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B.M. No. 850: Mandatory Continuing Legal Education En Banc, the MCLE Committee shall be constituted in accordance Sec.

cordance Sec. 3. Compliance Group 2 – Members in Luzon outside NCR

August 22, 2000 with these Rules. shall be permanently assigned to Compliance Group 2.

Considering the Rules on Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Sec. 2. Requirements of completion of MCLE – Members of the Sec. 4. Compliance Group 3 – Members in Visayas and Mindanao
(MCLE) for members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines IBP not exempt under Rule 7 shall complete, every three (3) years, shall be permanently assigned to Compliance Group 3.
(IBP), recommended by the IBP, endorsed by the Philippine at least thirty-six (36) hours of continuing legal education
Judicial Academy, and reviewed and passed upon by the activities approved by the MCLE Committee. Of the 36 hours:
Sec. 5. Compliance period for members admitted or readmitted
Supreme Court Committee on Legal Education, the Court hereby
after establishment of the program – Members admitted or
resolves to adopt, as it hereby adopts, the following rules for (a) At least six (6) hours shall be devoted to legal ethics.
readmitted to the Bar after the establishment of the program
proper implementation: (b) At least (4) hours shall be devoted to trial and pretrial skills.
shall be permanently assigned to the appropriate Compliance
(c) At least five (5) hours shall be devoted to alternative dispute
Group based on their Chapter membership on the date of
Rule 1: Purpose resolution.
admission or readmission.
(d) At least nine (9) hours shall be devoted to updates on
substantive and procedural laws, and jurisprudence.
Sec. 1. Purpose of the MCLE – Continuing legal education is The initial compliance period after admission or readmission shall
(e) At least four (4) hours shall be devoted to legal writing and
required of members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) begin on the first day of the month of admission or readmission
oral advocacy.
to ensure that throughout their career, they keep abreast with and shall end on the same day as that of all other members in the
(f) At least two (2) hours shall be devoted to international law
law and jurisprudence, maintain the ethics of the profession and same Compliance Group.
and international conventions.
enhance the standards of the practice of law.
(g) The remaining six (6) hours shall be devoted to such subjects
(a) Where four (4) months or less remain of the initial
as may be prescribed by the MCLE Committee.
2015 Bar, Q. XXII(A): Describe briefly the Mandatory Continuing compliance period after admission or readmission, the
Legal Education (MCLE) for a member of the Integrated Bar of member is not required to comply with the program
Rule 3: Compliance Period requirement for the initial compliance.
the Philippines and the purpose of the same.
(b) Where more than four (4) months remain of the initial
A: MCLE is a rule promulgated by the SC requiring all lawyers, with Sec. 1. Initial compliance period – The initial compliance period compliance period after admission or readmission, the
a few exceptions, to earn 36 units of legal education every three shall begin not later than three (3) months from the constitution member shall be required to complete a number of hours of
(3) years. Its purpose is: of the MCLE Committee. Except for the initial compliance period approved continuing legal education activities equal to the
for members admitted or readmitted after the establishment of number of months remaining in the compliance period in
(a) To ensure that members of the bar keep abreast with law the program, all compliance periods shall be for thirty-six (36) which the member is admitted or readmitted. Such member
and jurisprudence; months and shall begin the day after the end of the previous shall be required to complete a number of hours of
(b) To maintain the ethics of the profession, and compliance period. education in legal ethics in proportion to the number of
(c) enhance the standards of the practice of law. months remaining in the compliance period. Fractions of
hours shall be rounded up to the next whole number.
2012 Bar, Q. (4): What is the duration of MCLE Compliance
2012 Bar, Q. (7): What is the purpose of MCLE? Period?
2012 Bar, Q. (6): Does the MCLE requirement apply at once to a
(a) To conform with the requirements of international law. (a) Twelve (12) months; newly-admitted lawyer?
(b) To provide a venue to improve fraternal relations among (b) Twenty four (24) months;
lawyers. (c) Thirty six (36) months; (a) Yes, if admitted to the Bar and there are four (4) more
(c) To keep abreast with law and jurisprudence and to (d) Eighteen (18) months. months remaining of the compliance period.
maintain the ethical standards of the profession. (b) No, wait for the next compliance period.
(d) To supplement legal knowledge due to substandard law (c) Yes, if he will start law practice immediately.
2012 Bar, Q. (5): When does compliance period begin?
schools. (d) Yes, if more than one (1) year remains of the compliance
(a) When the lawyer actually begins law practice;
2003 Bar, Q. V: State the aims and objectives sought to be (b) Upon admission/readmission to the Bar;
accomplished by the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (c) 01 October 2009; 2011 Bar, Q. 27: When does the initial MCLE compliance period
(MCLE)? (d) 01 October 2006. of a newly admitted member of the bar begin?

