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KarenHudes • a few seconds ago Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by World Finance.
Can the Vatican Bank shed the scandals? Can a leopard change its spots? This article fails to
disclose the existence of a network of global corporate control and the role of the Vatican Bank at the center of this network.
Fortunately for the world and not so for the Vatican Bank is the coalition of BRICS, Group of
77, and patriots in the countries subjected to state capture. The Vatican Bank is going to be
wound down along with the rest of the network in each of the countries where the tentacles of
this malevolent octopus are located. The Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666, a trust for the
benefit of humanity, owns the world's gold, and not that insolvent banking cartel.

My comment is not censored on the social media sites:

Karen Hudes Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 7:18 PM


Is World Finance the voice of the Market? Some people might think it was something
else at this rate.
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Subject: Report of Massive Fraud to Securities and Exchange Commission, Secretary of the Treasury,
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, United States House of Representatives, UK Serious Fraud

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Dear Ms. Hudes,

It was nice to meet you today. After our meeting, I spoke with Tom Karr in the Office of General Counsel.
He told me that he is still reviewing the issue you raised regarding the World Bank's exemption and that
he will be back in touch with you.


Mary Beth Sullivan

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Office of Inspector General
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Subject: World Bank Scandal

Dear Keith, Jay, Jim, Nilmini, Jayme and Tom,

I have just returned from Holland, and learned there that Messrs. Wijffels and Melkert have informed
the Dutch public that they were subjected to investigations of their private lives as a form of diplomatic
blackmail. According to Mr. Wijffels, other executive directors on the World Bank's Board have been
similarly intimidated. This does not augur well for the upcoming Annual Meetings that will start October
20th. I attach translations and links to the stories in Dutch.

Of course, the Volcker Panel report has not dealt with INT's record of whistleblower harassment,
and only serves to discredit US probity in its oversight of the World Bank.
I would like to speak with you about my discussions with Pieter Stek on September 25 and 26 and with
Riny Bus in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 24th.

Best, Karen

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From: kahudes
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Subject: Re: Governance Crisis at World Bank

Dear Larry,

Sorry to email you on Sunday, but I wanted you to have the

response I just sent to an inquiry from Senator Grassley's Aide on the
Senate Finance Committee concerning the governance crisis at the World
Bank. I have also updated Elizabeth Alexander in Joe Biden's office,
Bill Dauster, Majority Counsel on the Senate Finance Committee, and
Emily Barnes on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.


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From:Karen Hudes
Sent: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 6:08 am
Subject: Fwd: Re: subpoena

Dear Chris,

Thank you for asking. My email to Emily Barnes (see attachment

embarnes) describes the sorry state of arrairs at the World Bank. I
would appreciate a meeting on this. The US has lost touch and
communication with the Board--the longer this plays out the harder it
will be to claw back any respect from other World Bank stakeholders.
Meanwhile, the World Bank's bureaucracy is a corrupt force all to its
own. This is unacceptable in a bank, as you know.

I would appreciate assistance from the Senate in obtaining

information that is part of the cover-up at the World Bank. This was
originally requested in June, 2007 by Senator Lugar: what did the
executive search firm Russell Reynolds tell the World Bank's Human
Resources Department after I disclosed corporate governance
irregularities to Denise Grant on May 8, 2006?

The Chair of the World Bank's Audit Committee, (the Saudi

ED--Almofadhi) told me on February 27, 2009 that he would be requesting
an external audit of the World Bank's internal controls. (My meeting
with Mr. Almofadhi was extremely cordial. Mr. Almofadhi told me that
he had been reading all of my communications and that he appreciated my
dedication). It would be good if the US can support Mr. Almofadhi, who
is doing his job as Chair of the Audit Committee. That is what Mr.
Almofadhi asked me to do--get the US to support him.
When I encountered Robert Zoellick on his way out of the building
on March 19 Mr. Zoellick appeared more distraught than sick. I doubt
he is keeping everyone informed on governance matters.

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From: Armstrong, Chris (Finance-Rep)
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Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 4:48 pm

Hi Karen –

I just received your voicemail. How did the meeting at the WB go?

Christopher Armstrong
Investigative Counsel
U.S. Senate, Committee on Finance
The Honorable Chuck Grassley, Ranking Member
219 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-4515

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From:Karen Hudes
ASent: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 7:32 am
Subject: Re: subpoena

Dear Sara,

Thank you for your email. The World Bank is immune from the
jurisdiction of the courts on this matter, and this immunity would
extend to the subject matter of the subpoena. The World Bank has
refused to follow US legislation [Foreign Operations, Export Financing,
and Related Programs Appropriations Act, Pub. L. No. 109-102, 119 Stat.
2172 (2005)] allowing whistleblowers in multilateral development banks
to have access to external arbitration. I requested the World Bank to
arbitrate in 2006, but this was denied. The Appeals Committee did not
allow discovery into Russell Reynolds' recommendations concerning
corporate governance problems involved in the cover-up. Prof. Vaughn
has pointed out how the World Bank's Appeals Committee is not a proper
venue to adjudicate whistleblowers' cases because whistleblowers cannot
compel the Appeals Committee to consider the actual facts in their cases.

The Appeals Committee denied me a hearing because I would not

agree to go forward without proper discovery. The Appeals Committee
also refused to follow the World Bank's Whistleblower Policy requiring
the burden of proof to be shifted to the World Bank. The Appeals
Committee referred my case to Robert Zoellick for resolution under the
World Bank's Whistleblower Policy. But Mr. Zoellick has not complied
with the World Bank's Whistleblower Policy. Mr. Zoellick referred the
matter to a Managing Director who reports to the President. Mr. Daboub
refused to meet with me. Instead, Mr. Daboub referred the matter to
the World Bank's ethics officer, who already refused to correct the
Legal Department's ethics violations in destroying evidence in my case.
Under the World Bank's Whistleblower Policy, persons who already
considered a whistleblower's case are precluded from advising on the
matter again. The World Bank's Staff Association has gone on record
that Staff are too intimidated to report wrongdoing after what has
happened to me.

Mr. Zoellick refuses to meet with me. The Head of the

Institutional Integrity Department refuses to meet with me. The Human
Resources Department refuses to meet with me, but I succeeded in
meeting anyway with Mr. Marcelis of that Department on Thursday. Mr.
Marcelis informed me that I am stuck with the flawed recommendations of
the Appeals Committee, which considered my case without a hearing, and
without considering Russell Reynolds' recommendations concerning the
corporate governance issues that I reported to Denise Grant in May 2006.

The World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group refused to end

the cover-up. Now the matter is before the Audit and Ethics Committees
of the World Bank's Board. The Chairs of those Committees, Mr. Almofadhi
and Mr Hasan, are waiting for me to resolve the matter with the
President of the World Bank. However, Mr.Almofadhi is now requiring
an external audit of the World Bank's internal controls because IEG
refused to end the cover-up.

I have also kept the Senate Committees on Finance and Foreign

Relations informed of these issues.

202 316 0684
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From: Rosen, Sara <>
Sent: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 9:11 am
Subject: Re subpoena

Good morning, Ms. Hudes.

We will not be able to help you with a subpoena. You will need
to go to court for that.

Sara Rosen
Office of Congressman Chris Van Hollen
6475 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite C-201
Hyattsville, MD 20783

On Tuesdays at 7:00 pm EST