Experiment No.


Industrial Measurements

Experiment No.4
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To calibrate pressure gauge by using dead weight pressure gauge tester.


Pressure, pressure measurement using bourdon tube, construction and working principle of bourdon tube.


Proposition 1: Calibration It is defined as the process of comparison of specific values of input and output of instrument with the corresponding reference standards. Concept Structure:

Proposition 2: Calibration must be performed periodically to test the validity of performance of device or system.


Intellectual Skills 1. To understand the construction and working of bourdon’s tube pressure gauge. 2. To understand the process of calibration. 3. To interpret from the graph and comment on the calibration of the instrument. Motor skills 1. Ability to note down (measure) the pressure in kg/cm2. 2. Ability to plot graph between o/p pressure of bourdon’s gauge on y axis with input pressure on dead weight gauge on x axis.

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dead weight tester.Industrial Measurements Experiment No. (If the above apparatus is not available. 4 5. mention the available set up in the laboratory in the following Format-) 6.0 DIAGRAM: Dead weight tester and Bourdon tube pressure gauge MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION o 17 .0 APPARATUS: Bourdon gauge.

Screws ‘Ls1’ and ‘Ls2’ lock the passage of oil when required.Experiment No.1.5. A weight is placed on the table increasing the pressure on the oil in the tester. The gauge pressure reading should give a reading corresponding to the amount scribed on the weight if it is operating correctly.20.5 to 10000 kg / cm2 using dual spindles. especially Bourdon’s gauge is calibrated by means of dead weight tester. The essential components of such a tester is reservoir ‘R’. A double piston ‘DP’ can be moved forward and backward by rotating the handle ‘H’.1. Another weight is added and another gauge reading is noted and so on. With ‘Ls1’ and ‘Ls2’ open.40. with a multiplying factor given by the manufacturer. In order to increase the range. The weights are typically for 0. A combination of weights can be used with thinner piston ‘HP’.10.9.With thinner spindle and factor of 20 these can give 1.0.0 STEPWISE PROCEDURE: Theory: Pressure gauge. Its lower end rests on ‘HP’ piston. The pressure range that dead weight tester can measure is limited by the area of cross – section of the spindle S and the number of weights that can be safely placed on the table. The tester is mounted on a stand ‘ST’.2.0. 18 o MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION . 4 Industrial Measurements Construction Dead weight tester 7. It is provided with special precise weights marked in terms of pressure.2. ‘Ls2’ is opened and the handle H is rotated such that the gauge needle just moves and reads some minimum pressure characteristics of the tester because of the weight of the unloaded table acting through the piston’ LP’.10 kg / cm2 . The double acting piston works both ways and does not allow the oil to leak. Such a tester can give pressure values accurate up to + 0. The range of pressure is typically 0. The gauge under calibration can be connected at ‘D’ such that the connection is leak tight.100.05% of the pressure being measured.5.200 kg / cm2. A spindle ‘S’ with highly finished surface and precise cross-sectional area slides vertically in the barrel ‘B’ through close fitting.130. Say 20.05. ‘H’ is rotated until the table ‘T’ is at raised position in line with the upper edge of colour band. and ‘Ls2’ is now locked. The gauge ‘G’ is mounted carefully. highly polished bearing ‘b’ and carries the table ‘T’ at its upper end. the handle is rotated such that the oil is just in level with the gauge connecting points ‘D’. the dial is rotated so that the needle points to be correct pressure. another spindle of smaller cross section can be provided increasing the pressure range for the same weight placed on the table by a factor equal to the ratio of the cross sectional area of the two spindles. cylinder ‘C’. barrel ‘B’ and passage up to ‘C’ to hold up clean dry oil. ‘Ls1’ is then locked. If not.

Q…. 11. 2. 3. What is Dead weight pressure gauge? 13. explain how pressure can be measured by using LVDT? 8. With experimental setup. Describe the Calibration procedure for any of pressure gauge other than Bourdon tube pressure gauge. What is Calibration of pressure transducer using dead weight tester? 3. 10. Give different industrial units of pressure.Industrial Measurements Experiment No.. Describe how bellows can be used for pressure measurement.0 CONCLUSION: (Teacher shall guide the students to write conclusion keeping in view the skills acquired and the result of experiment). Assemble Bourdon’s pressure gauge with dead weight tester. 12. Site:www. Describe how variable capacitor transducer can be used for pressure measurement.armfieldco. construction and working of any of Elastic pressure transducer. 14. What is Calibration? Describe in brief. Q…(Teacher shall allot at least 5 questions to each student) 1. 10. 5. 7. Define 1. Apply pressure in terms of weights on table and measure the value of it on pressure gauge. Explain electrical pressure transducers strain gauge. Give principle. Q. 2. 4 1. Describe the principle.. Absolute pressure 2.uk 11. Repeat the procedure for ascending and descending weights on table and corresponding measurement on Bourdon pressure gauge.0 QUESTIONS: Write answers to Q…. Plot the graph of applied weights (x-axis) versus pressure on gauge (y-axis) 8. 6. How piezoelectric transducer can be used for pressure measurement? 9. Q…. Atmospheric pressure. 2. Describe Bourdon’s tube as a pressure gauge. Refer books given as per curriculum. 9. Explain how load cell can be used for pressure measurement? 15. 4..0 REFERENCE: 1. construction and working of a U tube Manometer.0 OBSERVATIONS: Table of measured pressure on gauge against applied weights. 4. MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION o 19 .

Experiment No. 4 Industrial Measurements (Space for answers) Signature of Teacher 20 o MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION .

Industrial Measurements Experiment No. 4 GRAPH MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION o 21 .

4 Industrial Measurements 22 o MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION .Experiment No.

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