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Course title:

Modeling and simulation of

dynamic systems
Number of ECTS
Course code Course status Semester Lecture hours
PA4102 Mandatory I 4,5 2L+0E+1Lab

Study program:
Master studies, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, study program: Power systems and Control, department: Automatics (studies last for 10
semesters, 300 ECTS credits).
Postgraduate studies, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, study program: Power systems and Control, department: Automatics (studies last
for 8 semesters, 240 ECTS credits)
Prerequisites: No prerequisites required.
Course aims:
Students will be introduced with modeling of dynamic systems. Theoretical knowledge will be upgraded with active work through
simulations in software MATLAB and its parts Control System Toolbox and Symulink.
Teacher(s) first and last names:
PhD Božo Krstajić –professor, MSc Aleksandar Vučiić, assistant
Studying method:
Lectures, exercises, laboratory exercises with computer, individual work and practical assignments, consultations.
Course synopsis:
Preliminary week Preparation and semester enrolment.

I week
II week Introduction with modeling and simulation of dynamic systems (aims, model types, methods of simulation
III week Models of dynamic systems.
IV week Model analysis
V week Application of Control Toolbox (LTI objects)
VI week Model responses (time and frequency)
VII week I colloquium
VIII week Free week
IX week Simulation methods
X week Simulation software - Symulink
XI week Simulation of electric systems.
XII week Simulation of dynamic systems.
XIII week Simulation of electro mechanic systems.
XIV week Simulation of systems with fluid components
XV week II colloquium
XVI week Regulator selection using Symulink
Final exam
Final week
Administrative procedures.
Additional lessons, correction of the final exam and administrative procedures.
per week per semester
Teaching and the final exam: 6hours x 16 = 96hours.
Working hours: 4.5 credits x 40/30 = 6 hours
Necessary preparation (before semester): 2 x 6hours = 12hours
Working hours structure:
2 hours for teaching Total work hours for the course: 135hours
2 hour for exercises Additional hours for preparing correction of the final exam, including the
2 hours for individual work, including exam taking: up to 27hours.
Work hours structure:
96hours (lectures) + 12hours (preparation) + 27hours (additional work)
Lessons attendance is mandatory for students, as well as doing homework, test, laboratory exercises and colloquiums.
Literature: Antić.d.: Priručnik za modeliranje i simulaciju dinamičkih sistema, ETF Niš
Hadži-Pešić D.: Modelovanje i simulacija, VEŠ, Beograd 2005.

The forms of knowledge testing and grading:

- Tests, homework and laboratory exercises carry 10 points.
- Two colloquiums carry 2x20 points (total 40 points)
- Final exam: 50 points.
Student gets the passing grade by collecting 50 points at least..
Special remarks for the course :
Lectures will be performed for group of 40 students, but laboratory exercises will be performed for group of 20 students.
Teacher(s) who provided the information: PhD Božo Krstajić