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Get Your Swagger back!
ARE YOU RELEVANT for today’s Buyers and Sellers?

Swagger: is Kiss my Ass, Not I'm better than you in anyway...

To get your swagger back?

1. Are you aware of your impact on people! How do you impact people?
We all INSPIRE! Do you compel people to act… or to RETRACT!
2. To get disgusted with the way it is! To get in gear... get disgusted with the way
you've been!
2. Think about something that you are really GOOD at... that you SHINE in...
when you think about it... you're in your element... and swagger show's up!
3. Give up... all of your attachments... when you're overly attached... you dont
have swagger. The only thing that matters... is the people you love... and to feed
them VS. if you lost the people you love... and had everything... it would be
meaningless... right?
4. Give up ALL attachments to what people are going to say, think or do... the
moment you BUY INTO others opinions, you've lost your swagger!
5. Madonna, with a T-shirt "Kiss my ass T-shirt" that's swagger! Kiss my ass! I
have earned the ground to be who I am, charge what I charge
6. Listen to GREAT music... it pump's your swagger! Alice Cooper, "Let the
show begin" This is my audience and I love them, I feel so strong! Make your
swagger CD, so it rev's you up, like an airplanes engines...
7. You gotta love the people, love yourself, it's a love affair... that's swagger!
8. Swagger, is being outside of your circumstances
9. Swagger is about trusting your gut and taking risks! The way it is with Risk...
why is it risky? Because you're unsure... so swagger is willing to be scared... and
do it anyway! It's belief in yourself! It's knowing you can kick ass... in the face of
10. Swagger is a willingness to speak the truth... to say NO to client, to say I
love you... and mean it...
11. Swagger is the ZONE...
12. People that are winging it... don’t have swagger... that's false bravodo...
people with swagger know who they are, they know why there... they've done
their home work....
13. Swagger requires pushing yourself... having a high level of integrity...
14. Swagger... is in your body language... how do you stand, walk and move...
(stand up and do your swagger walk!) Shake someone's hand with swagger!
15. Swagger... is how you dress... what do you feel BULLIT proof in? In today’s
market, you gotta dress in a superman, superwoman outfit everyday... because it
impacts HOW you FEEL! Throw away all NON swagger clothing (stuffy of
female exec - 6 outfits in a month, everyone acknowledged her performance, no
one said, Hey is that they same outfit?

“Where My Sales At?” - 14 back to basic to

Break Thru strategies for attracting your
next sale!
Most Companies will tell you that between January 2010 and July 1st… we
experienced a record # of transactions…

Now we find ourselves for the 1st time in 10+ years with zero stimulus...

So.. it’s our job to CREATE the market… the following is a series of ideas and
strategies based on conversations with hundreds of great agents we work with!

1. Investors: Deal of the month campaign! What do we know… 25% of

the transactions being done are all-cash, Investors, here and abroad, see
the US as a “deal”.
2. Investors:
3. Low end Expireds! Priced to sell!
4. Massive price reduction campaign!
5. Call ALL of your old leads from the last 2 years…
6. Only hold open houses in a price ranges that are moving!

Selling Skills for Tougher Times!
“Selling is the highest paid profession is the world! Whether your selling a home,
a service or an idea… your ability to influence is in direct correlation to your


Here’s the problem… today the average consumer receives more than 61,000
sales messages a day! And with the shift in the economy the last 4 years… The
buying public is fearful to act, worried about making the wrong decision,
concerned about future prices, skeptical because of the market and the media,
penny pinching is the new norm, everyone wants a deal, their unattached and
walking away from homes and pended sales at an alarming rate and by the way,
their mostly un-loyal… Did I miss anything? J

Okay… So that’s your prospect. Now, sell them! Good luck, right?

It’s our opportunity to Break thru the public’s trance… it’s your job to break down
the sales barriers… penetrate their armor, get connected, make and close the
sales and build relationships for life!
So here’s the question… do you have the skills to (name of talk)?

Here’s our outcomes:

1. Learn Tactical approaches to build rapport and cement relationships that

2. Learn the 5 most important skills sets to become the kind of influencer that
can make the sale and close it…

You ready?

