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Xperia Z5 SOV32 sim unlock method

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 2016 / January 17 (Sunday) 6:35 pm


Xperia Z5 (SOV 32) sim unlock method

This procedure involves a risk that the smartphone can not be used or the guarantee of the carrier
is lost, so please do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for any problems that arise follo
wing this procedure.

1: Download ROM burning tool
I used a Mac version.

2: Download required ROM

· SOV 32 32.0.D.0.300 XYSd 5Z
· 501 SO 32.0 C.0.359

3: Burn SOV 32 to 501 SO 32.0.C.0. 359 using flash tool

(1) Press the thunder button

(2) Select Flashmode

(3) ROM to select the location of, 501SO 32.0.C.0.359 to select the
In addition, please exclude AMSS_FSG , AMSS_FS_1 , AMSS_FS_2 , MODEM , SIMLOCK
* SIMLOCK is excluded by default
( 4 ) Press the Flash button, the following screen will appear.

(5) Remove the SOV 32 from the PC and turn off the power. Then, if you connect to the PC whil
e holding down the volume reduction button, you enter flashmode .
Flashtool starts automatically.
* Flashtool is Rom and begins to burn, do I release the finger from the volume down button.
4: When flash is over, remove SOV 32 from PC , put docomo 's sim card in SOV 32 , press pow
er button to start. The first startup takes time, when it gets activated, the screen to unlock comes

5: Sim Unlock Code to obtain the

· Http://
· $ 29
· Http://
· € 29

6: Complete payment with credit card, and sim unlock code arrives by email in about 3 or 4 day
s . The NSCK is input to the screen to display the code in (6), press the release button, Sim Fre
e of SOV32 become.

7: Return to the original SOV 32 ROM

Although the use of smartphones is possible even when 6 is completed, since the ROM is in a
state other than the base band (AU) + base band (Softbank), it may cause problems in future upg
rades. Also, since there is a possibility that there are various influences such as use of Osaifu-Ke
itai and battery consumption, I think that it is better to return to the original SOV32 ROM as wel
l. The way to do is the same as 3, just different from selecting SOV 32 32.0.D.0 . 300 in 3 (3) .

8: ROM from baked, to launch the terminal, Sim Free of SOV32 Let's enjoy.

If there is a problem:
1: Does not enter flashmode
· Please check if the USB port connected to the PC is 2.0 or less. In 3.0 you can not put it in fl
ashmode .
2: Burned to Softbank Rom , but Sim lock unlock screen does not appear even if you release loc
k screen
· Please check if it is the same as (3) in 3. If you do not exclude AMSS_FSG , AMSS_FS_
1 , AMSS_FS_2 , MODEM , sim release screen will not appear.
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Synchronization outside the boundary of the boundary
Cheng Teng Cour Invoiced ___ ___ ___ 0
Sunday, September 11, 2016 5:50 pm

 Synchronization outside the boundary of the boundary

Comment (11)

sim unlock has been confirmed. It was possible without problem.

However, if you are using SOV 32 ROM, Osaifu-Keitai can not be used.
If it is Softbank ROM it can not communicate with mobile network.

[ coo ** oy 0 9 * 18 * ]

2016 / January 24 (Sunday) 5:26 pm

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I want to hear a bit,

but there is rumor that "SIM lock can not be unlocked if" Dial # # 7378423 ##> Ser
vice info> SIM lock> Network 0 has become 0 ". is that true?

[ Gameboy ]
2016/4/7 (Thursday) 11: 18
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I have 501 SO and I can not do it by error if I try to insert docomo's ROM, but is
there any countermeasure?

[ rvk * 4 * 23 ]

2016 5/1 (Sunday) 5:20 pm

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Android 6.0 came but can you do it unchanged?

[ Nanasi ]

2016/6/12 (Sunday) 5:12 pm

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I saw the article.

Is not it a way to use Osaifu-Keitai at this stage?

[ Insight ]

2016/6/22 (Wednesday) 1: 39
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Is there a procedure described in (6) to (9)?

I do not know how to display the screen for entering the SIM lock release code.

[ kyosuke 336 _ d ]
2016 / July 3 (Sunday) 6:47 pm
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> kyosuke336_d Mr.

Softbank After burning it back to ROM, if you do according to this video, you can
release sim lock.

[ coo ** oy 0 9 * 18 * ]

Sunday, September 11, 2016, 6:02 pm

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> Nanashi
There has not been anything done, but sim unlock it at 5.1, you can upgrade to 6.0

[ coo ** oy 0 9 * 18 * ]

Sunday, September 11, 2016, 6:04 pm

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> Insight
Yes, it is.

[ coo ** oy 0 9 * 18 * ]

Sunday, September 11, 2016 6:05 pm

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I am looking for "SIMLOCK" to be Exclude before burning 501 SO 32.0.C.0.359 to SOV
32 with Flashtool, but it is not displayed. Can you give me some advice? (Flashtoo
l is of Windows version, it is the latest version at the present time.)

[Like this ]

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 7:45 pm

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I am trying to flash the SO - 01 H ROM to SOV 32 with flashtool, but it w

ill be displayed in the log
with ERROR - Processing of apps_log.sin finished with errors. in a few seconds aft
er the start
and fails.

(In this state, attempting to start SOV32 will result in a software update failure
error and will not start.) The

drivers etc. are installed correctly, and it is possible to flash the old version
ftf file of SOV32.
Will it succeed if I downgrade the version of Flashtool to

[ beck_oliver ]

2016 / Dec. 14 (Wednesday) 5:30 pm

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