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ABC’s Of Staying Healthy

Staying healthy requires a lot of thinking and self reflection to be successful. With a longer life expectancy of human beings as compared to pre-modern age, people have been ore vigilant to think about and create ways to even extend the lives of everyone existing. Numerous mnemonics and acronyms have been developed as well by nutritionists and scientists to help people have a guide on how to stay healthy. One of these would be the ABC’s of staying healthy, a very simple, yet effective way of adding to the long list of patterns to keep healthy.

A Is For Abstinence

“A” stands for abstinence. Most probably many would already be thinking that this seems like the same ABC tip for responsible sex. Though the keywords used in the ABC’s of staying healthy are similar except for the last one, the ideas are completely in a different context as this would specifically target more of a
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person’s lifestyle in everyday living.

Abstinence should be practiced by the person in declining the things that would not make him healthy in the process. Unless it is required such as a career that would limit the choice to either quit the job or to counter the effects with good health practices, abstinence on a great level is required of the person should he wish to start staying healthy and maintain being healthy. Abstinence should be the basis of any individual to serve as a disciplinary concept. Without the discipline to know when to say no, it would prove difficult to stay away from the things that people have learned to love.

B Is For Be Faithful

“B” stands for “Be Faithful”. Being faithful is being able to hold out and maintain focus on your objective of staying healthy. It does not mean that you totally become a no-nonsense robot who only distinguishes a black from white, but being lenient is a risky thing
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to inculcate. Though it is not really to bend the rules from time to time because of valid reasons, it may develop into a nasty habit of having an excuse for every single choice that should have been for staying healthy.

C Is For Calisthenics

Calisthenics or exercise is and has always been part of any healthy program designed for health conscious and health seekers alike. Calisthenics does not necessarily mean the rigorous training that one sees in advertisements and magazines. Those are for bodybuilders who would want to reshape their bodies into hard sculptured specimens of humanity. Calisthenics are simple activities which would allow one’s self to move about and permit the proper flow of blood to the different parts of the body for optimal oxygenation of the cells.

Calisthenics should be done everyday for at least thirty to forty-five minutes which includes mainly
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aerobic exercise. Not only does daily calisthenics improve the cardiovascular flow of the body, it also adds up to the amount of calories to be burned for the day to maintain the desired body weight and fitness level.

The ABC’s of staying healthy is a very elementary concept for anyone to grasp should they wish to seek a better health state or maintain an already good one. It is a personal choice as it is a personal endeavor. The extent of its success lies on the amount of effort that the individual puts in each letter of this simple mnemonic.

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An Equation For Staying Healthy

There are many tips and ways to stay healthy. From the television, to magazine advertisements there are several reminders to tell us how to stay healthy. However, there is an even easier tip to constantly remind us how to stay healthy. Though it would not completely answer and deliver to all the health issues we may have, we could apply this as a paradigm of simple measures. An equation for staying healthy could be as easy to remember as one, plus two, plus three, equals 6.


We have to start an equation for staying healthy with the first thing to remember: our life. We only have one body to take care of, so it should not be that hard to monitor and maintain. Furthermore, we only have one mind to think for ourselves. We cannot depend on others to tell us how to stay healthy or be healthy. We have to look for the appropriate
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information ourselves and apply those learnings by ourselves as well.

Another thing about “One” is that we only have one shot in this life to do this. Of course we may be able to rectify certain health practices when we stumble, but how sure are we that we would still have that second chance of living a normal life if the damage has already been done?

Therefore, the “One” that is pertained to in this equation is our self. We only have one to boot and therefore we should focus on this.

Plus Two

“Two” in this context means that there are only two paths that we can choose, the right and the wrong path. The same analogy goes to a beneficial or a destructive outcome of our bodies. In whatever life choice that we take every single time, we are bringing the self either closer to wellness or sickness. Think
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of it as this way: we are the flag tied at the center of a rope in a tug of war. One end leads to sickness and eventually death, the other to wellness and eventually longevity. Each moment that we do something, each food choice that we make, or even each day that we do our lifestyle routines, we have to think “To what side are we going then?”

