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POSC2 – Phil. Cons’t and Local Government

S/Y 2017-2018

Name: _________________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Time: ________________________________________________ Score: ____________________

I. IDENTIFICATION - Write the correct answer in the space provided for.

_____________________ 1. Is a member of a democratic community who enjoys full civil and political
_____________________ 2. The approximate annual salary of the President.
_____________________ 3. How many years is the term of office of the members of the House of
_____________________ 4. Is essentially the authority under the constitution to make laws and
subsequently, when need arises, to alter and repeal them.
_____________________ 5. When should the regular election be conducted?
_____________________ 6. The Senate is composed of how many members?
_____________________ 7. It has been defined as the power to administer the laws, which means carrying
them into practical operation and observing due observance.
_____________________ 8. They are the financial burdens or charges imposed by the government upon
persons or property to raise revenue for public purposes.
_____________________ 9. It is an order in writing, issued in the name of the People of the Philippines,
signed by a judge and directed to a peace officer, commanding him to search for certain personal property and
bring it before court.
_____________________ 10. This is otherwise known as the “Charter of Liberty”.
_____________________ 11. It is meant such facts and circumstances antecedent to the issuance of warrant
sufficient in themselves to induce a cautious man to rely upon them and act in pursuance thereof.
_____________________ 12. It is a legislative act which inflicts punishment without a judicial trial.
_____________________ 13. Blood relationship is the basis for the acquisition of citizenship in this rule.
_____________________ 14. It is a method by which a public officer may be removed from office during his
tenure or before the expiration of his term by a vote of the people.
_____________________ 15. It is a number of the membership of an assembly or collective body as is
competent to transact its business.
_____________________ 16. How many years is the term of office of the President?
_____________________ 17. The approximate annual salary of the Vice-President.
_____________________ 18. The right to vote.
_____________________ 19. The complete name of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court today.
_____________________ 20. The complete name of our President.

II. TRUE OR FALSE – Write T if the statement is correct, and F if otherwise. Write the letter of your answer
on the blank provided for.

_____ 1. Executive power is the power and duty of the courts of justice to interpret and to apply the laws.
_____ 2. The Supreme Court shall be composed of a Chief Justice and twenty Associate Justices.
_____ 3. A registered voter must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
_____ 4. A voter must have been a permanent resident of the Philippines for at least one (1) year.
_____ 5. Dual citizenship refers to the continued allegiance of naturalized nationals to their mother country
even after they acquired Filipino citizenship.
_____ 6. Citizenship is a person having the title of citizen.
_____ 7. Not all nationals are citizens of the state.
_____ 8. Laws impairing the obligation of contracts shall be passed.
_____ 9. The people have no right to information on matters of public concern.
____ 10. The liberty of abode and travel is the right of a person to have his home in whatever place chosen by
him and thereafter to change it at will, and to go where he pleases, without interfere from any source.
____ 11. Warrant of Arrest is a written order commanding the arrest of a person in order that he may be bound
to answer for the commission of an offense.
____ 12. Deprivation of property refers not only to the extinction of human existence. It includes the loss of
any various physical and mental attributes of a man.
____ 13. The term of office of Senators is three (3) years.
____ 14. A President must be at least fifty years of age to qualify.
____ 15. A President is allowed for reelection after his term of office.
III. FILL IN THE TABLE – Write the complete qualifications for each table.

A Senator must be: A representative must A qualified voter must A President and Vice-
be: be: President must be:

1. Distinguish Term of office from Tenure of office.
2. What are the rights of the accused. Give at least five (5) rights of the accused.
3. Explain the provision “No person shall be compelled to be a witness against himself”.
4. What do you think is the importance of absentee voting?
5. Why do we need to secure the secrecy and sanctity of the ballot?
6. When can the Vice-President act a President?
7. What will happen if there are no President and Vice-President.
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Prepared by: Ma’am Christy Bagalacsa