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‘Worship Leader - page 1 of 2 ey Open the Eyes of My Heart Words and Music by ‘PAUL BALOCHE d= 1040114) Be Bus BB Bur BB O- pen the eyes of my heart, Lord,— o- pen the eyes of my heart— ow B BR Be An — I want to see You, — I want. to see You.— © = pen the eyes—— of my_ heart, — t —— Lord, — + pen the eyes of my heart; I want to HF e an zB a see You, 1 want to we You.— (© 1997 Inept’ Hosa silo Integy Maa, 1000 Cody Road, Mobile, AL 36685)! ASCAP. "A RightsReserved. Used by Permition. CCLI 42298355, per SSMS ACCU UCESEYOUCANOT wordusicnow.corn ‘yer seve guesoes thot COL, pew el 00/35 2446 Open the Byes of My Heart - Worship Leader - page 2 of 2 ) x Boxee ge cn To see You high and ited up, Shin-ing in the light of Your slo = 1. Pour out— Your pow -er and love Repeat VERSE gua] apes HORS Bl car Fat 2B ae | ok 42 —— as we sing, «Hoy, ho - ly, bo - oe To see You aye Ho - y, bo = ly ho- se Ho - ly hoy, ho - ty Ho - ly, bo - ly ho- =) aR B B . on annotate + 1 want to see You Ho- ly, ho = ly, hoy Ho- ly, ho - ly, ho - A (optional cappella repeat ms. 320 end) q A g R B Hadi a Ho - ly, bo = ly ho = I want_ to see You.