Plus Three

“Three” is relatively simple, as it would pertain to three parts of the day: morning, afternoon, and evening. In relation to this, a person has to plan out the activities in their appropriate time. There are activities that are suitable in the morning, or maybe until the afternoon, and there are also some personal activities that are suitable for the evening. Any unplanned schedule and adherence therefore would result to added stress, and therefore be detrimental to the self.

Examples of activities that are good in the morning
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are exercise, early morning sunshine, a time to reflect and plan other activities for the rest of the day, and breakfast. As for the afternoon, continued work from the morning, a little bit of recreation perhaps, and an eagerness to get home and rest. Evenings are good for a cool down walk in the neighborhood, spend time with the family, watch a little television, and definitely sleep.

The exact activities that are placed into these three different times throughout the day differ from each person’s career and work schedule. Nevertheless, it is always safe to assume one of these times as resting and sleeping schedule.

Equals Six

“Six” pertains to the number of meals that one has to eat everyday. Recent studies have shown that the average daily caloric requirement needed per day is best digested and assimilated if they were distributed into six small meals instead of three large ones as
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considered before. This allows the body to digest the food at a constant rate without oversupplying and causing the body to store excess nutrients into fat.

The one, plus two, plus three, equals six paradigm is an equation for staying healthy which can be applied to almost anyone, even those who are recuperating from sickness, and those who haven’t experienced any major illness yet.

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False Assumptions In Staying Healthy

If there are the different tips and paradigms that are constantly distributed in society regarding health in general and staying healthy, there are also many false assumptions in staying healthy. These false assumptions pertaining to steps or practices to stay healthy may be risky for an individual. Worse, one of these false assumptions may lead to illness if done improperly to a significant extent.

Fallacy 1: Eating Too Much While Still Young Is Reasonable

We have this common notion that as long as we are still young, we can be lenient and just eat what we want without moderation. We can always argue anyhow that our young bodies can still take some sort of nutritional punishment and would be able to rectify the effects afterwards.

The truth about this is that though we are actually
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able to rectify such situation, the damage has begun already. Furthermore, we do not know at what age our body starts to not be able to restore the optimal health status at full efficiency. For example, eating high cholesterol food would have a preemptive effect of deposits in the arteries. Before long, this would reach a stage wherein the process is irreversible and may cause the life of the person.

Even if there was a reason that ageing is part of life and that even how much we try to choose the right food our bodies would still deteriorate anyway, the thought of why would we hasten the process of ageing by introducing unwanted radicals to our cells should be enough to keep us on the right way of thinking.

Fallacy 2: Not Eating Carbohydrates Will Make You Lose Weight Faster

Another common misconception is that we would be able to lose weight faster if we didn’t eat any food that is rich in carbohydrates. This would account breads,
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rice, and other starchy foods. Though it is a fact that these types of food are high in calories, carbohydrate deprivation will not contribute to faster weight loss. Certain parts of the body would require some nutrients that come along with carbohydrates in rice and other starches such as Vitamin B complex. Furthermore, sticking to an alternative diet such as pure protein will not help one lose weight faster.

Fallacy 3: Starving Will Help You Lose Weight

A much more drastic misconception is the notion that skipping meals would lead to a faster weight loss. Ideally, that should be the case if the aspect of caloric intake is the only thing to be considered. However, there are also some other aspects such as ulcer developing in the gastrointestinal area, or perhaps a retroactive effect on the body of the starving individual wherein the body signals the brain that there is nutritive deprivation. The latter would cause the metabolism of the individual to slow down significantly to cope up with the body’s current
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Furthermore, if the body is further subjected to much more food deprivation, the body will not be using the fats right away. The surrounding muscles cells will start to take the brunt leading to muscle atrophy.

