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The Shadowhunter Chronicles

 The Mortal Instruments

 City of Bones

 City of Ashes

 City of Glass

 City of Fallen Angels

 City of Lost Souls

 City of Heavenly Fire

 The Infernal Devices

 Clockwork Angel

 Clockwork Prince

 Clockwork Princess

 The Dark Artifices

 Lady Midnight

 Lord of Shadows

 Queen of Air and Darkness (upc.)

 The Last Hours

 Chain of Gold (upc.)

 Chain of Iron (upc.)

 Chain of Thorns (upc.)

 The Wicked Powers

 Book 1 (upc.)

 Book 2 (upc.)

 Book 3 (upc.)

Author Cassandra Clare

Country United States

Language English

Genre Young adult

Publisher Margaret K. McElderry

Published March 27, 2007 – present

Media type  Print (Hardback, Paperback)

 Audiobook

 E-book

No. of books  Novels

 11 released, 7 upcoming

 Companion

 5 released, 2 upcoming

The Shadowhunter Chronicles is a media franchise based on the writings of American young adult
fiction writer Cassandra Clare, which encompasses three novel series, two short-story collections, four
graphic novels, one film, a television series, and other media.

These works are set in a universe where fairy tales and mythologies, both pagan and Judeo-Christian,
exist with its figures existing alongside the mundanes (normal humans). A race of humans who possess
angel blood, the Nephilim or Shadowhunters, is organized to patrol the Shadow World and prevent
demons as well as Downworlders, including warlocks, faeries, werewolves, and vampires from attacking
the mundanes. There is an uneasy peace, a treaty known as The Accords, between the governing body
of the Nephilim, known as the Clave, and the Downworlders, not all of whom want peace or respect the
Clave's authority.



 1Novels

o 1.1The Infernal Devices

o 1.2The Last Hours

o 1.3The Mortal Instruments

o 1.4The Dark Artifices

o 1.5The Wicked Powers

 2Companion books
 3Film adaptation

 4Television adaptation

 5References


The following books are arranged in order of their respective timelines.

The Infernal Devices[edit]

Main article: The Infernal Devices

The Infernal Devices is a trilogy of young adult fantasy novels written by Cassandra Clare and is the
second set of books to be published. Set in 1878 in Victorian era London, it revolves around Tessa Gray,
a teenager who comes to London following her brother's invitation but ends up thrust into the shadow
world upon learning she is not a mundane but a warlock.

1. Clockwork Angel (August 31, 2010)

2. Clockwork Prince (December 6, 2011)

3. Clockwork Princess (March 19, 2013)

The Last Hours[edit]

The Last Hours is an upcoming trilogy written by Cassandra Clare. It will be the fourth set of books to be
published. The sequel to The Infernal Devices series, it will be set in 1903 London and Paris and will
revolve around the children of the previous series's main characters, including those of Tessa Gray. The
first book, tentatively named Chain of Gold , is set to be released in 2019 [1]

1. Chain of Gold (2019)

2. Chain of Iron (TBA)

3. Chain of Thorns (TBA)

The Mortal Instruments[edit]

Main article: The Mortal Instruments

The Mortal Instruments is a series of six young adult fantasy novels written by Cassandra Clare. It is the
first set of books to be published. The series is mainly set in the year 2007 and revolves around the
Shadowhunter Clary Fray. She and her friends are confronted with two wars: the first against Valentine
Morgenstern, and the second against his son Jonathan (Sebastian) Morgenstern.

1. City of Bones (March 27, 2007)

2. City of Ashes (March 25, 2008)

3. City of Glass (March 23, 2009)

4. City of Fallen Angels (April 5, 2011)

5. City of Lost Souls (May 8, 2012)

6. City of Heavenly Fire (May 27, 2014)

The Dark Artifices[edit]

Main article: The Dark Artifices

The Dark Artifices is a trilogy of young adult fantasy novels written by Cassandra Clare. It is the third set
of books to be published. The sequel to The Mortal Instruments series, it takes place in 2012, five years
after the events of that series's final book, City of Heavenly Fire. It revolves around the Shadowhunter
Emma Carstairs, first introduced in City of Heavenly Fire, as she seeks the answer for her parents'
mysterious deaths. The first book, Lady Midnight, was released on March 8, 2016. It brings in many of
the previously introduced characters such as Magnus Bane, James Carstairs, and Tessa Gray. The second
book, Lord of Shadows, was released on May 23, 2017. The final book in the trilogy, "Queen of Air and
Darkness", is set to be released on December 4, 2018.[2]

1. Lady Midnight (March 8, 2016)

2. Lord of Shadows (May 23, 2017)

3. Queen of Air and Darkness (December 4, 2018)

The Wicked Powers[edit]

The Wicked Powers is an upcoming trilogy written by Cassandra Clare. It will be the fifth set of books to
be published and is set to wrap up The Shadowhunter Chronicles.[3]

1. Book 1 (TBA)

2. Book 2 (TBA)

3. Book 3 (TBA)