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‘Academician & Reasearch Scholar» Rs 1000 /- Pertiipans rom Industry 2.1500 / Registration Link - goog/CvLhme eee ry Accomodation will be provided for limited umber of ‘outsttion participants with ‘earonable charges Dr, Rahul Desi, Information Technology Mobile No, - 9403357088, 9764234918 Emil -rchuldesoi@aitpuneeduin dlesoimeahul@gmallcom Deparment of nfmatan Techy ef AIT i ging tee doy Fay Developme! pager te Prctal Apprendi fee" Newel swe ond Dedp dna fow I Dace Ie enticl ree RE ond dep” omen. Novleoten of eosin sles sil be ies ough eve ee ond problem seing the ‘any Welere Eduction Say ion ndion Amy a ey Good ay ond aldable education face ition Amy werd Eblabd in 18, AWES hae ‘rome end now ung ne 18 Ay Pb Schone {hd 29 Ay Pe pmory choos rd son ST hgher education coer la Gen BC Jesh PYSH VSN, eof compu sreneonbienee and arnt ieee eee aa Thal eho Res dec ecsle Srwonmen for devdopment of ttl silty ‘ior AT ork No by NRF 208 areal Ashes] ‘echazl category for yer 20619 by SPPU. ATT tet UG corse in Corp. Eng, IT Meth EBTC od 6 couse in Mocine Design Al cours re ‘lcd PU, Sponsored Three Days ‘State Level Faulty Development Programme Gnarewnested ae eU AM aN Tel Eireann Under QIP of Savitribai Phule Pune University 17th - 19th December 2018 PRACTICAL APPROACHES OF el Sere aN el itressaeGuN In Association with IEEE (O) How to Reach? i Organized by TEES Department of Information Technology ‘Army Institute of Technology igh Hill, Pune - 11015 (UMC A inde & NBA Acoudied) Por ‘The Deportment of Information Technology wos ‘establahed inthe year 2001 wth an intake of gee ee (beara caster of ecllnce da prcoce igh quality eretve ond ethical engineers and technologist contributing efectvly fo modern reeled tee Rete teer el eee In estoblshing CSI and. NPTEL students copter oll os IEEE student bronch 1) Mr. Dwijay Borie Edutech Leatning Solutions Put. Ltd 2) Experts from Industy and Academie EE Research scholar industry personnel and Brig Abhay A Bhat (Retd). Director. AIT feeully members few avin Enginesing Collages from al departments are sible to cttend the programme Dr. 8 Pati, Principal AIT Dr. Sangesta Jodhaw, HOD (IT) 1) Quick Inreductiono Python, Git nd Gib ‘Uns fasike fme Cloed setup GF required) [NVIDIA Pitfrm: Dives, CUDA te 2) nradction fe Newral Network, Boctpropogahon 5) Handeon Soncan «Newel Network ing Pron Ms. Ashvio Sapkal, Asst Prof, IT ‘lahat yp Leong Econ th Mrs. Vaishal Ingole, Asst Prof, 5) Conrltoel Newel Netvrk Petra rmoels Tronsler Learning ee 6) Rondon Session InogeClsiication of MNIST using DIGITS platform (CNN ond optimization) ond Tranler Leasing 17) Induction fo Recurrent Neural Nebo {8} Demo deo of simple RNN exonple 9) Deep Leorning = Live Poet Dicsion Mr. Yuwra) Gholap, Asst Prof, IT Mrs. Aparna Josh, Asst Prof, IT