These are just some of the most common fallacies that are freely thought of by the people who haven’t been properly educated about them. Nevertheless, one of the only eternal aspect of staying healthy is of the self, along it is self responsibility and self control.

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Staying Healthy And Staying Young

There are many ways to stay young. Many resort to cosmetic surgery at the expense of several hundred dollars. Some ingest medication designed to eliminate free radicals in the bodies. Some even experiment with different cosmetics and apply these on their skin, face and other parts of their bodies, hoping to gain the youthful benefits of staying young. However, these are artificially done and may pose some side effects. Staying healthy and staying young at the same time is hard to achieve with these artificial means. Unless one is fortunate enough to be gifted with youthful genes, one is posed with this dilemma.

Nevertheless, there are natural, and risk free ways for one to slow down the effects of aging on our body’s systems. Believe it or not, some of these pertain to the psychological effect of a person’s disposition. Some of the studies conducted have revealed that the individual’s outlook result to a more youthful appearance.
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Smile The Wrinkles Away

Smiling a lot at appropriate times are beneficial to the individual as it projects an image of positive outlook both for the self and for those whom the person meets. Not only does a smile projects such positive energy, but also allows the individual to refrain from worrying too much, as compared to when a frown or perplexed and anxious face is made.

Furthermore, a smile in practice does not distend the skin on the forehead which would have caused and increase the stress folds on the skin. This skin on the forehead causes wrinkle flaps, and frowning or worrying defines these folds every time an individual practices otherwise.

Laugh The Problems Away

It may be said that laughter is the best medicine, and actually holds some truth in it. In addition to the
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positive perspective which a smile can project, actually laughing at a problem deep inside can pep up the psyche and increase the confidence level of the person. By not seeing the problem as a burden but rather as a challenge to conquer, the method in which the solution is carried out requires less effort, less energy, and therefore better efficiency in overall body functioning.

Ever tried a sport such as ice skating for the first time? The effects are similar wherein the stressor of a problem is analogous to the pure and extended effort of the skater to try and balance on the two blades. As soon as the individual is able to get a hold of the stressor and accepts it as it is, the numbing of the foot is lessened because less amount of muscles are now needed to maintain the same output of being able to balance on the skating shoes.

Basically, being able to laugh off problems and stressors promote the release of endorphins which gives a sense of simple euphoria on the person, and
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therefore promotes a healthy psychological state

Run Towards Your Opponent

Normally, passive people who have no desire to be aggressive at things would tend to shy away at the first sign of an aggressor. They would find other means to go around an issue and avoid conflict while still attaining resolution. Though the idea of avoidance of conflict may seem to be good as a means of staying healthy and staying young by disallowing major stressors to affect the psycho-physiological framework of a person, there is still the risk of the stressor to actually follow from behind. This would cause increased risk of psychological disturbance on the part of the person, especially if the individual has not totally resolved the main issue.

The only way to go around a problem is to go through it. Facing a problem does not mean that the person has to fight head on. The virtue of facing a problem and laughing at it to signify confidence of self would be
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more long lasting. Think of it this way. A little sailboat is caught in a storm and the waves are quite big. The only way to survive a big oncoming wave is to charge and slice right through it. Trying to expose the broadside and trying to outmaneuver such a wave would easily topple the small sailboat then.

Whenever a rush to the opponents proves as a failure on your part, you will still have several chances to think about how to efficiently go through him. By practicing facing of fears, one is able to have first hand knowledge in handling with similar situations in the future.

Staying healthy and staying young is a simple psychological conditioning of a person to practice looking at life as more than problems and obstacles and instead as challenges and conquerable events to feed the ego and soul of an individual. A healthy mind should then be able to handle a healthy body properly.

