1) History of Arcadia Group Arcadia Group was formed in the Pre World War 2 era by entrepreneur Montague Burton

, one of the forefathers of modern retailing. The company initial name was The Cross- Tailoring company. In 1900, Lithuanian emgire Montague Burton arrives at Britain and borrow Euro 100 pound to set up his own menswear business in Chesterfield. Burtons’s initial operation consist of a men’s clothing manufacture, tailoring and retailing operation which became the core foundation for the current Burton menswear chain, as remains as one of the subsidiary outlet in the company.

In 1914, Burton became the first tailor to be in charge of tailoring for nearly a quarter of the armed forces . By the end of World War 2 . Burton has employed over a hundred staff at the Leeds headquarters. Seven years later, Hudson Road factory in Leeds was developed by Burton , now this factory has become the Arcadia Group’s accounting and facilities teams. Within 15 years , this clothing factory has become largest in the Europe continent. The company has become so famous that it was visited by the Princess Royal in 1934 and Burtons is awarded knighthood in 1931 for his philanthropic approach to every employees that he employed. By the end of World War 2, Burton has craved its name to be one of the clothing factory responsible in tailoring a fifth of the British male population.

In 1946, Burton Company accuired the Peter Robinson women ‘s fashion chain as its next approach to target the ladies market. When Sir Monatague dies, he manage to raise the company status as the largest multiple tailor in the world with over 600 stores in the Europe continent. Later, Burton company was given the honour of becoming the the official sponsor for the world cup in 1966.

In the mid 60s era, The Peter Robinsons company revamped its name to Topshop. This was a move to develop and bring walk way fashion into the high streets of London. Topshop has positioned itself to a trendy , young and modern ladies wear outlet , a role it continues to hold. Initially , Peter Robinson only create another line within its stores. However , due to the overwhelming response from its respective customer , the first Topshop standalone store was launched in 1974. Eventually, the Peter Robinson name was deleted and not used anymore. In the 70s, Burton Group begin another segmentation of market type. This time it has become more precise in catering the needs of young men . Burton Group decide to launch Topman the brother of Tophshop . The move was made based on the decision that the profit gained in capitalizing Topshop catering for the young and fashion forward has however coincidentally reflect a growth in men’s casual

the group acquires Sears womenswear businesses . Principles for men was launched a year later . that is born out of the old Burton Group . In the present time. comprising the warehouse . Eight year later . Dorothy Perkins joins the Burton Group. the Burton Group acquired Debenhams. there is a significant drop in the sales for tailored made formal wear suits ( partly due to the changes in taste and rise in prices. On the same year itself . What sets Dorothy Perkins apart from its sisters. owned by Taveta Ltd based in Jersey.demerged from group and become a separate company in 1998 2) Etam-closed shortly after purchase .clothing. Topman and Principles for Men chains. Such takeover from taveta resulted in Arcadia Group to become a private company and was delisted from the London stokc exchange. During the mid year of 1990 . The taveta company is owned by Philip Green’s family.Miss Selfridge and Outift brands from the defunct Sears plc. diverting its department store business to focus on its fashion multiples. Principles became one of the chain in Burtons’s Group.) In 1971. Richards . Not long after that. the group decided to demerge Richards while shops in suitable locations were rebranded under other Arcadia store brands. Evans a line specially tailored for plus size female found its way to be one of the subsidiary line in Burton Groups. Arcadia has undergoes many reforms and some chain stores that was once owned has been sold out to other company. At last in 2002 .( one the largest department store group in UK ) . seeing the success it carries in ladies division. In 1984. the wife of billionaire Philip green . Arcadia continue to reinvest on other subsidiaries chains from Sears plc. Former Operation (alphabetical order) 1) Debenhams. Not only so. The firm also purchased menswear firm Colliers which was now merged as one with Burton . 1985. Arcadia group Plc was brought by taveta Investments . thus strengthening and expanding women wear market. in the mid 70 eras. Below will be a summary listing of the Arcadia Group’s current and former operation. Mainly the target market will be women that are independent and loves to dress power suits. is the target market of the groups’s flagship ladieswear operation that focused on a similar target audience as Burtons in menswear. This chain caters to the fashion conscious women with an indispensable income and loves to indulge into luxurious fabrics. the sole director then was Christina green . Wallis . A series of dermerging and reshuffling events occurred which finally leads to the formation of Arcadia Group in 1997.