Selling starts with… Selling yourself first. If you were given a 60 second
commercial to be played during the Superbowl… or world cup… What would you

Write a 60 second commercial, selling yourself. (120 words max)

Now… Share…

How to critique your commercial/ability to sell yourself…

1. Did you start with a problem your prospect has? A reason to create
interest or to cause the prospect to say “he/she’s talking to me”
The public asks 3 questions… while your presenting…
a. So what?
b. What’s in it for me?
c. Can you prove it?
2. Did you offer your solution? Or benefits you offer? (can you prove it?)
3. Since the ONLY reason to do this is to ask for the order… was there a call
to action? Did you close?
4. How many times did you use the word “I”?
a. Here’s the reality… the buyer doesn’t care about you! So by
continually saying “I” your drawing attention to yourself.
b. Who does the prospect care MOST about? They’re concerned
about their needs, their pocketbook, their career, their family…
THEM, THEM, THEM! Not you!

Another common mistake is using the phrase… “I Think” AVOID IT! When a
prospect asks you “what do you think?” DON’T…

Tell them what you KNOW… Professionals... don’t think… they KNOW!

“Do You think they’ll take $350,000 for the house?” I know they’ll take full price.
Where would you like to begin negotiations?

Speaking of words… Yale University did a study on the 12 most persuasive

words… they are…
1. You
2. Money
3. Save
4. New
5. Results
6. Easy
7. Health
8. Safety
9. Love
10. Discovery
11. Proven
12. Guarantee

And proctor and Gamble who spends billions of marketing added…

13. Free
14. Sex

Notice the word… I wasn’t on there?

Consumers are tired of “We’re #1”… and other statements of Hype…

Who really believes…

“You’ll get rich… “ “we’re the biggest in town”… “We’re #1” Now I know a lot of
advertisers use this… but seriously, do we really believe it?

We want facts, proof, expert opinion, testimonials, statements of fact, #’s that can
be proven… these are weapons of influence… to penetrate the buyers sales

Sell 3 times faster.

Sell for 2% more than our competition
Save you an average of 1%
4,500 people visit our listings weekly on line
21 people listed and sold with us after another agent failed
14 closed short sales in 12 months

1. What language do you use when you meet a buyer you want to
work with?

2. What language do you use when you meet a seller you want to
work with?

3. Investor?

4. Asset Manager?

DON’T say anything YOU can’t Prove! It’s the Law of Credibility!

Let’s review the steps of the sales process…

1. Purpose (why I’m here – what I do for you)

2. Probing – Finding the problem
3. Listening – To make sure you sell the right thing
4. Problem/Solution – Solve the prospects problem
5. Support – their decision to act (statements of fact/testimonials) OR…
6. Isolate – Handle objections
7. Close

So here it is in a nut shell…

Don’t Talk – Listen.

Don’t Tell – Ask
Don’t Sell – Solve
Don’t Pitch – Probe
Don’t Leave – CLOSE!

On Facebook 6 weeks ago.. I asked everyone, “Tell me 4 to 6 things that drive

you nuts about the business?” 189 responses later. Half of them commented on
frustration with Buyers… so lets Focus here…

A Buyer Hook… to earn the opportunity to work with them…

1. Buying the right home, can be very challenging these days, how’s it
working for you?
2. Most agents don’t have a plan for buyers… they just show them homes…
and it’s frustrating…
3. We have a proven 5 point strategy to assist you in identifying the Right
Home, in the right location, for the right terms… and at the right price… is
this something you’d be interested in hearing more about?

A Buyer Probing questionnaire… To Go Deep!

1. J Tell me about yourselves? (Probe)

2. What are some of the reasons for making the move? (Probe)
3. How long have you been looking now? (Probe)
4. How’s it going so far? (Probe)
5. Tell me… what hasn’t worked for you… in the home buying process?
6. Have you seen anything you really like? Or written offers on? (Probe)
7. Tell me about the… ideal… new home? (Probe)
8. And, what’s important to you about the location/community you live in?
a. Isolate: How will you know when you’ve found the right (x)?
9. What’s most important to you in buying a new home? (Probe)
10. And how is that important to you? (Probe)
11. And how about the agent you choose to represent you? (Probe)
12. What’s your timing… how soon would you like to be in the new home?
13. What’s your plan “B”… in case this doesn’t work out?
14. What price range are you looking in? (Probe)
15. Have you met with a lender? What have they told you? (Probe)
16. Is there anyone else involved in the home buying process? (Probe)
17. I’ve asked you so many questions… do you have any questions you’d like
to ask?

From FEAR to Phone Mastery!