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Staying Healthy By Following The Hierarchy Of Needs

Staying healthy is a prerequisite of maintaining an added stress-free life brought about by complications. In the event of an illness or sickness by germs and unhealthy living, we are then faced and served with a level of incapability in certain levels such as not being able to perform at our best. It is then important to know the nature of our physiological and psychological needs to maintain our state of staying healthy. The hierarchy of needs which was first defined by Abraham Maslow in 1943 as an article in his publication Theory of Human Motivation very well explain the steps in which we should go through to achieve a state of well being.


The first step in staying healthy is to be able to obtain the basic things which our body needs to function in the proper manner in which our body was designed to be.
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Some of the things which a person needs to start attaining and staying healthy is by being able to provide the self with proper breathing, food, water, sleep, excretion, and the like.

Among all things, this is perhaps the most general and common standard for human existence in which an absence of these would result to outright illness and complications on the other areas of needs of the human being.


The next level of need which the body needs is the safety of these physiological parts from external and internal stimuli which may cause them to malfunction or dysfunction. These internal factors include the germs and bacteria which invade our bodies and wreak havoc in our physiological processes. External forces may be any of the environmental objects which may pose a threat to our whole being.
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Safety of the body is needed after being able to provide the same with the necessary starter supplements. Keeping the body safe from harm and by keeping a proper form of hygiene would definitely help in maintaining safety of the body.


Love is the affection and concern received by the self from the different social constructs surrounding him. Staying healthy would also need a form of affirmation and care from the others as we are social creatures. A lack of proper affection may lead to complications in the next two higher levels of needs, going towards the psychological area of existence.

Love may not always be the romantic love that one seeks, but rather the love of just being accepted as an individual with a distinct personality.

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Esteem has to be the desired effect of the individual after the immediate acquisition of the previous aspect of love. A person with esteem may be able to do more things beyond his known personal limit. It manifests a person’s will to fight and the urge to carry on with things to overcome challenges. Sometimes, esteem is based and dependent on the people believing in him.

Self Actualization

After all the previous physiological needs have been met, the final and most important need of self actualization is required. The psychological need of self-actualization is needed to finalize and solidify the four other levels of needs of every individual. In this aspect, the brain is the focal and controlling factor in holding all the other four together to achieve homeostasis. No matter how capable the body is to do healthy tasks, if the mind is unhealthy, then everything else will deteriorate afterwards.

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Staying healthy by following the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is an essential step by step needs assessment to stay focused on what area’s of existence are most important to be attained fully first before proceeding to the next in attaining a perfect state of well being.

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Staying Healthy In The Call Center Industry

With the rapidly increasing call center industry, more and more people are engaged in countless hours of grueling training and practicing on how to handle calls, file reports, schedule personnel and inventory checks, and more. With globalization, the different call centers required shifts even during the graveyard timeframe, which means that call center agents would have to endure the normal sleeping hours working just to be accommodate transaction calls from halfway around the world. Staying healthy in the call center industry is simple and defined into three simple key words: coffee, cigarette, and alcohol. Coffee

With the long continuous hours in which the agent endures sitting idly talking to a headset, it would definitely cause the body to slow down and lessen the person’s capability to circulate the blood within. This causes a reflex action of yawning, which signifies a greater need of oxygen in the respiratory - cardiovascular area. It would also manifest a sense
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of sleepiness.

As a result of this common phenomenon, coffee has been one of the mainstays of the call center agents, and personnel’s alike to combat sleepiness and degradation of competent performance. Even if the direct effect of coffee to the body is to keep us awake, there are detrimental effects of too much coffee such as possible kidney complications and dehydration.

Lessening the amount of coffee per day would also lessen the amount of urged moments for the agent to go to the bathroom. Furthermore, lessening of bone density has been found on chronic coffee drinkers.


Another avenue for stress release of agents in the call center industry is by lighting up a cigarette or two during break time or lunch hour. Many of these agents claim that the habit of lighting up of a cigarette during free time not only increases their
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social sphere but also lessen their anxiety and work related stressors.

