Yes, he is! He's a postman. Se aetna Chorus Chorus © Listen and repeat.) © Point at the pictures. Ask and answer. Ishe having a drink?) ~ No, he isn’t. \ ‘to music? arn) (ashe going to the hospital? Ces nea e Ishe/she...? Yes, he is. / No, she isn’t. @ Culture > —- At the museum © Look at photos a-f. What can you see? © Read and match to the photos. Say the letter. | 1 They're made of gold. || 2 There's market. || 3 There's a picture of King Charles If. ear E Ser n “ei = ¢ | 4 He's wearing a red shirt. || § They're looking at things in the museum, = Dt I "1 6 She's in the museum shop. 7 There’s a lamp and a helmet. r |) 8 She's looking at some coins. || 9 He’s gota moustache. | 10 She's got some marbles. 1 11 This is the outside of the museum. 12 They're from a fire station.