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* 1. A thin prism is said to have a power of one prism-doptre if it produces a ray deviation of 1/100 rad. For a refractive index of n=1.52, what is the apex angle of the prism of power equal to on prism-doptré? Campare this calculation using both Snell's law and the paraxial approximation. nsing = Sing, o, = dae be: O,-@ Se:0.01 Pacaxiel approw medion = b+001 "Sa sing — LS2Sind= Sin Cd 40.01) sag = @ too 1.5asing = Sing Cos(ow!) + 5 ¢ Sider ¢ (Sa) = eof ___ U8a= Cos Covet) sing = Ord Sin(ow!) Gz O.O1% rad, [101% tan? = Sin(oa ‘ P= O01 rad » J1OIb 2, Over the visible region, the refractive index of a glass is given by the formulan = c, +c,2, where c; and c2 are material constants. White light passes through a prism with a 5° apex angle. Determine the difference in the deviation angle between the extreme red (A=700nm), the green (1.=550nm), and the violet (=400nm) if cz=3E4 nm’. '|Assume = thin prism and valid — patakiel approximation (og = ae (6+ 1) de a0 Qed ~ APs = (A -1) 4 ~G-04 #G(1 ay = (ve) (32) ( itor dot) = — 0.0033 red» -O.17° Regen - SG =suiZ)( L, - Ws) F-00077 tag =7O.44° SGed - Merve = Beet 2 stor 7 ay) =~ Oro tad = - 0. 63° 3. A collimated beam has an eli ion, wit ‘ iptical cross section, with a semiaxis ratio of 2: Design a prism system thatcan transform the beam to be cireulan ores From bere w, - (1 — 7 Jey 7 Sete = Ae G7 hay 7 1S? dente SOE SL st Sith costé = 4 - WiChs*) (1 -ost4) Coste cise) ~1] = @lis>) -4 Cosd= 0. 1106 pee eeeeyf 4, The dioptre (D) us a unit of lens or mirror power, equal to 1m”. A planoconvex lens is known to a power of +3D. ‘The radius of the curved face is measured with a spherometer, and found to be equal to 22.97 cm. What is the index of refraction of the glass? 8 GY ee eC) Cb a) Sam) ot 34st 02247 On907 N= (0.2907)03) +1 } : * i i made of glass 5. A negative meniscus lens has surface radii of +15 and +10 cm, and it is made with n=l. (a) Sketch the lens. (0) Eid it focal length and power. (c) Verify that the power is the same if the lens is tumed around so that both radii become negative. @ <2 694 -Z) f= Cie) Ge oh) io, ofl Che 6. A.4 inch tall object is to be projected onto a screen that is 10 feet away from a thin lens. Design an optical system that consists of a single lens that produces an image that is 24 inches tall. (It doesn’t matter if the image is inverted or not.) Ifthe lens has only one surface that is curved (the other surface is flat), what is the curvature of the lens if the refractive index of the glass is n=1.5? B= SCA) @: (0S) Sot 20 inches, 9, 508m