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Hydrocarbon UV Fluorometer Marine Tech

Hydrocarbon UV Fluorometer
ffor polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Application example:
Time series oil detection
in Brasil, 2008

• resolution 0.01 μg/l Fluorometric methods are widely Typical applications include:
Range I 0–50, 0–500 μg/l used in environmental monitoring, • crude oil detection, leakage control
naphtalene analytical chemistry, limnological and at offshore oil pipelines with remote
Range II 0–500, 0–5000 μg/l oceanographic biology. Online fluo- operated vehicles (ROV)
naphtalene rometers allow continuous measure- • monitoring of organic fluorescent
• analog output 0–10 Volt/ ments and nondestructive sampling in agents (humic acids, amino acids,
4–20 mA combination with high specificity and BTXE and polycyclic aromatic
• depth range up to 500 m, low detection limits. In order to meet hydrocarbons)
optional up to 2000 m most requirements, the instrument • supervision and online control
• titanium housing is light and compact designed and of fresh water in waterworks
• automatic compensation capable to work on the water surface and boreholes
of dropping flash intensity as well as up to 500m (2000m) • monitoring of waste water in
• flash lamp control water depth. It can be powered by industrial and municipal sewage
• daylight suppression 12V or 24V batteries and is suited for works
• low weight 2.7 kg portable operation in remote regions • fuel detection in natural waters
as well as for permanent stationary and sewage plants
Optional: monitoring. • monitoring of waste water vanes in
• serial output: RS232 In combination with a portable field unit the region of outlets, spreading and
• data acquisition software (PC) the user is able to operate a small mixing processes in rivers, lakes and
package and handy mains independent system estuaries
for monitoring aromatic pollutants.

03/2013 • All specifications subject to change without notice • Photos:; own archive
Emitter Detectable polyaromatic
Light source: Xenon flash lamp hydrocarbons (PAH):
Repetition rate: 15 / sec fluorene, acenaphthene, naphthalene,
Flash duration: approx. 1 sec phenanthrene, chrysene
Flash energy: 7 mWsec
Discharge capacitor: C = 100 nF Detector 1
Discharge voltage: 380 Volt Detector: fluorescence
CWL, BW: 254 nm, 25 nm CWL: UV photodiode
Lamp lifetime: at 254 nm 50 % intensity drop 109 flashes BW: 360 nm
(3 years of continuous operation) PAH: 50 nm
Detector 2
Electronics Detector: flash intensity
Supply voltage: 9–36 Volt CWL: UV photodiode
Current consumption: 180 mA (12V), 100 mA (24V), 70 mA (36V) BW: 254 nm
Signal output: 0–10 Volt DC and 4–20 mA PAH: 25 nm
Serial output (optional): RS232
Response time: 500 msec Dimensions
U out 1 / I out 1: high range fluorescence Ø (housing) 88 mm
U out 2 / I out 2: low range fluorescence Length (housing 220 mm
Length (overall) 280 mm

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