A: B.M. 850, Sec. 1 A: Bonus [A closer perusal of Rule 3, MCLE Rules would show that (a) On the first day of the month of his admission.
there is no accurate answer] (b) On the tenth day of the month of his admission.
(c) On the third year after his admission as member.
Rule 2: Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (d) On the first year of the next succeeding compliance period.
Sec. 2. Compliance Group 1 – Members in the National Capital
Region (NCR) or Metro Manila shall be permanently assigned to
Sec. 1. Constitution of the MCLE Committee – Within two (2) Rule 4: Computation of Credit Units
Compliance Group 1.
months from the approval of these Rules by the Supreme Court
Sec. 1. Guidelines – The following are the guidelines for Sec. 1. Classes of credits – The credits are either participatory or (h) The Ombudsman, the Overall Deputy Ombudsman, the
computation of credit units (CU): non-participatory. Deputy Ombudsmen and the Special Prosecutor of the
Office of the Ombudsman;
PROGRAMS CREDIT UNITS SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (i) Heads of government agencies exercising quasi-judicial
Sec. 2. Claim for participatory credit – Participatory credit may be
claimed for:
1. SEMINARS, CONVENTIONS, CONFERENCES, SYMPOSIA, IN- (j) Incumbent deans, bar reviews and professors of law who
HOUSE EDUCATION PROGRAMS, WORKSHOPS, DIALOGUES, have teaching experience for at least 10 years accredited
(a) Attending approved education activities like seminars,
conferences, symposia, in-house education programs,
UNDER RULE 7 AND OTHER RELATED RULES (k) The Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and members of the Corps
workshops, dialogues or round table discussions.
of Professors and Professorial Lectures of the Philippine
(b) Speaking or lecturing, or acting as assigned panelist, reactor,
commentator, resource speaker, moderator, coordinator or
WITH NUMBER OF HOURS (l) Governors and Mayors.
facilitator in approved education activities.
1.2. LECTURER 5 CU PER HOUR PHOTOCOPY OF PLAQUE OR (c) Teaching in a law school or lecturing in a bar review class.
SPONSOR'S CERTIFICATION Sec. 2. Other parties exempted from the MCLE – The following
1.3. RESOURCE 3 CU PER HOUR PHOTOCOPY OF PLAQUE OR Members of the Bar are likewise exempt:
SPONSOR'S SPEAKER CERTIFICATION Sec. 3. Claim for non-participatory credit – Non-participatory
1.4. ASSIGNED 2 CU PER HOUR CERTIFICATION FROM credit may be claimed per compliance period for:
(a) Those who are not in law practice, private or public.
SPONSORING PENALIST/ ORGANIZATION (b) Those who have retired from law practice with the approval
REACTOR/COMMENTATOR (a) Preparing, as an author or co-author, written materials
of the IBP Board of Governors.
1.5. MODERATOR/ 2 CU PER HOUR CERTIFICATION FROM published or accepted for publication, e.g., in the form of an
SPONSORING COORDINATOR/ ORGANIZATION FACILITATOR article, chapter, book, or book review which contribute to
the legal education of the author member, which were not 2015 Bar, Q. XXII(B): Name three parties exempted from the
prepared in the ordinary course of the member's practice or MCLE.
(b) Editing a law book, law journal or legal newsletter. A: B.M. 850, Rule 7, Sec. 1 and 2
PROGRAM/CREATIVE PROJECT Rule 6: Computation of Credit Hours 2012 Bar, Q. (1): Atty. Galing is a Bar topnotcher. He has been
2.2. BOOK 50-100 PP 101+ PUBLISHED BOOK SINGLE AUTHOR teaching major subjects in a law school for eight (8) years and
12-16 CU 17-20 CU has mastered the subjects he is handling. Is he exempt from the
Sec. 1. Computation of credit hours – Credit hours are computed
MCLE requirement?
based on actual time spent in an activity (actual instruction or
2 AUTHORS 10-12 CU 13-16 CU speaking time), in hours to the nearest one-quarter hour.
3 OR MORE 5-6 CU 7-11 CU (a) No, eight (8) years experience is not enough.
(b) Yes, since he has mastered what he is handling.
Rule 7: Exemptions (c) Yes, professors of law are exempted.
PROOF AUTHORSHIP AS EDITOR CATEGORY (d) No, since he is not yet a Bar reviewer.
2.4. LEGAL ARTICLE 5-10 PP 11+ PUBLISHED ARTICLE SINGLE Sec. 1. Parties exempted from the MCLE – The following
AUTHOR 6 CU 8 CU members of the Bar are exempt from the MCLE requirement: 2012 Bar, Q. (2): Atty. Rey has been a professor in the Legal
Management Department of Y University for thirty (30) years.
2 AUTHORS 4 CU 6 CU (a) The President and the Vice President of the Philippines, and He teaches Constitution, Obligation and Contracts, Insurance,
3 OR MORE 2 CU 4 CU the Secretaries and Undersecretaries of Executives Introduction to Law. Is he exempted from the MCLE
