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1071 Bgry. Kaligayahan, Quirino Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City

Office Administration Program




This chapter shows the introduction, company history, company

profile, company logo, organizational chart, the industry analysis and

forecast, and key competitors


An office procedure is a series of steps and procedures that may

help the company in performing better services. It is important in

establishing a clear set of procedures to be an organized establishment.

The study purpose is to know the problems occurring the Human Resource

and IT Laboratory department.

Office procedure are important if you want to run things well in

professional environment, it’s important to have a written procedure visible.

Every office should have a written set of procedure developed by the

supervisor and office manager visible in the front office.

Office procedure may not be detectable. But those are the keys for

the success of any organization; a well-run office prevents errors from

occurring in the first place and promotes an effective work environment.





2002 at Sacred Heart Village, Caloocan City by the generous and charitable

Madame Mary M. Vicente, President, and Engineer Reynaldo Corpus,


The school was initially named “LOG-ON TODAY”, but the

management later decided to change it. Inspired by the phrase, “Be trained

to be the best; be linked to success”, BESTLINK came out to be more

appropriate. Since Bestlink offer computer-based courses, finally, it was

decided to name the school BESTLINK INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION


With its mission and vision of providing holistic training, Bestlink

started with four (4) TESDA-accredited computer courses. These are:

Computer System Design and Programming, Computerized Office

Management, Computer Technology and Networking and Computer

Graphics and Web Development.

Bestlink started its operation with seven (7) students. Five (5) from

Computerized Office Management and two (2) from Computer System

Design and Programming. Thus Bestlink then, had only four (4) faculty

members. They were Engr. Reynaldo Corpuz, Math Instructor and

Administrator, Mr. Vincent Carlo Garados, Computer Instructor a and IT

Coordinator, RespicioSiringan, English Instructor, and Ms. MarimelLoya,

Office Management Instuctor, Cashier and Student Affairs and Marketing


BCP is committed in providing quality education to our youth

especially those belonging to the marginalized families who cannot sustain

and afford to send their college children to the universities, Through the

Tawag Ng Panginoon Foundation, Inc, students we’re subsidized their

tuition fees. The said foundation was founded by our school owner/president

to provide scholarship programs to the less fortunate students. This

precisely the reason why Quezon City, Caloocan city, Bulacan are the place

where our students and graduates of public secondary schools coming from.

At present, the school has approximately 23, 000 students, all of whom are

scholars of the said foundation, paying only the miscellaneous fees.

Its first site was not sufficient for the forecasted growth. Once in 2004

Bestlink, with its new Administration headed by Engr. Diosdado T. Lleno,

School Director, decided to move to its new location at 1044 Brgy. Sta.
Monica, Quirino Hi-way, Novaliches, Quezon City. This strategic location led

to huge increase in the number of student.

In 2005, through the persistent and striving efforts of Engr. Lleno,

School Director and Mr. Charlie Carino as the Academic Consultant,

Bestlink offered an additional course, Hotel and Restaurant Services (HRS).

This course incorporates seven (7) modules: Commercial Cooking, Foods

and Beverage Service, Housekeeping Bartending, Baking and Pastry, Tour

Guiding, and Front Office Services.

In 2007, with the continuous increase of student Bestlink temporarily

held its classes at Annex 1, fronting the Main Building. The following year,

the school acquired three (3) lots adjacent to Greenfields I Subdivision. On

the first lot stood a two-story building which used to be a bank. This was

improved by Bestlink. The ground floor served as the Administration Office

and the second floor housed the school library. The second lot with its

original structure was remodeled into a Mock Hotel to serve as training

facility for HRS student, and also, to suit the needs of the College. A five-

story building was constructed on the third lot to provide the increasing

number of enrollees with quality facilities in the line with its vision of

providing quality education. Hence, a new structure was added on the

vacant space of the 3rd lot, to serve as cooking lab-training room of HRS
students. The HRS laboratory and other facilities were transferred to the

newly-built Mock Hotel. It was inaugurated in August 2008.

Its expansion efforts contained increase in course offering. Bestlink

started to offer the CHED ladderized program (4-years degree courses):

BSIT and BSHRM. Its Permit to operate (PTO) was granted by CHED on

January 2009, and currently being operationalized.

