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Assessing Student Learning

Colleen M. Hall

University of Kansas

Assessing Student Learning

Assignment Purpose

The assessing student learning project was crafted to influence instructional decisions

based on student-centered learning goals. Each task reinforces how to utilize baseline data from

the beginning of the year to teach strategies in a content area where students require additional

attention. This project also benefits the instructors because they can identify an evidence based

strategy for a particular standard and incorporate it in their differentiation plan.

Other key aspects of the assignment are based around the Universal Design for Learning

(UDL) framework, which encourages proactive thought pertaining to the needs of each student.

The instructional design I devised needed to support five critical steps. First, I established a clear

outcome for my class; they had to write multiple sentences with fluency. Next, I had to anticipate

the learners needs by utilizing the data that was collected in order to determine their areas of

strengths and weaknesses. The third step was conceiving measurable outcomes and assessment

planning prior to implementing the writing strategy. Finally, steps four and five required me to

create an instructional experience and to reflect on the overall outcome of the assignment.


The only revision I would make to this assignment is incorporating the self-monitoring

portion sooner and creating a center that does not need to be teacher managed. In the initial steps

of the task I was provided guidance on how to measure the outcome of the writing strategy. The

assistance given by my professors directed some of the instructional choices.


Even though the class met their writing strategy goal, I felt instilling the value of self-

monitoring was of parallel importance. There are limitations that are inherently problematic in

two teacher classrooms, and one of these is that due to absenteeism in the school, teachers are

pulled to cover other classes. This affects the student’s center time or lack thereof. One of my

writing reinforcement strategies was a teacher led writing center. The students only used it a total

of four weeks and this influenced the outcome.

However, having the students judge and monitor their own writing and their classmate’s

writing served as a great motivator. Self-monitoring provided them with an opportunity to

receive feedback from peers and to reflect on their own work. Overall, I enjoyed this assignment,

and due to the guidance from my mentor teacher and my professor, I now feel better equipped to

create student-centered learning goals.