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ENGL 5010 Introduction to Graduate Study: TESL

Due: Article Summary #1: September 18th (week 6)

Article Summary #2: October 9th (week 9)
Each is worth 5% of your grade (total of 10%)

Summary/Reports on Articles- Criteria for Article Selection

The articles reviewed for this assignment must report the results of someone's research in an area
of your choice related to your research interests (your problem or potential research questions).
The research should have been carried out by the author(s). The article must be directed at a
scholarly audience.

Your review must be on an article reporting structured research, that is, one with variables,
statistical analyses, relationships among variables, etc. Check with me if you have any doubts
about your topic (But remember you need research articles; not all articles in the field are
research articles).

Organizing your paper-

I. Introduction (~1/2 a page)
A. Provide the name and title of the work being discussed
B. Present the author's thesis
C. Preview your content for the rest of the paper
II. Short summary of the article that you read (~1/2 a page)
A. Please be as comprehensive as possible but focus on the elements you plan to discuss in
your argument
III. Your Connection (1 pages)
A. Your connection will probably have many points or sub-thesis as you connect the
research to your idea (potential research or design problem). This is fine just make sure they are
as defined and different as possible.
B. This should be the bulk of your paper; the connection is most important not the summary.
IV. Conclusion (~1-2 paragraphs)
A. Reflect on connection and summarize paper
B. Point out how your ideas are important

The Basics-
I am looking for a 2-page paper. So, your summary will have to be short. As stated in the
outline the bulk should be your connection. You will use the article and the materials in the
book to make your connection as well as some of your own experience as a teacher.

Include a works cited page for any materials that you use. This should be APA formatted.
Name: _____________________ ENGL 5010: Introduction to Graduate Study: TESL
Summary/Reports on articles

Excellent Good Satisfactory Weak Failing/

10 8 7 6 Not done
Criteria 0

Title and author of article are clearly

stated in first sentence. Thesis of the
article is clearly & concisely stated at
Summary section is brief. Selected
information is important. Summary is
complete, accurate, objective, and free
from plagiarism.
Introduction of evaluation section ends
with a well-written thesis.
Each paragraph contains a specific
thesis and specific, concrete, relevant
evidence supports the thesis.
Tone is tactful, respectful, and
academic. Whole essay is well
organized, flows well.
Conclusion is clear and connects to the
article and text.
Grammar and Punctuation are used
The Works Cited entry is accurate and
complete and the Works Cited page is
formatted correctly.

Additional Comments: