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H E Y ! !
u K n o w
Do Yo

Your Congresswoman
in Washington


4th Congressional District
C arolyn McCarthy is a nice
lady, but do you know what she
stands for? In this issue we present
a comprehensive review of
Congresswoman McCarthy’s record
in Congress on issues that matter to you.
We highly encourage you to
research Carolyn further at your local
library or online by doing a search for
her voting record and the bills she has
supported and passed. Thank you for
taking the time for educating yourself on
your government!

Carolyn and your Health

HR 3962, 11/7/09: McCarthy votes
Carolyn voted for and is a strong to create a public option Govern-
supporter of the Government takeover ment controlled health care system.
of your Health Care which is variously HR 3590, 3/21/10: McCarthy votes
know as Obama Care and Nationalizing on the final Health Care Bill which
the Health Care system. cuts Medicare payments to Seniors
by $500 Billion and creates the
individual mandate for everyone to
Did you know the new head of the Medicare Depart- buy health insurance or face a fine.
ment, Dr. Donald Berwick, recently stated:
The decision is not whether or not we will ration $500 Billion in Medicare Cuts
care. The decision is whether we will ration with Health Care for Undocumented
our eyes open.”? With $500 Billion in Medicare Illegal Aliens
cuts the only choice for Senior Citizens is to Taxpayer Funded Abortion
Source: Heritage Foundation, 2010
ration care.

Did you know that Obamacare also includes a reduction in Medicare Advantage Payments
beginning with a payment freeze in 2011. The average reduction in Medicare Advantage will
total about $3,700 per Medicare recipient (source, Heritage Foundation 9/15/10.)
Carolyn and your Health

The chart to the right

shows the complex
number of Govern-
mental Agencies which
will be involved in
your medical decisions
when you need health
care under the new
system Carolyn
strongly supports. HR
3590, 3/21/10
“We create the govern-
ment that screws you
and you’re suppossed
to thank us for saving
you from it” Former
Congressman Vin Weber

Carolyn and Government Bankrupting America

Spending Under Obama’s budget plan approved by

Carolyn McCarthy, the federal budget
HR 4314, 12/16/09: McCarthy votes to in-
deficits are expected to increase in the
crease the Federal Debt to $12.4 trillion.
following years:
H. Res 1065, 2/4/10: McCarthy votes to 2010: $1.5 Trillion
increase Federal Debt to 13.4 trillion. 2011: $1.34 Trillion
2012: $915 Billion
Last year in the “Stimulus Bill” Carolyn 2013: $747 Billion
supported over 10,000 earmark “pork” proj- 2014: $724 Billion
ects amounting in a cost of $20 Billion. Did 2015: $793 Billion
you know that over 46% of every Federal 2016: $894 Billion
dollar spent is borrowed money that our Source: Congressional Budget Office
children and grand-children will have to pay?
Carolyn and Government
Waste “Piss Christ”, Junkie Christ, Homo-
erotic art, “Elephant Dung Virgin Mary”; just a
few examples of art work funded through Federal
Grants under the National Endowment for the
Arts. Despite this history, when faced with votes
to cut this funding, Carolyn voted to continue
this insensitive and wasteful spending:
HR 4193, 7/21/98: McCarthy refuses to cut $98
million in funding for the National Endowment
for the Arts.
HR 2466, 7/14/1999: McCarthy votes to increase
funding for the National Endowment for the Arts by
$10 million.
HR 2643, 6/27/07: McCarthy votes against a $32 mil-
lion cut in the budget for the National Endowment
“Junkie Christ”. Funded through your for the Arts.
tax dollars. But the even Greater OBSCENITY,
In HR 2107, 7/11/1997, McCarthy refused
Carolyn and to ban Federal art funding even if that Art
was obscene or pornographic.
Undocumented HR 2500, 7/18/01: McCarthy refuses to fund
- Illegal Immigration deportation of aliens convicted of a crime.

HR 2799, 7/22/03: McCarthy votes against a law

Carolyn’s voting record has which would end Federal funding to states or
consistently supported the rights cities that restrict their officials from transmitting
of Undocumented workers - a person’s immigration status to the Department
of Homeland Security.
Illegal Aliens over those of HR 1427, 5/22/07: McCarthy votes to allow illegal
American Citizens. aliens to get mortgages without showing proof they
HR 4567, 6/18/04: McCarthy votes against can pay them back.
prohibiting states or local governments
American DREAM Act, H.R. 1751: McCarthy votes
from exchanging information on a person’s
to allow the children of undocumented immigrants
immigration status.
to attend state college at in-state tuition rates.
HR 10, 10/8/04: McCarthy refuses to ex-
pedite the construction of a wall along the
US Mexican border in an area heavily used
by undocumented aliens.
Carolyn and Undocumented
- Illegal Immigration HR 2638, 6/15/07: McCarthy votes against
increasing funding for the border fence with
HR 1427, 5/22/07 McCarthy
votes against a law which HR 2638, 6/15/07: McCarthy
would require potential votes against adding $125 million
home buyers to provide a to hire more immigration and
valid social security number border control agents.
which allows Illegal aliens
to obtain mortgages fraudu- HR 5719, 4/15/08: McCarthy
lently. votes against requiring the IRS
to increase efforts to ensure that
HR 3093, 7/25/07: McCarthy illegal immigrants do not obtain
votes against providing $10 the Earned Income Tax Credit
million to Southwestern states which is reserved for U.S. citizens
to assist them with protect- and to prevent states who shelter
ing the southern border with illegal immigrants from receiving
Mexico. tax free bond status.