Departments; requirement?
2.5. LEGAL 3-6 CU PER ISSUE PUBLISHED NEWSLETTER/JOURNAL (b) Senators and Members of the House of Representatives;
NEWSLETTER/LAW JOURNAL EDITOR (c) The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme (a) Yes, because his teaching experience is already more than
Court, incumbent and retired members of the judiciary, ten (10) years.
3. PROFESSIONAL 6 CU PER CHAIR CERTIFICATION OF LAW incumbent members of the Judicial and Bar Council and (b) No, because he is not teaching in the College of Law.
DEAN CHAIR/BAR 1 CU PER LECTURE OR BAR REVIEW incumbent court lawyers covered by the Philippine Judicial (c) Yes, because of his field of knowledge and experience.
DIRECTOR REVIEW/ HOUR LECTURE/LAW TEACHING Academy program of continuing judicial education; (d) No, because Y University is not accredited.
(d) The Chief State Counsel, Chief State Prosecutor and
Assistant Secretaries of the Department of Justice;
Sec. 2. Limitation on certain credit units – In numbers 2 and 3 of 2012 Bar, Q. (3): The term of Dean Rex of X College of Law
(e) The Solicitor General and the Assistant Solicitor General;
the guidelines in the preceding Section, the total maximum credit expired in the first year of the third compliance period. Does his
(f) The Government Corporate Counsel, Deputy and Assistant
units shall not exceed twenty (20) hours per three (3) years. exemption extend to the full extent of said compliance period?
Government Corporate Counsel;
(g) The Chairmen and Members of the Constitutional
Rule 5: Categories of Credit (a) No, he must comply with all the unit requirements.
(b) Yes, to the full extent.
(c) No, but comply proportionately.
(d) Yes, but he must apply for exemption. Sec. 5. Proof of exemption – Applications for exemption from or Sec. 3. Requirements of all providers – All approved providers
modification of the MCLE requirement shall be under oath and shall agree to the following:
2011 Bar, Q. 1: Atty. Mike started teaching Agrarian Reform and supported by documents.
Taxation in June 2001 at the Arts and Sciences Department of (a) An official record verifying the attendance at the activity
the Far Eastern University. In 2005, he moved to San Sebastian Rule 8: Standards for Approval of Education Activities shall be maintained by the provider for at least four (4) years
Institute of Law where he taught Political Law. Is Atty. Mike after the completion date. The provider shall include the
exempt from complying with the MCLE for the 4th compliance member on the official record of attendance only if the
Sec. 1. Approval of MCLE program – Subject to the rules as may member's signature was obtained at the time of attendance
period in April 2013? be adopted by the MCLE Committee, continuing legal education at the activity. The official record of attendance shall contain
program may be granted approval in either of two (2) ways: the member's name and number in the Roll of Attorneys and
(a) No, since he has yet to complete the required teaching
experience to be exempt. shall identify the time, date, location, subject matter, and
(1) The provider of the activity is an approved provider and length of the education activity. A copy of such record shall
(b) No, because he is not yet a bar reviewer. certifies that the activity meets the criteria of Section 3 of
(c) Yes, since by April 2013, he will have been teaching law for be furnished the IBP.
this Rules; and (b) The provider shall certify that:
more than 10 years. (2) The provider is specially mandated by law to provide
(d) Yes, since he updated himself in law by engaging in teaching. continuing legal education. (1) This activity has been approved for MCLE by the IBP in the
amount of ________ hours of which hours will apply in (legal
2011 Bar, Q. 23: Provincial Governors and Municipal Mayors Sec. 2. Standards for all education activities – All continuing legal ethics, etc.), as appropriate to the content of the activity;
who are lawyers are MCLE exempt because education activities must meet the following standards: (2) The activity conforms to the standards for approved
education activities prescribed by these Rules and such
(a) they handle cases of their constituents for free. (a) The activity shall have significant current intellectual or regulations as may be prescribed by the IBP pertaining to
(b) the Local Government Code prohibits them from practicing practical content. MCLE.
their profession. (b) The activity shall constitute an organized program of
