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A Comparative Analysis: The Pateros’ Current Administration and the Aspiring Candidates for

2016 Election

There are number of reasons why politicians run for public offices. Some of them run, to become
a leader who has a sense of responsibility and wanted to make a difference in the lives of his/her
constituents, while other, is just for satisfying their ego. This paper will provide comparative
analysis on the programs of the Incumbent Mayor Joey Medina and the plan of actions of the
Candidates for Mayoralty election Willie Buenaventura and Daisy Reyes to know their reasons
and goals in running for the said office in Pateros.

The Incumbent Mayor of Pateros, Mayor Joey Medina who served in the office for three
consecutive terms has a lot of programs that caters to the needs of its constituents, the following
are: First, Mas na Mas Pateros. The objective of this program is the improvement of the local labor
force, the sustenance of local businesses, the improvement of drainage, the resuscitation of the
Pateros River, and the ensuring of transparency and accountability in Pateros. Second, The Child
Friendly Governance which provides Monthly Youth Programs and Monthly Feeding Programs.1

The programs stated above was able to produce significance not only for Pateros but also on the
part of the administration. Medina became one of the five mayors in the history of Pateros to be
re-elected for three consecutive terms. In Medina’s nine year term as mayor saw the largest
economic growth of the LGU (revenue increased by 12% from 2013-2014). Also, his
administration is responsible for the establishment of the first public hospital to be opened in the
Municipality, the Pateros Medical Center.

With the information about the current administration at hand. The data about the aspiring mayors
will now be presented.

Nicdao, J., Medina, J., & Espana, E., personal interview, February 5, 2016
Doc Willie Buenaventura, former Vice Mayor of Pateros and now the one to represent the
Nacionalista Party, Plan of Actions (POA).2


1.) Pateros has a low-income economy compared to other LGU’s in Metro Manila.

2.) Pateros is a “safe haven” for “aliens” (people with no valid residency).


1.) Increase Production of local goods and services.

2.) Industrialization or privately-owned balut and alfombra businesses
3.) Creation of a rehabilitation center for “aliens”

Daisy Reyes, former actress and municipal councillor in Pateros, Plan of Actions (POA).2


1.) Pateros is one of Metro Manila’s dirtiest cities/municipalities

2.) Pateros has an underground market for drugs.


1.) Beautification of the Municipality

2.) Municipality wide drug-and-bust operations.


Considering the said programs and plan of actions by current mayor Medina and candidates
Buenaventura and Reyes, we could tell that they envision a prosperous and peaceful Municipality
of Pateros because of their awareness of the issues that surrounds the Municipality and chose to
act rather than staying in the corner. However it doesn’t end just by making a move or daring to
take the responsibility of leading Pateros. The need for the outcome of their actions is important.
The effectiveness and success of Medina’s Administration and its programs is well seen on the
significance it produces which is stated above, but it is hard to presume whether the aspiring
candidates and their goals will turn into a successful one or the opposite. So why it is hard to

Nicdao, J., Medina, J., & Espana, E., personal interview, February 5, 2016
predict? Since both of them has a good foundation in terms of running in a public office, a former
Vice Mayor and the other is a Municipal Councillor, and has a different level of capabilities to
each other and to the incumbent Mayor Medina, the success of their administration depend on how
they execute and implement their respective programs in an effective and efficient way.


Though it is hard to compare the current administration and the possible successor of the office
through their programs and plan of actions because it is not seen yet, the actions of the candidates
as mayor, I was able to identify the important points where they can be different to each other.
First, their Political Background. This includes their education and experiences in holding a
position in public office. Second, their vision. It is about the things they want to achieve in the
present or in the future as they hold the office, “Goals- plans or programs to accomplish”. Third,
Level of Capabilities. Of course it is not only about the differences that I wanted to point out, but
also the similarity wherein only few and far between officials possess this kind of character. The
dedication on the true mission of politicians. We know there are other possible purposes why they
want to hold that position, maybe personal or opportunistic, but still the one reason that made them
similar to each other is that they commit themselves to lead their constituents towards progressive
and peaceful Pateros by putting the interest of the people first.