Special Feature—Winter 2010

A call to action

In 2009, twenty-six young people met for the inaugural New England YOUth LEADing Australia Congress for training and leadership development, raising awareness about the importance, need and opportunities in the shift to sustainability. This special feature shows how the delegates created action plans which identified strategies to Ꮻ reduce personal environmental footprints;

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Delegates of the 2009 congress display their Vision Statement: a united world.

Ꮻ create community projects to enhance the Ꮻ
sustainability of the New England region; highlight priorities to accelerate the New England’s transition to sustainability.

TreeZine Special Feature—The Action Plan

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Special feature

left to right Bottom Left: Gabriel & Griffen; Middle: Kelly; Top Right: Elsie, Aerion & Emily.

Held in November 2009, the inaugural New England Congress was one of six locations across Australia forming a national effort of hundreds of young people developing individual and collective action plans for sustainability. Delegates shared their stories, actions and inspiration with hundreds of other young people around the world through digital media and technology, connected with other groups and organisations in their own local communities who are already making a difference, and discovered new ways of working together to accelerate the transition to sustainable living. Responding to the initiative, twenty-six New England young people discussed ways to respond to global challenges through local actions.

Let’s come together to change the world!

A call to action.

Our vision is of a united world that is

happy, healthy and equal. There is freedom and pride in our homes,
2009 YOUth LEADing Australia Congress—New England delegates vision statement

we have a sustainable global community that is energy efficient. Everyone is conscience and responsible for their environment.

See their ideas to create a summer of sustainability, here and beyond!

The group vision—what do YOU want the world to look like in the future?

TreeZine Special Feature—The Action Plan

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A call to action

Special feature
Day Three Community Presentation

On the second day of the congress, delegates were encouraged to synthesise the knowledge and skills they had discovered on the first day, creating ACTION PLANS turning their ‘change strategies’ into REAL projects which they will drive

TAWS students

Day One: Introductions

Gabriel & Kathryn


Day One

in their own communities and beyond.

Answering the question ‘ What is it you are prepared to do to live sustainably?’, delegates mapped their ideas and plans creatively, using the model shown at left. Presented below are some of the responses gathered at the forum:

What is it you are prepared to do to live sustainably?’





TreeZine Special Feature—The Action Plan

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According to the Global Footprint Network humanity now uses in total the equivalent of 1.4 Earths to provide the resources we use and absorb our waste. If everyone on Earth used the equivalent of Australia we would need more than 4 Earths!
YOUth LEADing aimed to achieve several strategic priorities identified in the 2008 New England Sustainability Forum. By developing youth skills in sustainability, enabling youths to be heard and strengthening student and youth networks, the Congress provided leadership training and education to help young people to understand sustainability issues and showed them how they could make a difference. The response to this initiative’s call to action provided the New England region a space and place for the young people of this district to THINK globally whilst acting LOCALLY, and, as one of six areas involved in the national project, the Congress was able to tie in with other youth groups around Australia so that delegates could inspire each other and share ideas.

Where to NOW?
Partnerships, support and resources are needed to swing alongside the students and youth to assist these delegates to implement their personal action plans. By providing assistance, the student and young people who make-up the New England Sustainability Students & Youth network (NESSaY) will feel more confident in implementing collective action plans. In return the NESSaY network will create an opportunity to identifying more students and youth who can become involved in this leadership training opportunity, and the New England region will be in a better place to make plans for YOUth LEADing Australia 2010 New England Congress, creating opportunities to accelerate the New

TreeZine Special Feature—the Action Plan;
Chief Editor: Adam Blakester. Compiled and designed by: Irene Lemon All images copyright ilemon2009
We would like to acknowledge the support of our sponsors as well as the assistance of the Congress delegates to create this work. Further copyright conditions are available at: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode

England region’s transition

to sustainability.

TreeZine Special Feature—The Action Plan

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