(c) they are rendering public service. learning related to legal subjects and the legal profession, (c) The provider shall issue a record or certificate to all
(d) As experts in local governance, it may be assumed that they
including cross profession activities (e.g., accounting-tax or participants identifying the time, date, location, subject
are updated on legal developments. medical-legal) that enhance legal skills or the ability to matter and length of the activity.
practice law, as well as subjects in legal writing and oral (d) The provider shall allow in-person observation of all
2006 Bar, Q. IV(2): Atty. Oldie, 80 years old, insists that he advocacy. approved continuing legal education activities by members
should be exempt from the MCLE requirements. He argues that (c) The activity shall be conducted by a provider with adequate of the IBP Board of Governors, the MCLE Committee, or
he is a senior citizen and semi-retired from the practice of law. professional experience. designees of the Committee and IBP staff for purposes of
Therefore, he should be exempt from the MCLE requirements. (d) Where the activity is more than one (1) hour in length, monitoring compliance with these Rules.
substantive written materials must be distributed to all (e) The provider shall indicate in promotional materials, the
Should he be exempt from the MCLE requirements? participants. Such materials must be distributed at or before nature of the activity, the time devoted to each devoted to
the time the activity is offered. each topic and identify of the instructors. The provider shall
(e) In-house education activities must be scheduled at a time make available to each participant a copy of IBP-approved
A: Atty. Oldie is not exempt from the MCLE requirement. The and location so as to be free from interruption like Education Activity Evaluation Form.
MCLE is required of all members of the Integrated Bar of the telephone calls and other distractions. (f) The provider shall maintain the completed Education
Philippines. As long as a person is a member of the IBP, he should Activity Evaluation Forms for a period of not less than one
comply with the MCLE requirement. Rule 9: Approval of Providers (1) year after the activity, copy furnished the IBP.
(g) Any person or group who conducts an unauthorized activity
Sec. 3. Good cause for exemption from or modification of under this program or issues a spurious certificate in
Sec. 1. Approval of providers – Approval of providers shall be
requirement – A member may file a verified request setting forth violation of these Rules shall be subject to appropriate
done by the MCLE Committee.
good cause for exemption (such as physical disability, illness, post sanctions.
graduate study abroad, proven expertise in law, etc.) from
compliance with or modification of any of the requirements, Sec. 2. Requirements for approval of providers – Any persons or
Sec. 4. Renewal of provider approval – The approval of a provider
including an extension of time for compliance, in accordance with group may be approved as a provider for a term of two (2) years,
may be renewed every two (2) years. It may be denied if the
a procedure to be established by the MCLE Committee. which may be renewed, upon written application. All providers of
provider fails to comply with any of the requirements of these
continuing legal education activities, including in-house providers,
Rules or fails to provide satisfactory education activities for the
are eligible to be approved providers. Application for approval
Sec. 4. Change of status – The compliance period shall begin on preceding period.
the first day of the month in which a member ceases to be
exempt under Sections 1, 2, or 3 of this Rule and shall end on the Sec. 5. Revocation of provider approval – The approval of any
(a) Be submitted on a form provided by the IBP;
same day as that of all other members in the same Compliance (b) Contain all information requested on the form; provider referred to in Rule 9 may be revoked by a majority vote
Group. (c) Be accompanied by the approval fee;
of the IBP Board of Governors, upon recommendation of the would also ask them to secure the printed handouts and the 2014 Bar, Q. XXX(a): Can a lawyer who lacks the number of units
MCLE Committee, after notice and hearing and for good cause. lecturers’ CDs, all of which he studied in his free time. required by the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)
Board continue to practice his profession?
Rule 10: Activity and Provider Approval Fee Atty. Ausente should be __________.
A: He can, but they will be unable to comply with B.M. 1922 which
