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Houston Baptist University

School of Education
Lesson Plan

Subject: Science Grade Level: 1st grade Time Estimate: 40 min

Unit: Hypothesis Topic: Sound
Goal(s): TLW know how to form a hypothesis and understand what it is.
TLW explore and investigate in order to form conclusion based on evidence.

TLW form at least one complete sentence giving their hypothesis.
TLW conduct an investigation, and form a correct conclusion based on their found evidence

TEKS: 1.2 B
1.3 B

Fine Arts: 1.6 C

Materials/Resources/Technology needs:
Glasses to hold water and make noise (one medium, one tall and skinny, and one short
and fat glass).

Instructional Procedures

Focusing Event: Watch video about hypothesis.

Teaching/ Learning Procedures:

 Before class starts teacher needs to have a glass filled with water that makes me sound of
the note C. Gather students around the glass of water and show them how to make the
 Put students into groups of 4 and give students the exact same glass that the teacher used
to make the sound, and have them try to make the same note as the teacher.
 After groups have successfully made at least close to the correct note, give students
supplies for their experiment. Ask students if they think the skinny glass will make a
higher, or lower pitch? Ask them if they think the amount of water you put in the middle
sized glass effects the pitch?
 Have students write down their hypothesis into their science journals. Also have them
write down a summary of the experiment they will be doing to get a conclusion.
 Then have students conduct their experiment, and write down their conclusion.

Formative Check (ongoing or specific): Walk around the room as students are conducting their
experiments. Make sure they are using equipment properly, and forming good hypothesis.

Reteach (alternative used as needed): If students need further guidance when it comes to
hypothesis, in a small group ask students to think of 5 different science experiments, and practice
making hypothesis for those experiments, and then research online to see f they were correct.

Closure: Have students present their findings in front of the class.

SPED/ELL: Repeat instructions in chunk and provide more examples/ model. If needed, pull
students in small group and work with them as they conduct the experiments.
SPED/ELL: Provide students with sentence stems in order to make their hypothesis.