However, we all know the negative effects of cigarettes to the lungs and body of a smoker. For one, the smoke coming from the cigarettes passes through our respiratory system. This smoke is a combination of impure particles which we allow to reach our lungs and attach to our bronchioles. A gradual and significant blocking of the smoke in the linings of the bronchioles would lessen the amount of oxygen exchanged between, which causes us to have difficulty in breathing.


After work shift hours, one of the usual stress release methods of agents is to go to the local hangout place and have a round or two of alcoholic drinks. This happens especially when salaries have been doled out. However, when alcohol is excessively ingested, could damage the liver. The liver is man’s
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natural fat and alcohol synthesizer. An excessive alcohol load on the liver to synthesize in frequency may cause the liver to malfunction or lead to alcohol induced cirrhosis.

These three things are the main culprits in lessening the health status of call center agents. Staying healthy in this concept would entail being able to say no or lessen these three culprits. Staying in the call center industry is technically a tedious and health taxing job to undergo, especially due to the high demand of work. Nevertheless, substitutes for these may come on the form of healthy fruit juice, or any other healthy food. It is a matter of initiative and choice for one to stay healthy when faced with a situation.

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Staying Healthy While Injured

It is a common notion that exercise is one of the standard ways of keeping a person physically fit and physiologically efficient. It is also an avenue of gaining muscles or losing weight. A person who is involved in the exercise is exposed to normal stressors which activate a response from within the body to cope up and meet the demands of such activities. This raises the level of output of a person to some extent and that is a good and beneficial thing because the body is then able to level off with the present. However, there are times when we are injured due to an inappropriate method, or because of an accident, or some other reason. Staying healthy while injured is still possible while exercising without risking the injured body part of further damages or complications.

There is a simple mnemonic called RICE which could aid us how to treat any injury that we have and stay healthy without complicating our injuries further.
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This stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate.


With a body injury that we are conscious about, it may be accompanied with pain and discomfort especially with ambulation. Because of this, we may actually not want to move it about and put any pressure on it with activities or such. The only ways to stop these feelings of discomfort and pain would be to take painkillers or rest the injured part. Having to let the injured body part rest is essential for that specific part to efficiently speed up its healing process. Staying healthy while injured may still be accomplished by having the other body parts continue with the exercise routines.


Right after an injury like a sprain or strain, the affected joint or body part begins to swell as body fluids starts to rush to the injury site. This would
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prove a very uncomfortable feeling and a sensation of numbness if the swelling would cause the impingement of surrounding nerves as well.

This usually happens from several minutes to a few hours after the injury. Healing also becomes a little slower after a swell because the affected area if already full with non-healing fluid. What is needed after an injury that would probably cause a swelling is to apply ice packs on the affected body part and immediate area surrounding it. This is to prevent any vascular vessel to openly allow the flow of fluid towards it. Since the body is designed to normally shut constrict vessels when cold stimuli is applied, it would help in the slowdown and prevention of unwanted swelling.

However, proper care should be observed as not to totally numb the senses with the cold ice. Maintaining a temperature of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius for not more than 15 minutes should be safe. Any longer, and the vascular vessels begin to take a Rebound Effect and
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actually does the reverse effect for the intended purpose.


Compression is simply the act of wrapping the injured body part with a bandage and covering them securely and snugly to add pressure to the injury. This is done with a couple of hand towels or a bandage wrap. The ice that is supposed to be applied previously could be applied with a compressive method. Furthermore, compression allows for the effect of the ice to be in constant contact with the injured body part.


Elevating the body part after securely fastening and stabilizing the injured body part increases the level of comfort for the person and also speeds up the uninterrupted healing process.

Staying healthy when injured may impede a certain
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level of maximum body activity efficiency, but still allows continued exercise routine for other unaffected body parts. Just make sure that priority on this would be to securely prevent any other movements or unnecessary pressure to be placed on the injury.

