Delhi Public School Sector C, Pocket 5, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070 4th October, 2007 Respected Sir

/ Madam, Code Warriors, the computer club of Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj is organizing Code Wars 2007 – The Sixth Annual Inter-School Technology symposium, on the 16th and 17th of November, 2007. We have enjoyed the immense success of Code Wars 2004, sponsored by Microsoft Assurance Circle; Code Wars 2005, sponsored by Bharti; and Code Wars 2006, sponsored by Airtel; and we expect an overwhelming response to Code Wars 2007. We expect an overwhelming response on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Code Warriors, with participation from over 35 schools and 400 students. Code Wars 2006 was voted the 'Best Computer Symposium of 2006' by the student community on Computer Symposiums. As one of the most prestigious and respected interschool events in Delhi, Code Wars 2007 provides your company a great platform to advertise its latest products and services to a target audience of students from several schools, from classes VI-XII, which enables your company not only to advertise its products to a large and diverse group of students, but allow them to discover, and experience your products and services first-hand. Hence, your company is cordially invited to be part of this prestigious event by sponsoring us in any way possible. A detailed proposal regarding several sponsorship options has been attached along with this letter for your kind perusal. The proposal is very flexible and can be tailored to accommodate any needs which you express. For further queries, please feel free to contact Mrs Bani Das (Head of Department, Computer Science) at 9810671903. We sincerely hope to hear from you, and look forward to your support in making Code Wars 2007 a grand success. Yours sincerely, Mrs Bindu Sehgal, Vice Principal, DPS, Vasant Kunj

About the Code Warriors
Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj started functioning from its present premises in 1994, becoming a full-fledged secondary school in 1995, dedicated to excellence and providing quality education. The school started its computer club, the Code Warriors, in the year 1997. Arun Darlie Koshy was the founder president. The membership, at that time was limited. However, these few members gave excellent competition to other clubs, although still in the learning process. By 1998, the Code Warriors had begun to show their talent, and had started winning at many events. The real boost came when the Exun 1999 trophy, the most coveted trophy at that time in Delhi, came to DPS Vasant Kunj. The next year was even more eventful – with an extremely strong team it stamped its authority everywhere, by winning the Exun 2000 trophy, among four others in the same year. In 2001, eight Code Warriors cleared the National Informatics Olympiad in the Delhi State, with one going on to represent India in the International Informatics Olympiad, held in Korea. Code Warriors have achieved many milestones in the extra-curricular as well as the academic arena. The Code Warriors have a marked presence in the IITs, as well as prestigious foreign universities like Stanford University, Berkeley University, Nanyang Technical University (Singapore), Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, Drexel University and Texas A&M. The last two years have probably been the most eventful in the history of the Code Warriors, having won a host of computer symposiums. We take great pleasure in sharing a few of these. We were the overall winners at WarP 2007 held at DPS Mathura Road (sponsored by Samsung); overall winners at Matrix-Ecomm 2007 held at Mount St. Mary’s School; overall winners Exun 2006 held at DPS RK Puram (sponsored by Hewlett-Packard); overall winners at DynamiX 2006 held at Ramjas School, RK Puram; overall runners up at FORCE Fest 2006 held at Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai; overall winners at St Mary’s School Fest 2006; apart from other outstanding achievements in WarP 2006 held at DPS Mathura Road (sponsored by LG); and MINET 2007 & MINET 2006 held at Mother’s International School. The Code Warriors not only participate in competitions, but also share and develop technology. Some of the prize-winning software developed by the Code Warriors are Ncrypt It, Map Builder, Canon, Graphics, and Digital Messenger, among others. Code Warriors have also gone on to innovate in tech fields, notably, forming the core team behind, a popular site which now powers services like Yahoo! Maps India. In their ten glorious years of existence, the Code Warriors have won more than 900 individual awards, and more than 28 overall trophies. We believe that your company's support can help make Code Wars 2007 a grand event. The Code Warriors continue in their quest to excel in all technology-related fields.


