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Qualified teens will be

selected through a JOIN THE TEAM

competitive interview
process to join the award-
winning W.I.L.D. Program.
This program seeks to offer
a year-round enriching,
paid position for teens to
refine their sense of
confidence, responsibility,
leadership capabilities, and
public speaking skills.
Teens will play, learn, and If you know a teen who
work as a part of our would be an asset to this
Education staff to support zoo program, please
nominate them or have
our goals of culturally
them contact us!
representing and inspiring
everyone within our reach CHRISTOPHER CONNER © Wurth Images, LLC

to deepen their W.I.L.D. Program

relationship with wildlife Coordinator The Jacksonville Zoo and
(904) 757 - 4463 x484 Gardens is seeking
and nominations and
green spaces.
applications for youth
W.I.L.D. Stewards will give employment opportunities
back to our community by for teens from diverse
creating and delivering cultural and economic
backgrounds to work in our
free educational
W.I.L.D. Steward
Be 14 - 18 years old by June 1, W. I . L . D . S T E WA R D R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S
W.I.L.D. Stewards will commit to one year of employment in the Zoo’s Education
In High School (Can Be Rising Department. Stewards will deliver educational presentations with live animals,
Senior) biological artifacts and interactive activities at locations throughout the
community. This will take place through:
Have parental consent and
letter of interest

Commit to working an average PU B LI C SPE A KI NG :

of 29 hours a week in the Using interpretive skills to deliver effective
summer, and an average of 8
Engaging in conservation conversations
hours a week during the school
Serve as Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens brand
year ambassador
JZG On-Grounds Event
Summer 2018
Westside Career Fair
Oct. 2018

Commit to Tues. through Sat. Develop and present educational programs using

Establishing an inclusive culture
Must report to work on time
Mentoring by W.I.L.D. Ambassadors
Have an email address and/or
Determining leadership strengths and most
phone number used for work- effective collaborative style JZG Career Awareness APR Career Fair
Day Oct. 2018
related communications Nov. 2017

Commit to teamwork, safety, WI LD IM M ER SI O N:

education, and bettering the Understanding the role of zoos in conservation in
wildlife and wild place
Handling and presenting a wide-variety of animals
Strong work ethic; Willing to try ranging from snakes to cockroaches
McCoy Creek Festival
your best Nature adventures: Kayaking, fishing, hiking and Nov. 2018

Physically able to work in a