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Staying Healthy While Losing Weight

Staying healthy while losing weight is the primary objective of any over weight, or worse obese people to achieve a healthier state of well being. Also, the dilemma of being able to balance the healthy state without compromising the rate of weight loss and vice versa is usually confused as to how it should be done.

Starvation Misconception

Chances are, some of weight losers become desperate and try drastic changes for losing weight that they expose themselves to a non nutritive state, leading to malnutrition, and complications arising from skipping meals such as ulcers and nausea. On the other hand, a consciously focused individual on staying healthy may forget that his primary goal is to shed the unwanted fat and exercise vigorously and would find himself not losing those pounds, all because of added muscle mass. Such confusion may eventually cause the individual to lose interest in maintaining and enduring the current
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healthy practice and resort back to unhealthy lifestyle with a less hassle maintenance.

Overworking The Body

Another misconception regarding staying healthy while losing weight is that it can be done faster with more exercise per day. Though this may hold true, our body can only take as much work before we tire out. Intensifying it abruptly, hoping that the added jolt in workload would hasten the shedding process, may trigger a rebound effect on the brain, for the brain has a survival mechanism that triggers a slow down of metabolism if the body is subjected to a high caloric consumption. Furthermore, complications like muscle injuries and joint sprains may occur as these are subjected to a load without having them adapt to it gradually.

Muscle Atrophy

In addition to the slow down of metabolism as a
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rebound effect, there is also another detrimental outcome for the body to preserve as much energy reserves [read: fat deposits], that instead of burning up the fatty deposits, muscle cells are rather used up instead. This is because protein is easier to synthesize into smaller components for energy sourcing than fat. Also, fat has larger energy content per unit than a protein, therefore allowing the body to efficiently store energy at a greater ratio. Such phenomenon is called muscle atrophy. With Muscle atrophy, a person is then subject to double time in gaining back the lost weight in muscles and at the same time keeping t he fat deposit levels low.

Couple With Exercise

Staying healthy while losing weight requires both a lessened caloric intake calculated and intended to the desired body weight requirement and coupled with adequate exercise. Usually, the first two weeks will have no significant results as the body will still have to adapt and change its metabolic paradigm with
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the new stressor. After which, significant weight drops would occur from the start of the third week of consistent losing weight. After which, the rate at which the mass sheds off gradually slows down until the desired weight is achieved.

Staying healthy while losing weight takes time to achieve. There are neither shortcuts nor easy way outs for this two to work harmoniously together. For a successful healthy status while losing weight, It is important to understand that the two should be well balanced so that not one of the aspects try to out hunger the other and cause a failure in the desired objective.

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Staying Healthy While Traveling

The constant traveler, who tours different countries across different time zones are faced with a lot of stressors which may contribute to the degradation of the optimal health status. An undetected and unsuspected lenience on traveling across time zones may also lead to affected psychosocial behavior because of the new places and environmental stimuli that are bombarded on the different senses of the body. Staying healthy while traveling is a key factor wherein the traveler should maintain a high state of wellness to prevent complications towards illnesses after his trip.

Jetlag Blues

The most common effect of constant traveling across different time zones is the jetlag. It is defined as the feeling of an individual of having similar symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, and general irritability caused by a tired mind. The new
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environment and the new culture, as well as the new body clock system may distort the normal time for rest of an individual. This would cause consistent stress on the body functions, resulting to an inefficient output of energy by the different organs which are dependent on day and night settings.

A jetlag is commonly experienced a few days at max by a traveler until such time that internal homeostasis is achieved by manually calibrating sleep and dietary patterns with the new place.

Dehydration Is One Of The Main Culprit

Another reason which causes discomfort on a traveler such as headaches and nausea are caused by dehydration during the flight. Even if the traveler has not done any strenuous work inside an aircraft, the mere duration of the flight is enough to deprive the human body of enough water and fluids to maintain efficient hydration. Furthermore, the different pressure changes happening to the internal cabin also affect the body
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functions and metabolic speeds, and therefore the consumption of fluids inside the body.