What Stops you from getting on the Phone… stops you everywhere!
In my first 3 years in sales, I prospected and presented over the phone 8 to 10
hours a day… 6,480 hours of telephoning… 22,000 contacts, presentations and

During that time… I made every mistake… when I became the sales manager… I
had to transfer my talents to 20 others… and that’s where I learned… what
causes most people to fail over the phone… and like most success principles…
the solutions are EASY to DO… just EASIER not To DO.

What creates call avoidence?

So I want to spend a few minutes and talk to you about why people have call
reluctance and of course… what you can do about it!

Again my focus is to assist each of you in moving from any fears you may be
experiencing… to phone and communication mastery…

So, why are we afraid? There’s really only three reasons…

Number 1… like we’ve discussed… we don’t know what to say… number two…
is somehow we’ve created a negative association to the telephone… to
prospecting… even asking for business… remember on the CD when I talked
about the monkey story?

It’s a perfect example of how MOST sales people get that negative association…
and lastly number three… is our psychology… which is made up of three
elements… the way you move your body… what you put your focus on… and
your self talk… what you say to yourself…

So lets go thru them one at a time… and remember… the warm up CD is there
for you to listen to as often as you like… to continually re in force the new
behaviors you desire…

Not knowing what to say is one of the easiest to eliminate… and you’ve already
started with your course leader and group… and that’s of course… practicing
rehearsing and memorizing the dialogues… to do this… you simply read the
dialogues out loud… 5 to 10 times fast… until the words just flow…second… you
rehearse them… or role play out loud with a buddy… which naturally leads to
number 3… which is memorization…

Why is this important to memorize or internalize? Well, youll sound like you… vs
a R.O.B.O.T. and that’s important… and secondly because of the study done
back in the 70’s that broke down how we intrept others communications… they
said only 7% are the words we use… interesting hugh? 38% is your tonality… or
how the words sound… you know… HI (angry face) is different from HI (smiley)
… right? And 55% is our body language or the way we move our body…
So to be a great communicator… never be thinking about what to say…
instead… practice your dialogues… make sure they sound authentic… and make
sure your body is sending the same message… and you’re going to win!

It’s that easy…

The second one is our associations… do you remember pavlov’s dog… he would
wait till they got hungry… and before he feed them… he’d ring the bell… over
and over and over… until all he had to do was… ring the bell and the dogs began
to salivate… ready for a meal…

Now I’m not calling you a dog… J but rest assured… you’ve probably built up so
negative associations over the years to the phone… so to start to break free…
we need a new association… we need to begin to see, experience and FEEL
GOOD about what we want… and the phone… I always used the hundreds of
dollars flying out of the phone… that visual…. Imagine… I pick up the phone and
hundreds of bills begin to fly out the phone… sound silly?

Well guess what… just like the bell… when you do it over and over again…
guess what… I look at a phone… and I get hungry! J No… I want to smile and

And you can do the same… maybe this week… come up with some fun things
you all can do as a group to change your associations…maybe it’s music… the
money visual… what ever you like… we must change our associations to win the

And lastly number three… the fun one… our psychology!

Think about it this way… Fear of the phones… or call avoidance… is something
you have to… DO… and it’s made up of those three elements… to do fear of the
phones.. you have… number one… put your body in a state of FEAR, ANXIETY
or Worry!

Show them!

Do you get it…. Your body’s DOING FEAR…

Secondly… you have to focus on fear… the fear of rejection… the fear of loss…
the fear of NOT looking good… and more… BUT… whose DOING this? Who’s
Focused on the fear?

Third… you must BACK up your fears with some supportive language… words
that will support the fears…

Things like “They don’t want me to call”… or “I don’t like to be called”… “My
clients are to busy or too high end… or what ever else you say to yourself to
support your focus…

Now… who’s saying these things? Who’s reinforcing this?

I think you get it… don’t you?

YOU… DO… FEAR… Right? YOU … DO… Fear… with your body, your focus
and your self talk… so know wonder someone would get paralyzed… Right?

Let’s shift… lets MOVE from fear to phone and communication Mastery…

All you have to do… ONE… Move your body in a powerful way…

Put a super man cape on… shoulders back.. smile on face… say YES! Two…
ask yourself a better question to shift your focus… questions like… What do I
LOVE about making calls?... or… What will I do with all the money I’m going to
make with these calls?

Answer these questions… and it’ll be hard not to smile and dial!

