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PMRE 6009

PMRE 6009: Transmission and Distribution of Natural Gas

Mid-Term Exam.
Semester: October 2017

Answer all questions. Each question carries equal marks.

Full marks = 100.
1. What are the methods for transporting oil and gas?
2. What are the advantages and limitations of oil/gas pipelines?
3. What are the different types of pipelines?
4. What are the types of pipes based on manufacturing process?
5. What information can be found in pipe marking?
6. What are the desired properties of pipeline coating?
7. Where and why concrete coating is used?
8. What are the design parameters for a pipe line?
9. What are the major steps for constructing a pipeline?
10. Sketch the standard API bevel.
11. When and how the welding is tested?
12. When and how hydro testing is performed?
13. What factors must be considered for selection of the prime mover?
14. Sketch the series and parallel arrangements for multiple pumps.
15. What are the reasons for pigging?
16. What measures are taken to protect the pipeline from corrosion?
17. What are the desired attributes of a gas-metering device?
18. Which companies in Bangladesh are involved in Natural gas transmission and
19. List all the parties and authorities who might get involved or need to be consulted
in a large pipeline project (in Bangladesh context).
20. Suppose there is already a natural gas pipeline running at full capacity. What
techniques can be applied to meet the increasing demand and supply scenario?

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