(a) required to make up for his absence by attending lecture requires that every pleading filed in court or a quasi-judicial body
Sec. 1. Payment of fees – Application for approval of an education sessions in other MCLE providers shall contain an annotation of the number and date of their MCLE
activity or as a provider requires payment of an appropriate fee. (b) sanctioned because he circumvented or evaded full compliance, otherwise, their pleadings will be expunged and their
compliance with the MCLE requirements cases dismissed. They will also be listed as delinquent members of
Rule 11: General Compliance Procedures (c) excused because he attended to profession-related tasks, the IBP, and the IBP Board of Governors can recommend their
and fully studied the courses through the materials and CDs suspension or disbarment to the SC. Until then, they can continue
Sec. 1. Compliance card – Each member shall secure from the he secured to practice law but cannot file pleadings in court or quasi-judicial
MCLE Committee a Compliance Card before the end of his (d) penalized by forfeiting all his earned MCLE units bodies.
compliance period. He shall complete the card by attesting under (e) excused because attendance by proxy is a widespread and
oath that he has complied with the education requirement or that tolerated MCLE practice
Rule 14: Reinstatement
he is exempt, specifying the nature of the exemption. Such
Compliance Card must be returned to the address indicated A: (b). MCLE, Rule 12, Sec. 1(e)
Section 1. Process – The involuntary listing as a delinquent
therein not later than the day after the end of the member's
member shall be terminated when the member provides proof of
compliance period. Sec. 2. Non-compliance notice and 60-day period to attain
compliance with the MCLE requirement, including payment of
compliance – A member failing to comply will receive a Non-
non-compliance fee. A member may attain the necessary credit
Sec. 2. Member record keeping requirement – Each member Compliance Notice stating the specific deficiency and will be given
hours to meet the requirement for the period of non-compliance
shall maintain sufficient record of compliance or exemption, copy sixty (60) days from the date of notification to explain the
during the period the member is on inactive status. These credit
furnished the MCLE Committee. The record required to be deficiency or otherwise show compliance with the requirements.
hours may not be counted toward meeting the current
provided to the members by the provider pursuant to Section 3(c) Such notice shall contain, among other things, the following
compliance period requirement. Credit hours attained during the
of Rule 9 should be sufficient record of attendance at a language in capital letters:
period of non-compliance in excess of the number needed to
participatory activity. A record of non-participatory activity shall satisfy the prior compliance period requirement may be counted
also be maintained by the member, as referred to in Section 3 of YOUR FAILURE TO PROVIDE ADEQUATE JUSTIFICATION FOR NON-
toward meeting the current compliance period requirement.
NOTICE), SHALL BE A CAUSE FOR LISTING AS A DELINQUENT Sec. 2. Termination of delinquent listing administrative process –
Rule 12: Non-Compliance Procedures The termination of listing as a delinquent member is
administrative in nature but it shall be made with notice and
Sec. 1. What constitutes non-compliance – The following shall The Member may use this period to attain the adequate number hearing by the MCLE Committee.
constitute non-compliance: of credit hours for compliance. Credit hours earned during this
period may only be counted toward compliance with the prior Rule 15: Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Committee
(a) Failure to complete the education requirement within the compliance period requirement unless hours in excess of the
compliance period; requirement are earned, in which case, the excess hours may be Sec. 1. Composition – The MCLE Committee shall be composed of
(b) Failure to provide attestation of compliance or exemption; counted toward meeting the current compliance period five (5) members, namely: a retired Justice of the Supreme Court,
(c) Failure to provide satisfactory evidence of compliance requirement. as Chair, and four (4) members, respectively, nominated by the
(including evidence of exempt status) within the prescribed
IBP, the Philippine Judicial Academy, a law center designated by
Rule 13: Consequences of Non-Compliance the Supreme Court and associations of law schools and/or law
