14-16 Years (Key Stage 4


Quest 2: A Green Profile: corporate social responsibility
Focus: A green profile: corporate social responsibility To produce and agree on part of a re-branding marketing strategy, as a board of directors, for the supermarket’s latest Green for Our Children’s Futures initiative. For example, marketing a new brand (the green range) or changing the company’s marketing strategy and supply chain management to make it more sustainable and marketing that initiative.


Product Success Criteria:
  

The board will agree a logo to support the initiative. See the Fairtrade Foundation for an example. It will produce a poster for worldwide distribution encapsulating the new profile It will issue a press release outlining: 1. The reasons for the initiative 2. The impact on its range of products and their sources 3. Pricing implications 4. The expected impact of the initiative

Organisation: This Quest lends itself to students working in groups of not less than eight. Roles to be agreed could include: chief executive officer, marketing director, finance director, sales director, public relations director, advertising agency, education adviser (links to schools), market researcher, creative director and buyer/range selector Research could include:
  

Contacting supermarkets to investigate their CSR programme or green profile Interviews with supermarket managers Interviews with the public as part of market research

  

In role play produce a response by a major rival chain to this initiative Role play an interview for Radio 4’s Today programme Contrast this with a similar interview on The One Show

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