It is advisable to drink constantly throughout the flight with clear water to keep the body hydrated and supplied. As dehydration sets in, the flow of blood is slowed down. This blood is essential to carry oxygen to the different parts of the body, especially to the brain. A lack of oxygen supply would result therefore in a more irritable personality, and also a sleepy feeling due to the lack of oxygen and increase of carbon dioxide instead. Sleep, Sleep, And Sleep

One of the most effective ways to combat the effects of traveling such as jetlag and disorientation is to sleep well before the flight, during the flight, and after the flight. It is also advisable to prioritize this sleeping habit and start with the work itinerary on the succeeding day. In this manner, the traveler is not subjected to stressors that may add up to the adjustment period and disorientation of the self due to the new environment.
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Many would say that too much sleep may not serve the individual good. However, the more sleep and fuller rest of the person, the better chances that he would be able to think and function with efficiency as soon as he is ready to work or perform the itinerary for the day.

Staying healthy while traveling is a daunting task to look after and maintain as there is almost no guarantee that jetlag would not occur to some minor extent at least. Nevertheless, prevention and heightening of its measure to inhibit its manifestation on travelers is vital for health reasons.

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Staying Healthy With Organic Food

One of the most important aspects of staying healthy is with the food that we eat. The food that we eat at each mealtime, or snack time determines the kind of nutrients that we would be getting. The certain amounts of these nutrients also matter as any excessive or insufficiency may lead to complications and eventually illness on the individual. Staying healthy with organic food has been frowned upon by a majority of the society as fast foods and processed food products are made available in the groceries and supermarkets. These processed foods are advertised with as much flavorings as budget to keep them in the diet of the people.

Organic food has been known to be superior in beneficial outcomes to the body than their artificial and processed counterparts. Better Bowel Movement

Organic food, which usually come in the form of fresh vegetable and fruit produce, and organically fed
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animals contribute to a higher stability in bowel movement. For one, the fiber content of these fresh produce are still intact and almost undamaged. This high fiber content or quality is able to absorb the fluids in the intestines and form a solid fecal mass, good for excretion. Think if these fibers as a broom passed through our intestines. The higher quality of the bristles, the better efficiency there is in sweeping away old fecal deposits in the intestinal tract. This therefore allows better nutrient absorption on succeeding nutrient passes.

It Reduces Health Risks

With artificially prepared market produce such as vegetables, fruits, and meat, the individual ingesting them are subject to all the pesticides and artificial drug enhancers that were used. Some of these harmful chemicals embed in the produce and may not be properly cleansed until cooking.

Organically prepared meat and produce are grown
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without the chemicals, pesticides and the like which would have been created to kill pests thereby reducing the risk of unwanted illness. Common illnesses that occur with chemicals accidentally ingested are related to the gastrointestinal tract.

Contains Higher Nutrient Levels

Organic foods retain the natural amount of nutritive value that they should ideally be containing. As opposed to artificially processed foods, these organic foods have not yet been subjected to the different processing methods which transform the original food product into several forms. Changing its structure, and applying heat to these organic foods, as well as with simple slicing, would cause a part of the nutrient value to disintegrate and be lost in the whole process.

The biggest culprit in this manner is canned goods which have passed through countless processing bins, and artificial flavorings to produce the replica of a
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supposed food product. Furthermore, the main harmful ingredient of canned goods is preservatives. Simply put, preservatives are chemical agents used to lessen the normal process of deterioration of all organic products.

Better Environment

With the method of growing for organic food products, the environment is saved from chemical alteration by the chemicals and pesticides that should have been otherwise used. Ecological balance is helped maintained in this method and would result to a better living environment of the individual as well.

Patronizing the idea of staying healthy with organic food is a good way to maximize nutritive efficiency in a person’s body system and out of a person by the environment and its contribution to the individual’s well being.

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