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Subject English

Year Year 2
Duration 60 minutes
Theme World of Self, Family and Friends
Topic Free Time
Focus skill Writing
Content standards Main skill:
4.3 Communicate with appropriate language form and style for
a range of purposes in print and digital media

Complementary skill:
4.2 Communicate basic information intelligibly for a range of
purposes in print and digital media
Learning standards Main skill:
4.3.3 Plan, draft and write simple sentences

Complementary skill:
4.2.1 Ask for and give basic personal information using basic
questions and statements
Learning objectives By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

Main Objective: write at least 2 out of 3 simple sentences

eliciting the word favourite correctly.

Complimentary Objective: write at least 2 out of 3 their

favourite things in the simple sentences correctly.
Cross-Curricular element Language
Activities: 1. Pupils will dictate all the seven days of the week.
i.Pre-lesson 2. Pupils will spell and write it on the board correctly.
3. Teacher shows word cards and pictures of activities.
(swimming, singing, cooking, baking, reading,
shopping, etc)
4. Pupils say the words aloud.
ii.Lesson development 1. Teacher pastes a word card with the word ‘favourite’
written on it.
2. Pupils will talk about all their favourite things (colours,
toys, food, etc)
3. Teacher pastes two wordcards with ‘favourite day’ and
‘favourite activities’ written on it.
4. Teacher tells the pupils of her favourite day and writes
it on the board.
E.g My favourite day is Saturday.
5. Teacher tells the pupils her favourite activity to do on
her favourite day, as well as writes it on the board.
E.g I like to bake on Saturday.
6. Teacher pastes a drawing of a person baking on the
7. Teacher gives pupils handouts.
8. Pupils will write a sentence of their favourite day, and
two sentences on their favourite activities on the
9. Pupils draw suitable drawing in the provided box to
show their favourite activities.
iii.Post-lesson 1. Pupils’ works will be displayed.
2. Chosen pupils will explain and talk about their work.
Teacher’s reflection


activities baking

favourite day
Name: ___________________________


Write your favourite day and your favourite activities.

Then, draw your favourite activities in the box provided.

1. _________________________________________

2. _________________________________________

3. _________________________________________