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SAP ERP SD Credit Management

The following documentation is relevant for the Automatic Credit Management (OVAK=D) and does not
include the Simple Credit Check nor the FSCM functionality.


Credit value update problem

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Inconsistent credit values

Logging of credit value updates


You want to know which credit values were updated for the sales documents (order/delivery/invoice).


How is the credit value calculated, you can read HERE.

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How does the credit update work, you can read HERE.


Checking the credit value update directly after document saving

1. After you save a document, you can use Transaction MC30 to check which open credit values were
updated with which amount. See SAP Note 381789.
For that you need to activate a parameter in your user profile. Go in the Menu: System -> User Profile
-> Own data (Transaction SU3)
For your user, set the parameter MCL in the user data, assign the value 'X' and save.

2. Create a new or change an existing sales document.

3. After you saved the document, call up Transaction MC30 for your user.

4. You receive a list with all statistics udpates for the last document posted.

5. For credit management, structures S066 and S067 are relevant:

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Double-click the corresponding line to display the updated values as well:

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Checking the credit value updates at a later time

You also want to evaluate the updates in a later time not just only after saving a document. This might help
you to identify wrong updates also. For that you can activate report SD_VKMLOG_SHOW. This report is
available in the standard since the following support packages or with SAP Note 1042857.



But you need to activate it if you decide to use it. Make a table entry in TVKMLOG with ACTIVE = 'X' and
KEEP = '20' (or a different number of days, depending on how long you want to retain the log files) and
DELE_AUTOM = 'X' (leave the field empty if you do not want the system to automatically delete the log
files). Add the entry from transaction SE11, menu path: Utilities -> Table Contents -> Create Entries. Then
you can process the entry with transaction SE16.

You can use this report to evaluate the log files from table VKMI. The files log the update of the open credit
values (S066, S067). The files only log lines that actually update a credit value. For example, if a schedule
line does not update an open credit value because it does not have a confirmed quantity, the schedule line is
not contained in the log or in the evaluation with this report.

There are four evaluation options:

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1. Logs for Sales Order with Subsequent Documents: You use this option to evaluate the logs for a sales
order and the related subsequent documents.

2. Logs for SD Document: With this option, you evaluate the logs for one or more SD documents. As
well as sales orders, these can be deliveries and billing documents. Note that the totaling of the open
credit values in the list might be nonsensical if you make a multiple selection.

3. Logs for Credit Account: You use this option to display all log files for a credit account. This can be a
large number of files if the logging function has been active over a long period of time. The logs are
grouped for the initial sales document (sales order). This gives you the same evaluation as under 1, but
as a collective display.

4. Delete Logs: You can manually delete older log files using this option. Otherwise, the log files are
deleted automatically when new files are created if you have activated this in TVKMLOG. The age limit
for log files is also determined in table TVKMLOG and then used here.
If the age limit is negative (such as TVKMLOG-KEEP = '-1'), ALL log files are deleted.

You can use the "Show Lines w/o Update" indicator to display log entries that have not been updated.
These lines are otherwise hidden, and the system only displays entries for which the open credit values
were also updated.

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If you face performance problems after activation, please read further HERE.

CAUTION: In case you want to use SD_VKMLOG_SHOW please make sure, that all prerequisites are
implemented on your system (1567620, 1858852, 1859470, 1866637, 2090831).

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