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K-W-L Chart (14-15 Century Afro-Eurasian Trade)

What did you Know about the What do you Want to What have you Learned about
topic? know? the topic?
● China was dominant in the ● East Africa’s participation in
trade the trade
● Mongol trade routes opened ○ They bought a lot of
up new connections for luxury goods because
civilizations through land they already had
● Africa’s Mali empire was everything for
extremely wealthy and sustenance
educated ○ Bought things from
○ Timbuktu Russia
● The initial trade of enslaved ● How advanced East Africa
people was by African was compared to its
merchants (not by stealing) neighboring civilizations
● One of Africa’s main ○ Stone walls
resources was gold ○ Had a lot of excess
● Gunpowder and initial local goods needed
cannons were created in for sustenance
China ● Europe’s “marginalization”
and subjugation in terms of
world trade
○ They were so
subservient and
○ They struggled
through winters
● India’s dominance
○ Center of most trade
routes (land or sea)
○ Big market for cotton
● How not unified India was
○ Had a bunch of city
states and warring
● Slaves were captured after
battles between warring
states in Africa
● Africa was a collection of
warring city states that
flourished on their own, but
also had some empires and
kingdoms for example Mali,
Ghana, and Zimbabwe
● African elite measured
wealth with labor and not
land, thus slaves were
necessary in establishing
● The importance of Zheng
He’s voyages in introducing
the Chinese to the Indian
● Zheng He’s voyages in
○ The dominance
○ Had cannons
○ Thousands of ships