11-14 Years (Key Stage 3


Quest 1: Global Impacts of Deforestation
Focus: Objective: Global Impacts of Deforestation To produce a drama presentation lasting up to 30 minutes, which can be performed in local feeder primary schools > Rainforest Sounds – listen to the rainforest sounds from the Free Resources/Rainforest Multimedia area, to help your class get into the zone > Useful Videos – also under Free Resources/Rainforest Multimedia > Visit Bruce Parry's BBC website for inspiration at http://www.bbc.co.uk/amazon/


Product Success Criteria: The presentation will address and highlight the following crucial issues:
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Habitat loss and its impact on biodiversity The global impact of deforestation The demand driving rainforest destruction: soya, palm oil, timber, beef etc What are the alternatives to deforestation? How do we make the trees worth more alive than dead? Look at, for example, eco tourism, selling sustainable forest products, the carbon market etc The presentation should be suitable for an audience of 7-11 year olds It should stimulate questions from the audience

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Students working as class or year group A drama club project A student led voluntary and vertically age grouped project

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Take the presentation to a wider audience Adapt material for older or younger audiences Film the performance Write a critique and improve the production

Teacher's Notes: Some useful websites: Drivers - http://www.rainforestsos.org/pages/drivers-of-deforestation Carbon - http://www.defra.gov.uk/Environment/climatechange/trading/index.htm (emissions trading) - http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/the-big-question-what-is-carbon-trading-and-can-it-save-theworld-from-global-warming-410190.html Biodiversity loss - http://www.rainforestsos.org/pages/other-ecosystem-services

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