The continuous search for ways to offer quality education to poor but

deserving students did not stop as Bestlink offered additional 4-years CHED

courses in 2010-2011, namely: BSBA, BSOA/BEED and BS Crim. The said

additional courses brought in additional enrollees that reached its peak at

approximately thirteen thousand (13,000).

With the school’s desire to cater to more students a vacant lot

situated at Lot 762 Cor. Topaz St. Millionaire’s Village, San Agustin,

Novaliches Quezon City and with a land area of 9,305 sq.m was purchased

on February 17, 2012. The acquisition of the said property in indeed a

blessing for the entire BCP family. Just the sight of it gives hope to

thousands of students who wish to pursue their education in college.

However, not everything runs smoothly. It also experienced challenges but

in the end, all is well that ends well. Noteworthy to mention are the support

of the Former Brgy. San Agustin Chairman Mr. Andy Palma, Millionaire’s
Village Homeowner’s Association officers and members, and the lot owner,

Gonzales Family. They wholeheartedly supported the intention of building a

school within the area. The endorsements of Bishops Antonio Tobias and

Quezon City Mayor, Hon. Herbert Bautista on February 2012 and March

2012, respectively, also did their share to win the support of Quezon City

Council in a hearing attended by Ms. Edith Vicente, Corporate Secretary, Sr.

DomninaBasquinez, and Dr. Charlie Carino who is very eager to justify why

the school must be given exemption from Regulations on Medium Density

Residential Zone. With an open mind and a kind heart, fortunately, the

council heard the plea. Finally, the building permit was released on July 24,

2013. In December 2012, another knocked when a vacant school building in

Bulacan was discovered.

After a series of negotiations, it has family become Bestlink’s property

on January 10, 2013. Not long after, on March 13, 2013 Bestlink took over

and occupied the said building. Its Business Permit was granted on March

22, 2013. The Inauguration which signaled the start of a new beginning for

BestlinkBulacan was held on August 7, 2013 and was attented by the

following. Local government officialsHeaded by Bulacan City Mayor Hon.

Reynaldo San Pedro; distinguished guest namely: Dr. Virginia Akiate,

Director IV-CHED Region III and Mrs. Luz Victoria G. Amponin, TESDA

Provincial Director; BCPAdministrative officers; faculty and staff; students

and their respective parents. Classes started on August 12, 2013 with 841

students taking up TESDA courses.

Now that the school has gained more success through the

collaborative participation of

The administration faculty, staff, studentry, parents, and the

community as well, Bestlink has desire to Excel in the cause of taking

functional and leadership in the tertiary level.

BCP Logo

In BCP the circles and traversing quarter circles portray its focal

campaign and services for global education in fields of education,

information technology, criminology, entrepreneurship and hospitality.

Its skills-oriented and research-based education is capable of transferring

competencies that can enable its graduates to contend and be progressively

sufficient in the world’s arena of work.

BCP’s academic offerings target the less fortunate, marginalized,

and sometimes, unrepresented segments of human society, for them to

have equal access to opportunities, just like their more affluent main culprit

for the delay or deprivation in the acquisition of education for the poor and

Its portals are wide open to those in need of learning, regardless of

rece, age, creed, economic standing and the like

BCP advocates threefold core values: “Fides”, Faith; “Ratio”,

Reason; “Pas” Peace

Company Profile

BCP Philosophy

“Fides” represents BCP’s endeavors for expansion, development,

and growth amidst the Challenges of the new millennium. It is moving

forward and lifting its fate to the hands of God, forWithout His Guidance,

BCP cannot do and deliver affordable education and multiply God’s grace

especially to the less fortunate youth of the land.

“Ratio” symbolizes BCP’s efforts to provide an education which

can be man’s tool to beLiberated from all forms of ignorance and poverty.