Third… control your language with some powerful affirmations… I do them as I’m
getting ready to get on the phone… you can say things like…

I am Focused… I am powerful… I am ready to serve my clients… people love to

do business with me… I am a lean mean appointment setting machine! YES!

And just like that… your psychology is changed to that of an appointment setting

The Tale of Two – Marketing Strategies!

There are 2 kinds of agents today… NAR says, between 2000 and 2007 –
1,200,000 agents joined real estate and 87% came into the business with little to
ZERO sales and Marketing experience.

How important is selling skills in our biz?

How about marketing?

So my question is… do you know the (7) most common marketing MISTAKES
agents make?

1. They shoot from the hip... under pressure vs… CREATING an outcome
for the campaign or piece!
2. They don’t think through WHO they are looking to attract… and WHY this
message is relevant to them?

Show Me The Money – 3 Ways to Wealth!

There are a few legal ways to get rich quick. Your chance of finding one is
approximately 2,000,000… to one…

Now the bright side. Getting rich slowly is FUN, too, yielding thousands of little
adventures the way! I know the HOT pursuit of the all mighty dollar is the way of
the world today… and the fantasy of get rich is everywhere… but really… aren’t
we better off… metaphorically speaking… hitting singles… vs waiting for the
home run?

There are three ways to EARN Exceptional Money!

1. Too work in a place where nobody wants to be. (Kirk, in Melboring, Fl)
2. To perform work nobody else wants to do. (short sales,
3. To perform work nobody else can do. (taking 6% listings and working to
double end everyone of them!)

So which do you prefer?

Consider, you have the greatest cash flowing business opportunity available. If
you’re not earning the wealth you really want… it’s only for one of three reasons.

1. You’ve never made it a MUST! You’ve had moments (days, weeks and
months) of Focus… but not years!
2. You have unresolved issues with your past regarding money… a self-
imposed ceiling. A story about what happens to people that make too
much. Or why women like you, men like you, who were born with parents
like yours in neighborhoods like yours… never become multi
millionaires… that shit’s for Oprah! Not Me. What’s your OLD story,
addiction to the past about MONEY?
3. You’ve never been on a wealth creation plan… you never fully committed
to a plan,

Tom Ferry’s Wealth Creation Plan

1. Build a 5 year plan:
2. What does it look like, smell like, taste like, travel like, FEEEEL like, 5
years from now? How would your lifestyle be different with a $5,000,000
net worth ($500,000 cash, $1,000,000 in the market and $3,500,000 in
real estate) Who would you BE… when you’re there? Create a vision
3. Decide Asset allocations:
i.Real Estate holdings:
1. Personal
2. Residential rentals
3. Other
ii.The market:
1. Stocks
2. Bonds
3. Money market
4. Pension/IRA’s/retirement
5. Other
4. Decide on a 12 month plan… Don’t look for Home Runs! Hit lots of
singles! Pay off debts, get your credit cleaned up and your borrowing
power established (banks or investors) buy a fix and flip, set a target for
how much cash you want in an account… and measure that performance,
track it, make it a game!
5. Stack the PLEASURE and the PAIN! 20 reasons WHY it’s a MUST. 20
consequences for being a Candy Ass!
6. Reality Check!
a. Cost to operate today?
b. Outside Income?
c. Avg Commission Check?
d. # of closings to cover my business, life style and taxes?
e. Debts (bad) owed? (add 30% for taxes)
f. # of transactions to pay it off? (12 months? 18, 24?)
7. Get Visual! Put the #’s up and visual and get the family involved!

Day 3
The Short Sale Tsunami
So the market is the market… WHY NOT dominate it?

Who’s short selling?

• Your Past Clients and their friends
• Your Sphere and their friends
• Your Geographic Farms

What would it take to create a GREAT Short sale System?

1. Knowledge – get certified.
2. Delegate the negotiations/closing to a pro and pay them!

Stop Managing Your Time… Start Living By

What will stop you? 4 addictions:

What to so about it?

7 things to give up… on your quest for living By Design…

1. An attitude of “either or”… choose “Both”!

2. Get comfortable telling people “no” that are gobbling up your time and
energy! Say it enough times, they’ll get the point!
3. Play the perfect game… say “YES” and start EXPERIENCING more…
4. Stop saying “I have no time…” you just aren’t saying “no” enough and
prioritizing your “Yeses”
5. Give up this self-induced, “I’m soo busy… hustle”… and choose “flow”…
and … “swagger”… take your time. Do it right, make people feel super