McCarthy gives Mexican President Felipe Calderon a standing ovation

after Calderon, a foreign leader, condemns Arizona for its law which
attempts to protect Arizona’s border. May 20, 2010. The greater hypocrisy is
that Mexico is currently building a wall to protect its southern borders from
illegal immigrants from other areas of Central America.
How Extreme is Carolyn?
HR 4965, 7/24/02: McCarthy votes against a ban on Partial Birth Abortion.
HR 6, 4/10/03: McCarthy votes to ban domestic oil drilling in Alaska (Anwar)
HR 1997, 2/26/04: McCarthy refuses to make it a crime to injure or kill a fetus during the
commission of a violent crime, the bill would exclude abortion.
HR 4503, 6/15/04: McCarthy votes against expanding domestic oil refineries.
HR 3193, 9/29/04: McCarthy votes against allowing residents of the District of Columbia
from owning a firearm to protect their home in the highest crime area in the nation.
HR 1585, 5/17/07: McCarthy votes to transfer hard core terrorist detainees at Guantanamo
to the continental United States.
HR 1913, 4/29/09: McCarthy votes against including the military, the elderly or law
enforcement personnel for protection under a new Hate Crimes Law.
Carolyn and the War on Terror
Carolyn McCarthy has always strongly supported the con-
struction and dedication of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque.
She continued her support for the Mosque even after finding
out that the Imam who supports the Mosque blamed the United
States for the attacks on September 11, 2001 and is a supporter
of Hamas. She still supported the Mosque after the terrorist
group Hamas supported the construction of the Mosque. She
also still supported the Victory Mosque after it was revealed that Ground Zero
the financial backer of the Mosque gave money to terrorist
Did you also Know?
H.Res 795, 10/7/09: McCarthy votes to
create the Flight 93 Memorial in Penn-
sylvania which is shaped like an Islamic
Flight 93 Memorial Islamic Crescent
Crescent and points to Mecca like a See Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/8/2005,

H Res 635, 10/2/07: McCarthy votes to de- H Resolution 612, 8/3/07: McCarthy refuses
clare Islam as one of the world’s greatest to condemn Congressman Murtha who falsely
religions. accused United States Marines of committing
H.Con. Res 63, 2/16/07: McCarthy voted war atrocities in Iraq.
against the successful surge of US forces in
HR 3773, 3/14/08:McCarthy votes to allow
federal courts and judges without a high level
HR 5658, 5/22/08: McCarthy votes to force security clearance to hear classified information
the CIA and other intelligence agencies to regarding surveillance of terrorists.
videotape interrogations of terrorists in an
HR 2082, 5/10/07: McCarthy votes against a
effort to expose United States secret Interro-
CIA budget increase of $23 million for anti-
gation techniques to our enemies.
terrorist acivities.
HR 5959, 7/16/08: McCarthy votes to pro- HR 1585, 5/17/07: McCarthy votes to require video
hibit Intelligence agencies and other Federal taping of captured Al Queda terrorists in an attempt
agencies from using the terms Jihadist, Ji- to decrease the effectiveness of interrogations.
had, Islamo-Fascist, Caliphate, Islamist or
Islamic Terrorist in any of their reports or HR 2764, 6/21/07: Carolyn votes against pro-
public statements to appease Middle East- viding a further $20 million in funding for
ern countries. Anti-Nuclear terrorism programs.
Hello, I’m Fran Becker and I want to bring Fiscal Sanity back to
government and end the era of a “Ruling Class” arrogance of Congress. I
know what it’s like to run a small business as well as live and try to afford
taxes on Long Island, but what’s even worse is what we are leaving for our
children and grandchildren. The waste has got to stop. With your help
and your vote, I will change Washington.

1. REDUCE SPENDING to free up capital markets for private sector borrowing.

This will create jobs and create an environment of economic growth and innovation.
Start by eliminating so-called “stimulus programs” that create nothing sustainable.

2. CUT TAXES FOR NEW BUSINESSES 2-5 years-old. Cuts will be given as a re-
fundable credit equal to the FICA tax on the first $50,000 of wages for all non-owner
employees. This creates additional capital for survival, growth and expansion, fuel-
ing the nation’s engine of economic growth.

3. EXTEND TAX CUTS SET TO EXPIRE DECEMBER 31, 2010 to keep the tax
burden on our economy from increasing in this time of recession. If Congress fails
to extend these cuts, we will face the largest tax increase in history.

4. REPEAL OBAMACARE which imposes taxes and fees on individuals, health

insurance companies, medical equipment manufacturers and businesses. Businesses
will not hire new employees if forced to pay additional taxes on each new employee

5. FREE US FROM FOREIGN ENERGY DEPENDENCE by adopting an “all of the

above” energy policy. By increasing our production of domestic energy sources, we
will create productive jobs that will stimulate other sectors of our economy.
Carolyn McCarthy . . .
She’s Not What
You Think .

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