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Good morning to my respected teachers and dear friends. I would like to speech on the Global Warming at this occasion.
Global warming is a continuously increasing environmental issue all over the world. There is no any single country
responsible for its causes, all the countries worldwide are responsible for its ever increasing. Actually global warming is a
global increase in the temperature of the earth because of our some daily activities. Our various activities heats up the earth
which ultimately rises its temperature. Rise in temperature takes place when greenhouse gases (such a carbon dioxide, water
vapours, nitrous oxide, methane, etc) trap heat and light from our surroundings and sun. Ultimately, rise in temperature
hurts the lives of human beings, animals, and plants. There are many reasons for the increasing global warming however
some of the primary and main causes are considered because of the Green House Effect.

Green house effect is caused by the green house gases carbon dioxide, chloro-fluoro carbon, methane, nitrous oxides, etc
gases. Such green houses gases are generated by our daily activities and get collected in to the atmosphere and form a cover
around the Earth which again absorbs hot sun rays and make this earth a burning earth. The absorbed heat remains in the
lower circle of biosphere and enhances the temperature level. According to the statistics it has been estimated that by 2050
the rise in temperature of earth would be about 4° to 5°C. In last five centuries, it has raised by about 1°C however half of
this warming is raised only during twentieth century. So, the global warming is at peak and alarms us regularly with its bad
It is affecting almost all parts of the world and causing sea level to rise, glaciers to melt and many more which covers all the
low land islands. It is destroying huge forests, killing algae, acid rain, etc. Acid rain is very dangerous which may destroy
anything in touch. Global warming causes natural fires which may wipe out whole forests. Continuous rise in the earth
temperature affects agricultural crops, forests, marine life and life growth on the earth. It cannot be solved by the effort of
only one country, it needs global effort of all countries to reduces its effects and completely eliminate it.

Thank You