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Company : Citi Corp

Job Location : Pune

CTC : 13.6 LPA

Round 1 :

MCQ (Aptitude – Quantitaive + Logical Reasoning + C C++ , Data Structures ,OS ,Networking ) . It was
easy and just required basic knowledge . Speed was a big factor .

2 Coding Questions (1 hr) .

40 LUCKY students were shortlisted . Maybe shortlisting was done on basis of MCQs only because some
people who did both codes were left behind . Even my code was 1 fully and 1 partially correct .

Interviews were to be held in IIIT Allahabad .

Technical Interview :

1. Tell me about yourself . I gave her brief description about myself , my areas of interest (DS , OS
and DBMS ) and my projects ( in Android ) .
2. Draw ER diagram of database of your project .
3. What was new in your project . Aren’t these apps already there in market . I told her that one
app was part of tech fest and other I did for learning and getting deeper into android .
4. Where did you get help for your project and was it a team or individual project ? I said individual
and told her about some good references .
5. Draw Activity lifecycle in Android (Common question for people doing Android projects) .
6. Given an array , find first missing positive number in O(n) time and O(1) space .
7. Use case diagram for ATM machine .
8. Difference between Method overloading and overriding and give an example .
9. Why do you want to join Citi Corp ? I told her I’ll get to work on different technologies , good
work culture and fast growth environment .

17 were shortlisted for HR + Tech round .

HR + Tech :

There were two interviewers : 1 HR and other Tech .

1. How are you ? How has been the day today ? Tell about yourself .
2. What did you do in your project ? How did you implement this idea ?
3. What is difference between client- server and normal application ?
4. Do you know about web development ? What other technologies are you comfortable with ?
I told him that I just have basic idea of web development and have never done a project in it . I
told him that I have worked in Java in Android and I would like to work on that .
5. What motivates you to study so much ? What do you do in free time ? Do you participate in
other activities ?
6. What is your most recent achievement ?
7. Any questions ?

Finally 6 students were selected . I was not selected , may be because HR was not looking happy
with my responses and I discovered that in interview . So it was not something unexpected . But I
enjoyed the day (Watching TV in the visiting rooms , cafeteria , etc) . Always be prepared for HR
questions and stay confident during interview .