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Higher-level comprehension 1:02pm

Higher level reading skills
• influence of CCSS
• bands of text complexity
1. What happens in books that are n,o,p,q?
• where do the bulk of my kids fall?
• look deeply at our units of study.
• if kids fall above what your UOS
studies, then up the ante
• conferences
• methods to improve retelling
• retelling should match complexity of book
• informal reading clubs right away and not
waiting till Feb.
•reading partners

Common Core State Standards

• key ideas and details
• crafts and structure
• integrating across texts
• text complexity
My Title 1:09pm

Key ideas and details

• events
• character
• settting Details
• theme/moral/message Development

Craft and structure

• multiple perspectives
Figurative Lang
• literary devices
• fiction and NF, not just poetry!
• logic

Integrating across texts

• Author
• series
• theme
• craft

Text complexity
• levels/band
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CCS say we want our students to read AND think!

• can't just be plot junkies
• miss the impact of the book
• at higher levels they are just consuming, not reading
• may as well turn on tv

• what do we focus on in conferences now?

•accuracy, retelling, inferring (about characters)
• we have them retelling too much bc we haven't read
the book
• reconsider why we have them retelling
• what way would we retell
• assume I have read the book, so don't tell me what
the book is about, I know that, I want to know about your
• this is not hard for them anymore

• what should we focus on?

• Synthesizing
• craft and structure
• relating across texts
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What we should be thinking of

when we start to conference
Integrate across
My Title 1:24pm

Retelling- taking it to the next level

• kids are trained to excruciating detail

• small group lesson

• how to prepare for book club, partner work, conferences
• move from talking about my book to talking about my
thinking about the book

• Types of retelling
1. Sequential-pays off in complex texts, confusing texts,
multiple perspectives (example, Franzen's Freedom). What
do you think happened?
2. Accumulating retelling- what is happening now, and what
led up to this. Combines retell and analysis/thinking
3. What the story is starting to be about.....(eg when Katniss
takes Prim's place, saves Peeta, saves Peeta again. I feel
like this book is starting to be about love and what it means
to love someone.) Then move to I used to think......but now I
4. Favorite, important, or connected parts and what the
author does in those parts to get my attention. (life)
My Title 1:35pm

Inquiry clubs and social groups

• series
• author (start with picture books).
• themes
• character
• craft
• change
• literary tradition/genre
• HG didn't come from nowhere....look at the books that
came first
• ladders, definitely! Way to intro canon lit
• fiction/NF
My Title 1:39pm

• character traits • traits vs emotions
• how prob goes • changing emotions
• strong emotion/causes and causes
• • parts of prob
• •

• complications/multiple •
persp emotions • UVW
• getting to know char • character resp to trouble
• kind of place • infer ahead of char
• multiple probes
• what's not solved
Do this with the. Read aloud!
Have diff kids focus on diff things