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Rete bendpcaucus co 250.007.9655, est Anne, PariamentBuldegs, Vicor, 80, VV 1X4 rN New Democrat BC Government Caucus February 13, 2019 Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner First Floor, 421 Menzies Street Victoria, British Columbia V8V 1X4 Dear Commissioner, As part of my responsibilities as an MLA, | sit on the Select Standing Committee on Crown Corporations. In November 2017, the Legislative Assembly asked the committee to examine and make recommendations on ridesharing services in British Columbia. have been engaging in that work in good faith and in the interests of the people of British Columbia, as | always do in my work as a Member. Recently, questions have been raised about a potential perceived conflict of interest, as my father works as a taxi driver and holds a taxi license. | am writing to ensure | am in full compliance with all rules and policies. | would note that the committee has been asked to listen to a diverse group of stakeholders and provide recommendations on the issue, but has not been empowered with any decision making authority. This authority resides with the Minister and Cabinet, of which | am not a member. | intend to abide by any recommendations you make and | look forward to receiving your response. Sincerely, Z LE “Ravi Kahlon MLA for Delta North