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{CEIVED FOR FILING 1266266 GRAND JURY SUBPOENA «00772019 09:8:51 (Criminal Rule 17) *SAILAE BYRD, CLERC Pee STATE OF OFC. PRECIPE GIS 1266266. Cuyahoga County (Case Number: INVEST : ‘To the Sheriff of Cuyahoga County: DEFENDANT: IN RE INVEST ‘You are hereby commanded to summon: ‘CUYAHOGA COUNTY CO NORA HURLEY 2079 B 9TH ST CLEVELAND, OF 44115-0000 *+*# PERSONAL SUBPOENA *** DUCES TECUM: INLIEU OF APPEARANCE, PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING RECORDS: A RECORD OF ALL INCOMING AND OUTGOING TELEPHONE CALLS FOR KEN MILLS, 216.443-7266. RESPONSIVE RECORDS CAN BE IN PAPER OR ELECTRONIC FORMAT; THE COMPLETE CONTENTS OF THE FOLLOWING MICROSOFT OUTLOOK-EMAIL ACCOUNTS POSSESSED BY. CUYAHOGA COUNTY, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO SENT EMAILS; RECEIVED EMAILS, DELETED EMAILS, CALENDER-APPOINTMENTS, TASKS; ‘CONVERSATIONS, AND ANY. OTHER DATA ASSOCIATED WITH THE, ACCOUNT: ABUDISH@CUY AHOGACOUNTY US, BCARNEY @CUY AHOGACOUNTY.US, MKEENAN@CUYAHOGACOUNTY.US, EMORALES@CUY AHOGACOUNTY.US, DDYKES@CUYAHOGACOUNTY.US. RESPONSIVE DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE IN STANDARD MICROSOFT OUTLOOK FORMAT. SUBPOENA SATISFIED BY PROVIDING THE REQUESTED RECORDS TO SENIOR ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL DANIEL KASARIS NO LATER THAN 2/14/2019. PLEASE REFER ANY QUESTIONS TO DANIEL:KASARIS@OHIOATTORNEY GENERAL, GOV, 216-787-4182. ‘TOTHE WITNESS ‘YOU ARE HEREBY required to sttend, under penalty of lav, before the COURT OF COMMON PLEAS, at the 3x floor, Courts ‘ower Jastive Center, 200 Ontario Street, inthe City of Cleveland, within and for seid County, on the 14th day of February, 2019, a 90 odbc A.M, to sf befor the GRAND JURY toa and singular sch mater an things wich you may knowin 2 certain action in court pending, end then and thereto be determined. ‘WITNESS, NAILAHK. BYRD, Clerk Court of Common Pleas and the seal of said Court, as Cleveland, Obio, this ‘Th day of February, AD. 2019. NAILAHK. BYRD, Cletk » Aare ‘WITNESS CERTIFICATION Tine ‘Te within named witness has been dlscharged and dd appear onthe flowing dates: pare | Iv our | Before leaving the Courtroom, make sure the Prosecitor andor Judge or Bali cats the below frm in order to comely process your winess voucher, Take this completed cetficaton tothe Clerk's offee ~ SECOND LEVEL. PROSECUTOR, DEFENSE ATTORNEY ANDIOR BAILIF, DEPUTY CLERK, FILE DATE: NOTICE TO VICTIMS OF CRIME If you are a Vicim of @ Violent Crime and have been Injured, you may quakty for ‘compensation under the Ohio Vets OF Gime Program. Cal 1-800-824-8263 for further couswege0 Information or arta the Cuyshoga County ness Visti Program at 442-7300,