Hence, all its academic offering are relevant tools to

Empower man to ably use his reason, intellect and will to confront life’s


“Pax” BCP is a forerunner in the promotion of a harmonious

relationship between the Different sectors of its academic community. From

the administration, to its work force, and studentsPeace resides in them as

depicted by the dove with the laurel of growth and progress clenched in its

Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives (VMGO)

A. Vision

Bestlink College of the Philippines is committed to provide and

promote quality education,with a unique, modern and research-based

curriculum with delivery system geared towards Excellence

B. Mission

To produce self-motivated and self-directed individuals who aim for

academic excellence, God fearing, peaceful, healthy, productive and

successful citizens.

C. Goals

BCP puts God in the center of all its efforts to realize and

operationalize its vision and mission. To facilitate complementary knowledge

demanded by the global community. Use the expertise of qualified faculty

within the different fields of specialization relevant with the different program

offering of BCP.

Provide the use of sufficient and modern instruction materials,

updated and safe facilities with technologically advanced equipment

gadgets tools and others. Facilitate the needed exposure of learners related

to their course requirements through significant linkages and networks.

Incorporate values-laden topic and lessons in all learning opportunities

necessary to produce humane learned graduates.

Company Organizational Structure

Figure 1.1 Organizational Chart

This figure shows the whole organizational chart of Bestlink

College of the Philippines

Human Resource Department Organizational Chart


Vice President for Admin &

Finance/ Acting HR Manager


Assistant to the Vice President

Admin and Finance on HR


Figure1.2 Human Resource Department Organizational Chart

This figure shows the Organizational Chart of Human Resource

Department of Bestlink College of the Philippines



Bestlink College of the Philippines employs two general categories

of employees. They are the teaching and non-teaching employees. All

hired Teaching and Non-teaching employees, regardless of status of

employment shall have specific qualifications that are accountable to the

Office of the President (OP) and Executive Vice President (EVP) and

individually, to the designated head of the department or office he/she is


The Company have 379 overall employees teaching and Non-

Teaching (Staff) In Teaching Employee, 239 contractual, Four (4) regular

employees and Nine (9) are under regularization. The Four (4) regular

employees are Canilio, Jomel of HRM, Pineda of IT, and Dela Cruz of


In Non-Teaching (Staff), has contractual and 59 Regular


Dean of Collegiate Program

 Has either a Ph.D or Ed.D degree in the area of specialization of

the college he/she heads;

 Has a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience in tertiary


 With at least 5 years administrative experience in academe;

 Excellent result-oriented.

Department Program Head

This is a hired professional who performs both instructional task and

other supervisory tasks related to their academic expertise and


 A holder of either a Ph.D or Ed.D in the area of the department

he/she heads;

 Has instructional experience of at least 5 years or more;

 Has leadership potential.

Faculty Member

 Faculty member includes all hired teaching professionals basically

entrusted with instructional task;

 They may also be given additional tasks in the area of research

and/or other academic related functions;

 Must be a holder of either Ph.D, Ed.D or master’s degree,

whichever is higher in the area that he/she teaches;

 Is a let passer or other licensure exam of the government;

 With TESDA trainer certificate


 Has a degree or should be a graduate of courses related to the

specialization he/she assigned with;

 Computer literate;

 Very good skills in both oral/written communication;

 Can work with the least supervision;

 Team player.

These are the LIST OF COMPETITORS.These are Access

Computer College, Our Lady of Fatima, STI College, Metro Manila

College, and ColegioDe Sta. Theresa De Avila.

First, is the Access Computer College that the offers

P14, 000 to P40, 000 tuition fee per year? Just like the BCP, Access

Computer College also operates within the same area in Novaliches

Quezon City and was established since the year of 1981.The courses



Access cost their tuition fee 7k to 20 per semester, and 14 to 40k per


Next school, was Our Lady Of Fatima University, OLFU

Located at Lagro Hilltop, Regalado avenue and Valenzuela City, OLFU

offered a courses Suchas BSED, BS-NURSING, BSCRIM, PHARMACY,

ACCOUNTANCY, COMSCIE, Etc. OLFU cost their tuition 22 to 30k per

sem and 40 to 44k per year.

Next school was, STI College Located the also in the

Quezon City, one is in the Regalado Avenue, and the other was in

Novaliches Quezon City, STI College founded in 1983 by entrepreneur.

