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Daily Lesson Plan

Teacher’s name: Paulo Alexandre Luís Abrantes
Grade: 3rd Level: 1
Lesson no.
Unit plan:

AIMS: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

 Identify 8 Christmas words (Santa; Rudolph; sleigh; presents; Christmas
tree; Christmas pudding; decorations; roast turkey);
 Sing a Christmas carol “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” (adapted)
 Elicit the different missing flashcards

Anticipated Problems:
Students may have difficulties in:
 Understanding all the vocabulary of the listening activity.

Solution: The teacher will provide explanation with flashcards.

Procedure of the Lesson: Time Social Skills

Warm up

 The teacher welcomes and greets the

students and sings the Hello Song.
 The teacher shows a flashcard picture
of Father Christmas and asks the
10m •
students: “Who is this?”
 After the students have answered, the
• • •
teacher explains that today and in the
• •
next 2 classes they will have a Christmas
Lesson. He puts on a Christmas carol
background music to create a
Christmas atmosphere.
(link- What a great Christmas atmosphere,
let’s take advantage of it and learn some
Christmas related words)

 The teacher holds up 8 flashcards and
holds them up one by one as he teaches
new vocabulary: Santa; Rudolph;
sleigh; presents; Christmas tree;
Christmas pudding; decorations; roast
turkey) and repeats 3x each flashcard 20 •
and the students repeat in chorus along Speaking
with the teacher. • • •
(link – now that you know some • •
Christmas words, lets use them to sing
a Christmas song)

 Before playing the song, the teacher
lines up the flashcards on the board.
Then plays the song once for all the • listening
students to be involved in the music. 15
The teacher then plays the song “We • • •
wish you a Merry Christmas”(adapted), • •
sings it and touches each flashcard as
the word is sung to show everyone how
the song goes. The song is repeated
several times as the students learn it.
Meanwhile, the lyrics of the song will
appear in in the interactive board.
(link- Now that you’ve learnt a new
song, let’s see if you have learnt the
vocabulary correctly playing a game)

Post-listening 15 • • •
 The teacher plays the missing flashcard • •
game: The teacher tells the students to
close their eyes. He takes away a
flashcard and tells the students to open
their eyes again. Then the teacher asks
“Which picture is missing?”. Students
have to shout out the missing
flashcard. The game is over after
several rounds.


 Interactive board/Computer
 Hello song Lyrics
 Flashcards: Santa, Rudolph, sleigh, presents, Christmas tree, decorations,
roast turkey, Christmas pudding
 Song lyrics on a ppt presentation “We wish you a Merry Christmas”
 Cd player to play Christmas background music.

Summary: Listening and singing the Christmas carol “We Wish You a Merry