(d) Failure to satisfy the education requirement and furnish
evidence of such compliance within sixty (60) days from
receipt of a non-compliance notice; Sec. 1. Non-compliance fee – A member who, for whatever
reason, is in non-compliance at the end of the compliance period The members of the Committee shall be of proven probity and
(e) Any other act or omission analogous to any of the foregoing
shall pay a non-compliance fee. integrity. They shall be appointed by the Supreme Court for a
or intended to circumvent or evade compliance with the
term of three (3) years and shall receive such compensation as
MCLE requirements.
may be determined by the Court.
Sec. 2. Listing as delinquent member – Any member who fails to
2013 Bar, Q. V, (MCQ): In order to comply with the MCLE satisfactorily comply with Section 2 of Rule 12 shall be listed as a
delinquent member by the IBP Board of Governors upon the Sec. 2. Duty of the Committee – The MCLE Committee shall
requirements, Atty. Ausente enrolled in a seminar given by an
recommendation of the MCLE Committee, in which case, Rule administer and adopt such implementing rules as may be
MCLE provider. Whenever he has court or other professional
139-A of the Rules of Court shall apply. necessary subject to the approval by the Supreme Court. It shall,
commitments, he would send his messenger or a member of his
in consultation with the IBP Board of Governors, prescribe a
legal staff to register his attendance at the MCLE sessions so he
schedule of MCLE fees with the approval of the Supreme Court.
could be credited with the required qualifying attendance. He
Sec. 3. Staff of the IBP – The IBP shall employ such staff as may be e. A member who is in non-compliance at the end of the
necessary to perform the record-keeping, auditing, reporting, compliance period shall pay a non-compliance fee of P1,000.00
approval and other necessary functions. and shall be listed as a delinquent member of IBP Board of
Governors upon the recommendation of the MCLE Committee, in
Sec. 4. Submission of annual budget – The IBP shall submit to the which case Rule 139-B of the Court shall apply.
Supreme Court an annual budget for a subsidy to establish,
(b) APPROVE the proposed MCLE Forms for the effective
operate and maintain the MCLE Program.
Implementation of the MCLE program, to wit:
This resolution shall take effect in October 2000, following its
(1) MCLE Form No. 08 - Certificate of Exemption
publication in two (2) newspaper of general circulation in the
(2) MCLE Form No. 09 - Application for Exemption
(3) MCLE Form No. 10 – Application for Credit Unit/s for
Participating in MCLE Activity/Program as Lecturer/
Adopted this 22nd day of August, 2000. Resource Speaker or Panelist/ Reactor/ Commentator/
Moderator/ Coordinator/Facilitator
Amendment to Bar Matter No. 850 (4) MCLE Form No. 11 – Application for Credit Unit/s for
Teaching at an Accredited Law School
(a) APPROVE the proposed amendments to Bar Matter No. (5) MCLE Form No. 12 – Application for Credit Unit/s for
850 and its Implementing Regulations, thus: Publication of a Legal Article or Book
(6) MCLE Form No. 13 – Certificate of Compliance; and
(1) Rule 7, Sec. 1, Bar Matter No. 850
(c) direct the Office of the Clerk of Court to cause the
Rule 7. EXEMPTIONS publication of the aforecited provisions of Bar Matter No.
850 and its Implementing Regulations and the MCLE Forms
Sec. 1. Parties exempted from the MCLE – The following for two (2) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general
members of the Bar are exempt from the MCLE requirements: circulation.

c) The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court,

incumbent and retired members of the judiciary, incumbent
members of Judicial Bar Council, incumbent members of the
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Committee, incumbent
court lawyers who have availed of the Philippine Judicial Academy
programs of continuing judicial education

(2) Sec. 5, MCLE Implementing Regulations

Section 5. Exemptions – The following are exempted from the

MCLE requirements:

a. The Executive

c. The Judiciary

The Chief Justice and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court,

Incumbent and retired members of the Judiciary, incumbent
members of the Judicial and Bar Council incumbent members of
the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Committee,
incumbent court lawyers who have availed of the Philippine
Judicial Academy programs of continuing judicial education.

(3) Sec. 12, MCLE Implementing Regulations

Sec. 12. Compliance Procedures –