STI Offered a courses such as BSACCOUNTING TECHNOLOGY,


tuition 38k to 50k per year

Next school was, Metro Manila College (MMC) Located

at Jordan plains, Novaliches Quezon City. MMC offered a cources the

same the others school, such as BSCRIMINOLOGY, BSEDUCATION,

and BSMANAGEMENT. Etc. MMC cost their tuition fee 20 to 25k per


Last school was, Colegio De sta. Theresa De Avila,

St. Theresa located At Zabarte Road Novaliches

Quezon City. Tthey offered a courses like in Acces

Computer College and Tesda Courses such as HRS

BARTENDING. St. Theresa cost their tution fee range at 15k to 20k per

Industry Forecast

Having an education is one of the best things on you, as a young

person, can do for yourself to make certain you lead a better, more

rewarding, fulfilling and prosperous life. An educated person is someone

who perceives accurately, thinks clearly, and acts effectively on self-

selected goals.

Bestlink College of the Philippines aims to provide quality

education to every student especially to those who belong in marginalized

families who cannot afford to send and sustain them in college. In that

case BCP initiate by subsidizing students tuition through the

TawagngPanginoon Foundation, Inc. This foundation is founded by the

owner and president of the school. It is committed to support the less

fortunate youth by providing scholarship programs. Currently, the school

has approximately 23,000 enrollees, all of whom are scholars of the said

foundation, paying only the miscellaneous fees nonetheless senior high

school are not included because they were been paid by the government


Government ordered all college and universities all throughout the

whole country to establish the K-12 education. The Philippines is

undergoing a major overhaul to bring it in line with education systems

worldwide, starting with the K-12 sector. This change to domestic

education policy has far-reaching consequences and is important for

international educational institutions to consider when looking for potential

new student recruitment markets. The goal of the new curriculum is to

give Filipino students enough time to master skills and concepts so that

they become ready for tertiary education when the time comes.

Bestlink College of the Philippines strives to provide an education

which can be man’s tool to be liberated from all forms of ignorance and

poverty. Hence, all its academic offerings including K-12 are relevant

tools to empower man to ably use his reason, intellect, and will to confront

life’s challenges. Although the school requires only minimal fees, it still

meets and provides adequate facilities and services not to mention the

competent and qualified instructors eagerly and enthusiastically extending

and sharing their help for the welfare of the student. That is why even

parents promote the school by telling to others the benefits and privileges

besides of being cheap and low cost budgeting for them to continuing

their child going to school.

Regarding to BCP’s K-12 program, there is no top-up and still

giving full of freebies like free bag, academic uniform, P.E. uniform,

washday shirt, books and educational tours.

The school anticipates becoming more successful after 25 years

because of their marketing strategy by giving charitable or low cost

expenses to the people who seeks education


25000 23,324

20000 18,270
15000 14,000

10000 8,580
150 350 500

Figure 1.4 Bar Graph Populations of Students

This figure shows the graph of population of students in Bestlink

College of the Philippines

From this graph from the year 2005-2006 the school has only 150

students it keeps growing till the year 2015-2016 but because of the tragedy

of Tanay, it affects the number of the enrollees for 2017-2018.

In the Philippines, According to the Philippine statistic authority,

In year 2009 the Enrollment rate in the Tertiary level went up to 2,770,965
from 2,625,385 in the previous year 2009 caused Global financial crisis

that obviously effected the enrollment in the private Higher Education

Institutions. And from 2010 up to 2013 the growth of enrollment continued

to increase and it went up to 3,563,396 enrollees. Business

Administration, Trainings and Education Sciences, Engineering and

Technology, information Technology R elated discipline were the fields

that brought large quantities of enrollees, especially because of the

booming economic growth of the Philippines in year 2013 and 2014 that

helps the rate growth even bigger.

In this evidence our county’s enrollment gets bigger and bigger,

even our school benefit to the growth of the enrollment number in the

Philippines. This will eventually benefit the school for the incoming

enrollees from the senior high and college freshmen. The increase of the

new enrollees gives the bigger opportunities of the school, and must the

school provide the new building for the incoming students they start to

widen in the school.