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The following are key findings from a survey of N=500 randomly selected registered voters in Colorado conducted January
15-18, 2019.


One-third of the interviews were completed among respondents with landline telephones, one-third of the interviews were
completed among respondents with cell phones, and one-third of the interviews were conducted via panelists on the
internet. The margin of error to the results is +/- 4.4% at the .95 test level.


On the initial position on the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), 47% of respondents favor it, 26% oppose it and 26% are

After an explanation of TABOR, 71% of respondents favor it, 28% oppose it and 2% are unsure. The explanation provided
was the following.

TABOR, the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights is an amendment to the state constitution passed in 1992 which requires state and
local government to seek voter approval in order to raise taxes and also limits growth in state spending to population
growth plus inflation. If the state collects more revenues than it is allowed to spend, then it must return the surplus to
the taxpayers.


Demographics of survey respondents are reflective of active voters in the state and are shown below.

Males 47%
Females 53%
Registered Republicans 31%
Registered Democrats 32%
Other registered voters 37%
18-44 years of age 38%
45-64 years of age 38%
65 years of age and older 23%
Colorado Springs DMA 18%
Denver DMA 76%
Other DMAs 6%