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1995 - Kia Kaha - the
Second World War
Proceedings edited by
John Crawford pub-
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sity Press, 2000

1999 - South African War
Proceedings edited by
John Crawford and Ian
McGibbon published as

Col Thomas Porter, extreme right, and Nga Tai allies, 1870. 1/2-011006-F, Alexander Turnbull Library/ Te Puna Mätaurangs o Aotearoa
3. My email is One Flag One Queen
One Tongue by Auck-
land University Press,
Conference Fee
Conference fee $160 per person, which
includes the Friday function and all lunches 2003 - Zealandia’s
and teas to Sunday. Discount fee of $140 if Great War (WWI)
received before 1 December 2010. No GST.
Proceedings edited by
John Crawford and Ian
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I am interested in the conference dinner, New Zealand’s Great
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(cheques made out to the ‘Tutü te Puehu 2007 - Seeing Red:
Conference Organising Committee’) to: New Zealand’s Cold War
Tutü te Puehu Conference Proceedings in preparation.
PO Box 9724, Marion Square For further information: contact the
Wellington 6141, New Zealand Tutü te Puehu Committee, Box 9724, CONFERENCE
Wellington 6141, New Zealand. or 1 1 - 1 3 February
11-13 February 2 011
Direct payments (by EFT) can be arranged. ©2010
M a s s e y , Wellington
Massey, Wellington
military, political, social and religious issues Speakers include:
will be examined. Other speakers will cover Professor Ian Beckett, a leading authority
particular aspects of the New Zealand Wars, on the British Army and colonial
such as developments in technology and experiences (University of Kent)
tactics; the operations of the Arawa flying Professor James Belich, author of The New
columns; Maori who fought Maori; how the Zealand Wars and the Victorian Interpretation
of Racial Conflict and major histories of the
New Zealand Wars were reported in the
expansion of English-speaking people across
colonial press; the treatment of Maori the world during the nineteenth century
prisoners of war; the founding and (Victoria University of Wellington)
Tutü te Puehu - development of New Zealand military and Dr John Connor (Australian Defence
‘kicking up the dust’ naval forces; conscription and the militia; Force Academy, Canberra)
how peace was negotiated; medical and Dr Danny Keenan, NZ historian
Fierce conflicts raged across much of the missionary aspects of the conflicts; and how (Ngati Te Whiti/Te Atiawa)
North Island during the middle decades of Dr Monty Soutar, NZ historian
historians have seen the New Zealand Wars.
the nineteenth century. These pitted Maori (Ngati Porou/Ngati Awa)
As well as a clash of peoples, was
against Maori and Pakeha against Maori, and Dr Peter Stanley (Head of the Centre for
there also a meeting of military sciences? Historical Research at the National
impacted on virtually every aspect of life.
They are pivotal in New Zealand history Did Maori invent trench warfare? Did Museum of Australia, Canberra)
and their legacy continues to influence European armies learn guerilla tactics from Associate Professor Ian van der Waag
Maori-Pakeha relations today. them? Was there a global pattern of conflict (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)
New Zealand’s wars of the nineteenth between peoples in the wake of European
century started in the first decade as tribal expansionism. And did NZ’s wars of the
nineteenth century fit into this pattern? Reception
fights, unmodified by modern weapons or
concepts. Over 6000 pa or fortifications Distinguished overseas speakers from Friday @ 5.30pm
were built, reflecting its positional nature. Australia, South Africa and the United 11 February 2011
The warfare changed as new weapons, This will be followed by
Kingdom will place the New Zealand the keynote address.
technologies and doctrines were introduced. experience in a wider context.
The musket first influenced combat when
imported just over 200 years ago. Conference
Tutü te Puehu, New Zealand’s Wars of the Acknowledgements Friday@Noon, Saturday & Sunday@9am
Nineteenth Century will be the first national The Tutü te Puehu Organising Committee thanks the 11-13 February 2011
following for their assistance: Ministry of Defence,
conference to examine these wars. Leading Venue
NZ Defence Force, Royal NZ Returned & Services
Maori and Pakeha experts will speak on Assn, Ministry for Culture & Heritage, Phanza, Te Massey University, Wellington
many aspects of the wars. Wide ranging Puni Kokiri and NZ Film Archive.