This is a tentative list of events planned for Code Wars 2007. Final details about the events will be sent to the schools along with the official invite, and also put up on the official Code Warriors' website (

1. Quiz A test of the best quizzers, a written preliminary round will be held first, followed by a final stage round for the teams that qualify. The questions will involve trivia, history, current events, hardware and software concepts, networking concepts, who’s who, and a visual round. 2. Programming This contest involves logic, logic and more logic. Participants have a choice of QBasic or C++ in which to attempt the questions. The evaluation will be attempt and time-based. 3. Crossword Here we test the participants' brain cells and wit. There will be a written elimination round, followed by a final stage round. The clues will be cryptic, and based on tech. 4. Web Design Participants have to design a website using the given material; the topic for the event will be given on the spot. The website will be judged on style, presentation, loading time, creativity and imagination. 5. Group Discussion This event allows participants to present their views and opinions about the past, present and future of technology. The topic for the group discussion will be given on the spot. The general idea is to test how aware the participants are about the current IT news and events. 6. Gaming The gaming event will not have prelim and final rounds. Logistics permitting, all the participants participants will play against each other on the same network at the same time, with the gamer at the top of the leader board at the end of the allotted time being the winner. 7. N-Crypton Participants are given cryptic clues, which they will have to decrypt. This event only consists of a written round. Questions will be based on varied topics. 8. Digital Imaging Participants must use all their creativity and imagination to design an image on

the topic given to them. This event sees some of the best use of image editing software in designing and retouching images. 9. Surprise Event Code Wars holds a new event every year, details of which are only revealed to the participants at the start of the event. The surprise event has consisted of various different tech skills in the past - earlier editions of Code Wars having software display, multimedia editing (comprising of creating a video and a podcast to promote a product), network security, etc. 10. The Techathlon Entire teams are given tasks to perform, which may involve any or all of the skills needed for the events listed above. Logistics permitting, the event will be held concurrently with other events, with teams allowed a certain amount of time to solve the given problem. Clues will be given in each separate event, and then the teams have to solve them and use them to crack the Techathlon questions.

Publicity Offered by Code Wars 2007
Target Audience Being a major inter-school event, Code Wars attracts a large crowd of some of the brightest minds from the student community, and computer faculty from the top schools across Delhi. This is an urbane, tech-savvy crowd, which we believe is the very market that your company would like to target.

Website Coverage Code Wars 2007 has an official website, at We expect in excess of 5000 visits during the month of the competition. The website will carry logos of sponsoring companies, and can carry any publicity messages that your company wishes.

Publicity Material The logo of the sponsor will be printed on all the trophies and certificates. Posters and banners will be put up all over school to gain maximum publicity. We plan to make a promotional video for Code Wars 2007, where the sponsors will get mention. Also, the sponsors can display their own promotional material or products during the event.

Registration Kits The sponsors will also find a mention in the information brochure and registration kits distributed to schools during Code Wars 2007.

Stalls Sponsors may also put up a stall in the school premises during the event for display of products or publicity material during the event.

Estimated Budget

Printing cost of information brochures and registration kits

Rs. 5,000/-

Lunch / Refreshments (two days)

Rs. 25,000/-


Rs. 60,000/-

Prizes (preferably in kind)

Rs. 75,000/-

Miscellaneous (VIP Gifts, ID cards, Bags, Apparel) Rs. 25,000/-


Rs. 5,000/-


Rs. 5,000/-

Total Estimated Budget (approx)

Rs. 2,00,000/-

Sponsorship Proposal
We are open to any kind of offer that your company is willing to make. The details of the offer may be discussed with us. This proposal is just to give your company an idea of the scale of the event. Sponsorship in cash: We welcome sponsorship in cash covering as much part of the budget your company is willing to sponsor. Sponsorship in kind: We also welcome any sponsorship in kind that your company is willing to provide. The company, instead of the cash alternative, may choose to sponsor the prizes to be given to the winning participants and / or schools. For instance, your company could provide us with one of your products to be given as a prize. This gives your company an excellent opportunity to publicize your products and / or offerings. Individual Events: Subject to the type of offering, we also give your company an option to associate yourself with any individual event by sponsoring the equipment and software necessary to host the event. This is best suited for niche companies which may want to appeal directly to a certain section of participants at Code Wars 2007, say, the gaming community.

You may contact the Code Warriors team at our email address, or get in touch with Mrs Bani Das, Head of Department, Computer Science at 9810671903 to discuss any further details. We look forward to seeing your company at Code Wars 2007.

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