sold circa 2002 Warehouse.sold to Rubiscon Retail 9) Richards.a clothing line sold within BHS. now onwded by debenhams 7) Principles for Men.department store with Burton/ Dorothy Perkins/ Wallis/ Evans & Miss Selfridges. Burton 2) Dorothy Perkins 3) Evans 4) Miss selfridge 5) Outfit 6) Tammy.sold to Rubiscon Retail.3) Hawkshead-sold to Rubicon retail 4) Innovations.sold to Gus in 1997 5) Peter Robinson.sold to Rubinson Retail Current operation (alphabetical order) 1) BHS.rename itself thus becoming Topshop 6) Principles. no standalone store 7) Topman 8) Topshop 9) Wallis 2) Marketing Mix of Topshop (subsidiary line for) Arcadia Group .closed Wade Smith.closed 8) Racing Green.closed shortly after purchase 10) 11) 12) Su214.

Tammy collection . Electrical. Women clothing. Lingerie . lighting. homeware and also partly offering delicious foods at its various restaurant. homeware. For instance on its Home Stores range . Beside that. it is the building of our One Utama and Ikea combined together. but also shopping product likes clothing and specialty products such homeware and even wedding gowns. In the product perspective.1990s . bhs has not only offer quality products but also quality services. bags and purse) . the outlet itself has a target market of ladies aged 16 to 35 years old. accessories ( glasses . Firstly. One of its eco friendly move is to produce clothes that are able to be washed under low temperature ( decrease the usage of electricity). there is the beautifully designed retail experiences focusing exclusively on products for the home. The products sold mainly shout out to customers that what you see in the latest runway is what you will get (Topshop is amongst the first clothing line to transfer the runway look into the everyday wear of normal consumer).What makes Arcadia group such as successful company lies in the secret of its diverse target market. The product that is sold in Topshop consists of shopping products such as ladies wears . British Home Store offers so many product ranging from Christmas shop category ( confectionaries to DVD sets & games). British Home stores also realize there is the need to position their products as the first choice in most consumer by constantly re-innovating. Bhs has one mission that is to become the best in High Streets that is to offer the best shopping experience for customers and provide the most ideal environment to work with. This signifies consumers born in the era of generation X who loves to indulge in the most current and outstanding trends. Firstly. lets have a look at British Home Stores (Bhs) Bhs is a British department store with branches mainly located in the high streets of London . This store has the primary concept of selling clothing. Such is another clever perspective for Bhs to rebrand and re-position itself in the minds of consumers . 1)Marketing Mix – Topshop Products Topshop being one of the most successful and profitable chains of the Arcadia Group has its share of secrets. Bhs not only offer convenience product such as confectionaries and gifts for special occasion . the clothing line has been decreasing the . and tag every product with a reusable print logo. the brand saw a further re-invention under guidance of the retail design house “20:20” Bhs has renovated most of its store chains with a “millennium concept’ by using softer ‘bhs “ logo and warm interior lighting concept. furniture. What makes Topshop products differ from other brands of Arcadia Group is its fashion forward nature and quality material. The clothing line is also sensitive to environmental changes that happen in recent years. To be more precise . In order to archive this mission . In the mid. lingerie to even shoes and boots. babies products to even wedding gowns.

The shop that is the first to transfer runway look to the lives of everyday girl. Topsho has a clever way of extending the life cycle of a particular trend. During market introduction . The clothing line itself will then start to cut down some of products prices to 10% (mostly product that are still hard to sell of from the shop itself ) while at the same time maintaining the 60s trend by having its more diverse range of patterns and look ( for instance a stripe marine color shirt can come in various other color). most visual merchandiser will decorate each shop differently. or near the entrance of the shop0 . This result in customer being able to shop without worries. Topshop will have its new trend of clothes and accessories wore by supermodels or famous celebrities alike. we can start to spot more of our competitor selling a rather similar idea with Topshop. the shop will the call other outlet to send in that product to that . all products has the undeniable fate of undergoing a life cycle especially dace paced industry of fashion.use of polyethene bags to package their products and re-using card board inserts to it as footwear. The answer to these question lies in its name : Topshop. three is more than one trend and each trend itself has a multiple way of wearing a particular look . However. Try asking any ladies in their mid 20s “ where is the place to go if I were to get the most in look?” And there are a 60 % chance that you will get Topshop in the list. the company offers customers an option of re-funding their products withn seven days if any of the purchases was less than satisfactory. In order to place Topshop as the most quality assured clothing line. They will be photographed and posted on the official website of Topshop and advertised n those local or international fasion magazine. The first shop to collaborate with a nostalgic supermodel Kate Moss and launch its own clothing line. Topshop will have its visual merchandiser setting up more of the newest trend on easy to spot areas ( such as those that were worn by mannequins. Such cases rarely happen as the factory that was assigned to produce the product has to undergo strict quality assurance procedure. The question for us here will be why is the brand so successful . how did it make every one in UK to be queuing up to buy that limited edition dress or even pre-order one just before the launch of it in respective clothing line. Such move inexplicablely assists consumer to spend with a good conscience at heart while being able to dress up beautifully.As every season . if particular product has been sold out in one of its outlet and was still a hot request from the customer. In various shop outlet. The first shop to officially sponsor London Fashion Week by launching budding designer creations . Such achievement make customer to not only feel they are the top in fashion but top in style. In market introduction phase. During market growth of a trend of say the sweet 60s look . In this period also. So how did Topshop handle the unpredictable changes in customer taste? This is seen in tis clever tactics of playing with visual and prices. the most crucial thing that topshop does is to spot a new trend first than its competitors and seeing it to mass market.

the shop itself will then clear off whatever remaining products that were available previously and sent back to the factory. 3) Marketing Mix – Topshop outlet. For instance.stall. As the market mature. in Malaysia.the company will acquire lisenceship of selling Topshop products by collaborating with local company. the sweet 60s look that was once introduced will not be placed at sales side of the store or even to a less noticeable area. DNP Clothing Sdn Bhd will act as the indirect channel system where they will be in charged of opening and distributing Topshop outlet in the hotspot of every state. When demands for the 60s look start to decline . the Arcadia group will have a direct system to its target market by offering outlet chains sold in various town and cities alike. Topshop will then start its monthly 50 to 70% price drop in product that weren’t able to sale. After more than 3 weeks . Topshop has actually strategized its outlet into more than 300 stores across United Kingdom and another 200 stores across the world such as Malaysia . After the whole cycle ends . Careful analyse and research has to be done before opening a chain . Topshop has made a gain in every of its new trned introduced . In the factory. However . it has become one of the inintiative for the clothing line to rever most of the cost of the product ( in staff sale. China . in countries other than Europe . mostly the company will like to find a place where there is high traffic of middle income and above consumer and poses potential attraction to tourists. you can actually notice that . Topshop will be begin to further cut down most of its 60s trend to a further mark down of 20%to 30 % sale. Our local company in Malaysia that help in the distribution of Topshop is called DNP clothing Sdn Bhd. This move is done to prevent product wastage by not re-ordering a new stock from the factory.as most of the time prices marked on the latest season will be 4 times more than its actual costs. the local Topshop here will take into . You can notice that the whole visual lay out of the shop change completely. The company is clever in setting up its outlet by finding the right location. This is to help cover costs of whatever product there were not able to sell out later. The arcadia group has made a wise move by collaborating with local companies to market their products in foreign lands. while a new trend will e spotted at the attention – grabbing area such as the mannequins. United States and Japan.the clothing line will start to inject and introduce one of the newer fashion trend. While at the same time . In United Kingdom. the company will keep these product until a half a yearly staff sales come about. the clothing line still maintain the practice of transferring goods to other outlet if demands are there. As there many micoenvironmental factors to take into consideration when setting an outlet in foreign land. price will be dropped to less than 50 bucks for most out dated products ). these local companies act as distributor and wholeseller that abide by the law and culture of their countries.

The various factory selected have to follow stringent rules that were lay out in their code of conduct book . For example. the factory must not produce clothes that were made of animal skin ( Arcadia Group is a strong supporter of PETA) and factory itself must solely manufactured Arcadia Group products ( they are not allow to manufactured products from other competitors). where as in Malysia and Singapore. As for the supply chain itself . This is to ensure that supply and demand are of a equilibrium level. The DNP Clothing Sdn Bhd will act as a selective distributor where by its company give special attention to Topshop products and covers the broad area of market exposure between intensive and extensive distribution. the arcadia group normally manufactured its garments and other products in coutires like Cambodia. the Arcadia Group ensures that they will have their products distributed in most outlet within a weeks duration . DNP Clothing Shdn Bhd will be in charge of liasing with the local fashion and media companies everytime a new trend were about to introduced in the market. the membershiop card will be known as Fashion Fast Forward (F3). and China. 3) Mareketing Mix – Promotion of Topshop products. any further delays will be covered by the logistics companies. In Uk .consideration of not distributing much of pig skin products as it is non-halal in Islamic terms. Mexico . Turkey . The marketing strategies here will be slightly different where our target market here will have a different membership card to obtain than in oversea. . For the logistic chain itself.the membership card has a diiferent name and value to it.

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